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New Book: 

Three Slovak Women

Duquesne, PA native publishes first book

January 22, 2001 -- Notification is hereby given that a new nonfiction narrative of interest to historians, immigrants and their descendants, and general readers is now available for purchase.  

Three Slovak Women by Lisa A. Alzo is an autobiographical/historical account of three generations of Slovak women living in the steeltown of Duquesne, Pennsylvania. The first section talks about Lisa's grandmother, Verona Straka who came to America in 1922, her arranged marriage to my Janos Figlyar (from Osturna and who arrived in America in 1921), and what her life was like as an immigrant woman. The second section focuses on Lisa's mother, Anna, the oldest of seven children, who grew up Slovak-American and how the two cultures, as well as the domineering personality Anna's father, shaped her life. The last section talks about how Lisa's life differed in comparison to that of her grandmother's and mother's, and the realization that the customs/traditions so fundamental to her grandmother's world have started to fade and what this means for her identity. 

The soft cover book, published by Gateway Press sells for $16.95.  An electronic (e-book) version is also available on diskette (PDF file format) for $5.00.

Ostensibly a piece written with industrial connotations, the creative nonfiction blends together a mix of historical fact and human emotion.  While the book touches on many themes such as: the immigrant experience, Slovak culture/customs, and the impact of employment  beliefs/attitudes, the focus is on the women. Much of the previous immigrant literature has focused on immigrant men--how hard they worked and under what conditions. With this piece Lisa wanted to tell her grandmother's story--what obstacles she faced as an immigrant woman, and how her courage and determination influenced Lisa's mother's life, and subsequently, her own.


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