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Mixed Links

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I'm always happy to post links for fellow car guys and gals.  All I ask is that you return the favor.

Transmission Exchange Picture Page
A commercial site, but it has some pretty neat pics on it.

You Can't Drive
UK site maintained by a deeply disturbed individual.  Warning: You may encounter some strong language here... or you may use strong language when this guy stereotypes and disses your vehicle.

You Are What You Drive
You've probably seen something like this before, but it's still a fun read.

Worst Car of The Millenium (CarTalk)
Like we can't guess what the worst car of the millenium is... but still interesting.

Magnitude Motors: The All-New Godzilla SUV
Another SUV parody. Car Humor
Assorted humor, pics, and links.

Cars Can Be Funny
Assorted humor, pics, and links.

"Yugo Next" Auto Sculpture
Remember when the only way to make fun of Yugo was the old "yu go--I stay here" line.  Well, these folks take Yugo bashing to the ultimate level.

If Microsoft Built Cars...
I apologize if you've already seen this one (I've had several copies emailed to me by several different people) but I just love this article.... I wish I had written it.

Car Chase
Okay, I think somebody is a little obsessed.  But he shares his obsession, and that makes it okay.... doesn't it?

VA Races
Another car chase data base.

Unusual MVAs
A collection of motor vehicle accidents put together by a local rescue squad.  Don't worry... no gross stuff there.

Car Humor
Strange stuff-- check it out.

Funny Car Pictures: Brought to you by
These guys have accumulated a really impressive collection of funny and unusual car pictures.  Great fun!

Partners in Rhyme: Car Sound FX
These are not tremendously high quality sound files, but they are worth a listen, and there's tons to choose from....

The Insanity Test
The single most useless thing I've found on the net in a long time.

 ACME License Maker
This is the neatest thing I've found on the web in a long time.  (Actually, my wife found it for me.)  This site enables you to make a license plate from any state with whatever you want on it.  

Engine Music
You have got to hear the digital sounds on this page.  Incredible!  Lots of neat pictures too!

More car sounds.  Sound quality is not as good as, but these are still a blast to play with.

Skyline GTR
Come see the Japanese muscle car!  This site uses Shockwave Flash extensively.

 Kevin's Hobbies--
Another very neat shopping site.  This place has just about any 1/18 scale diecast model you could want.  Be sure to check out Kevin's personal collection.  I'm very jealous!

Now, THIS is a neat site.  Buy almost any kind of toy car you want, but the pictures they offer are outstanding.

 The Story of Our Kitcar
Another member of my webring.  A British family builds a Toyota-powered kitcar.

 The Munster Koach Webpage
Very neat.  Tons of pics and info on the Munster Koach and Dragula from "The Munsters" TV show.  You can even download a special "Munsters" font for your own system.  This has got to be one of the most entertaining sites I've come across in a long time.
Want to get your car in the movies?  This site can help.
Tons and tons pf police car pictures and links.  Very interesting!

Kaleco Automotive
Need cross-drilled brake lines? Spark retardant plugs? How about a budget lowering kit? Click here for all of your customizing needs.

 GM Concept Cars
GM concepts from 1938 to 1999.

Futura Batmobile Site
Great site with lots of info on the Batmobile created for the popular 60's TV show.

Concept Carz
Designer dreamz and reality.  Check it out.

The Ultimate Poseur Sport Utility Page
I don't normally link to any kind of "anti-page", but this one is well done, clever and tasteful.

The Ugliest Cars in Britain
Just what it says.... cars that put the "UG" in ugly.  Note:  The first car on the page in the Citroen DS like the one my grandfather owned.  Hey, I never said the car was cute.

How to Drive Like a Moron
I think I've found the "Mad Max" of everyday commuting.

The Rocket Car in The Cliff Legend
The supposed real story behind the rocket car legend.  The author of this site claims to have started this popular urban legend.  All text and a very long read, but worth it.

Corvette Wagon Universe
Weird!  Can you imagine.... Corvette grocery getters?  Gotta check this one out.

4Door Vette Homepage
More Corvette oddities.  Site only has one photo, but it's worth the trip.

 Top 100 Diecast Sites
Lots of links to diecast collectors and merchants


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