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Waterfowl Recipes
Coffee Cooked Wild Goose
Number Served: 6-8


3 pounds clean deboned goose
4-6 cups regular breakfast coffee
Gravy mix or sauce


Cut goose into about 1 inch cubes.
Put meat into slow cooker (crock pot).
Fix 4-6 cups of regular coffee just as you would for breakfast, and pour over the goose.
Cook until tender following cookers instructions.
Remove goose from the coffee and wash/rinse cooker.
Return goose to crock pot and add your favorite gravy or sauce.

Notes & Variations:

The goose with gravy or sauce would be served over pasta or rice.  Wild duck can be substituted for goose.  An orange sauce would go well with this recipe - see Crock Pot Goose with Orange Sauce.

Contributor: Don Hand, RRGC


Don't know what it is about coffee but it seems to eliminate the objectionable taste (to some) of the wild goose and the coffee does not instill a flavor.