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Waterfowl Recipes
Smoked Duck

Number of Servings: varies Mallard Ducks

Brine Solution

1/2 gallon water
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup non iodized salt
1/4 oz pepper
2 tablespoons Seasoning Salt
2 tablespoons Hickory Smoke Salt or Liquid Smoke (Hickory)
Pinch of garlic salt


Fillet 2 to 10 pounds of duck breasts and slice into 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch thick pieces.
Soak the meat in a brine solution for 3 hours, stir every 10 minutes or so, then rinse meat and allow to drain (use a plastic or glass vessel for soaking).
Place meat in smoker and smoke 3 hours or more with three pans of chips (two pans of alder and one pan of hickory chips).
Remove the smoke meat and place in a covered roasting pan or in a plastic oven bag.  Place in an oven and bake at 300 degrees F for at least one hour.
Remove from oven, allow to thoroughly cool then cut into small pieces before serving.

Use the smoked duck as an appetizer or for snacks.

Note and Variations:

Be careful about dripping water when placing the meat on the rack in the smoker?
If you do not plan to serve the smoked duck within two days freeze cooked and smoked meat in sealed container preferably "ZipLock" bag and they will keep for 6 months in a freezer.
After brining and rinsing, the breasts can be pan fried like Swiss steak or duck fajitas.
This recipe can also be use for smoking goose breasts.

Contributor:  Eddie Manthos, RRGC