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Journal Entries

These journal entries are basically whatever I feel
like writing about.
I'm sure you will find them most entertaining.  Really.

I Should be a Travel Writer

Japanese Yankees

July 11th, 2001

The Lost Episodes Some rediscovered writing I did shortly after arriving here last year.  
I've restored their glory by converting them into techni-color, from the original archaic pen 
and paper format.

Episode One
         Episode One and a half 

A sneak peak inside a Japanese school..
The Students    The Teachers

Coming to Japan?  Special pages for those moving to Japan, 
or those just interested in what it would be like

Japan's Educational System  An essay I wrote for our local mJET's newsletter.
about how the educational system relates to the culture and the problem of Ijime.

AAAH Drinking

Strange Things in Japan

Strange Things II

A night on the town

A day in the life O'me.

Shichi Go San Festival

Things I'll miss when I leave





  Hey! What time is it in Japan?

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