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Japanese people love to use English in slogans and advertising,
as a way of grabbing attention.  But sometimes it grabs you a little
too well!  I wonder if they don't have the same few people in one 
room doing all the translations, and they're all playing a huge joke.  
Sometimes the English is funny, confusing or just disturbing. 
Here is a collection of some of my favorites.

Wow!! Who knew? You really can buy it bottled!!  
How many virgins does it take to make one bottle anyway?  Are they free range virgins?  
Where exactly do they grow them at?  Is it cold pressed virgin oil?  How do they guarantee purity?  
Boy, being a virgin farmer sounds like a much better gig than being a sheep farmer, eh?  
What exactly does it do for me?  hmm...maybe I should buy an extra bottle to take back with me.  
And who is this Olive, anyway?

Mmm, yummy.  I must admit, they really do sell a tasty life, you should try it sometime.

  Mmm. Choco Biz.  Its been too long since I've had some good Biz.
                                                   Luckily, I can now get Biz 24 hours a day.


  "Was that biz really crunky, or what?" 
                                                        "Or was that just crunky biz?"


'A glassful of drops, each drop is tomorrow's dream, drink your dreams by the drop.'  
  - On a Suntory glass.  Suntory makes whiskey, beer, and other assorted alcohol products.  "NO! I'm not
 drinkin' another glass a whiskey, its dreams, Marge! Dreams!!!!"

From a menu in a ramen shop - Gyoza   (big, tasty Chinese meat labioli)

Another intelligent space.  A simple life makes our mind rich.  - from a memo pad.

"We support your socks life" -Kutsuhitaya (sock store), Sendai

Brandy Chocorat

BLACK COFFEE has great features which other coffees have never had 
Non-sugar; Quality blend from care fully selected beans and UCC's 
exclusive extraction process.  "DRINK IT, BLACK!"
- The first ever non-sugar coffee? 
That's quite a market niche.  Who is this 'BLACK'. they are talking too?

Valuables must be deposited at the front desk.  Even if an item is lost, 
goods are not responsible.
- sign in bathroom at Sapporo House youth hostel.

Valuables should be deposited at the front desk.  Items cannot be taken out,
because an office closes at 10:00.
- sign at SH front desk

Fabulous T-Shirts

Tears srickl down her cheeks.  Her rabbit just died.  -A t-shirt seen in Sapporo.

Well, what can I say?  I love the issue and how you approach beawty. - Aww. How sweet.

CAG,  Come and Go.  So, I trip.  I want to trip. - Actually, this was on a pin.  There were four others with 
similar sentiments. Whatever floats your boat, man.

Kiss me I'm Cathy  Take a happy to lucky 

Sexy Love Kittens

Sometimes its still ligHt Out when its time for bed. - Really?  I've never had this happen to me before.  
I bet a good Starbucks espresso would fix that.

Well, we're in New York.  Where a shut is always the wait to take off on Church St. 
or Grand Blvd.  Racial melting not.  The street srang, the foreing sounds.  World
thermo-meter, the buildings, the morals. -
eh? come again?

LEISURE  Do & Rat 

Marvelous.  I'm terrific, how about you? - I'm fabulous thank you!

Recycle  Some things can be used to make new things again. - Stylish and informative.

Waiting for Access.  I'm still young so I don't know if its appropriate for me to give advice, 
but I think you should do what you want. 

Like an Angel  with slove - Huh?  This one was hard to read, it might've been 'slave'.  Still weird.

-----end of t-shirts-----


"Geranium Balcony of Throbbing Feeling" -Franc Franc geranium balcony herb sachet.

"Humanity is fighting against tired" - More Franc Franc.

"For Clean and Living" - Mediterranean Style brand Q-tips

"Hello I am Caren.  Today is fain dag.  I feel very fine.  Lets go for drive."
written on a coffee mug. in cursive.  If actually read left to right, like normal it became, 
        "Hello I /am Caren  Today is /I feel /fain dag /very fine. Lets go /for drive."

Lighten up your day with Pocky's super smooth aero-chocolate.  Aero-chocolate?

At times you feel like rewarding yourself.  Then treat yourself to more Marim - Marim coffee creamer slogan.

Useful and Uniqueful - Seen several times in different places.

Heart of Tea Rose of Elegant Feeling.  Elegant feminine fragrance of roses in the 
afternoon walk in the garden. -
Bath salts.  I guess technically there's no mistakes..

Chamomile Garden of Gentle Feeling.  A luxuriously relaxed time somehow makes you 
feel like having chamomile tea. -
Bath salts that make me feel like some tea.


Its QuisQuis! "Angel's Ring is on your hair"



                                     Hi!  My name is Sevation.  I m a 
                                              good angel.  Today, I have the 
                                              present for you.  Please open it
                                              like a treasure box once a week.
                                              It casts a spell on you're hair
                                              to get brilliant and beauty hair.



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