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Below are photographs of some of the people and places mentioned in the book.

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Sign for Village of Milpos, Slovakia

    Verona Straka's            mother,  Maria Verbosky

 Verona Straka's brother, Itzvan (Stephan) 

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Verona Straka, age 22 (l) and Mary Straka, age 16 (r) prior to arrival in America, c. 1922

Janos Figlyar, c. 1921

Figlyar-Straka Wedding Party,   November 1, 1924

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St. Nicholas Church, Barton, OH

 Figlar Brothers (l-r): Jacob, Joseph, Simeon

Verona Figlar and her sisters, Mary Shivak, Katherine Kolcun, Susan Gereg, Elizabeth Duran

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John Figlar, Jr. (age 3) and    Anna Figlar (age 5) Joseph Figlar as a young boy Michael  Figlar as a young boy

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Helen Figlar as a young girl

Geraldine Figlar as a young girl

Margaret Figlar as a young girl



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