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Small Game Recipe
1877 Jugged Hare

   Skin, cut in pieces, strew with pepper and salt, fry brown, season with two anchovies, a sprig of thyme, a little chopped parsley, nutmeg, mace, cloves, and grated lemon peel.  Put a layer of the pieces with the seasoning into a jug, then a layer of bacon sliced very thin, and so on till all is used; add a scant half pint of water; cover the jug, close and put in cold water, let boil three or four hours, according to the age of the hare; take the jug out of kettle, pick out the unmelted bacon and make gravy of a little butter and flour with a little catsup.  A teaspoon of lemon peel will heighten the flavor.

Buckeye Cookery  1877