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Small Game Recipe
Coyote Backstrap

Number of Servings:  2-4


1 coyote backstrap
Cooking oil
Jonny's Seasoning salt
Garlic salt
Black pepper


You will need to be prepared for saving the backstraps of the coyote after the kill and skinning. If you are going to save the backstraps you will need to remove them from the animal immediately after the kill otherwise the flavor will be tainted. When skinning the coyote take care to keep the coyote off the ground so meat will not become dirty. Fillet the backstraps from the animal as you would with a deer. Bring along a one-gallon Ziploc bag to put the backstraps in to keep them fresh and clean.  Try to keep the backstraps as cool as possible until you can get them home.

 When home wash the backstraps in cold running water. Carefully remove all fat, it isn't very good. Either prepare immediately or freeze for use later. If you freeze, mark the container so you know what kind of meat it is. You don't want to serve coyote to anyone without telling them what it is; most people would not appreciate that.

Cooking instructions: Lay the backstraps out on a cutting board and slice across grain into one half-inch thick steaks. These steaks will be from the size of a quarter to the size of a silver dollar.
In a frying pan pour enough cooking oil of your choice (vegetable oil preferable) to cover the bottom of the fry pan. Turn the heat to medium, when the oil is hot place the steaks into the fry pan, being careful of spattering oil. Sprinkle moderately with Johnny's Seasoning Salt, Garlic Salt and Black pepper. Cook for four minutes on one side then flip steaks over and repeat seasoning and cook time. If any of the steaks are thicker than one half-inch thick cook these five minutes on each side, coyote should be cooked well done. Adjust cooking time if you see fit.
This cooking method makes them fairly tough but who cares, it's coyote they're supposed to be tough. The steaks are ready to eat, enjoy.

Best served with green beans and fried potatoes and a large glass of milk or wine.

Notes & Variations:

It's important to ensure that the meat reaches 165 degrees F.  To alter the taste of the meat you could marinate it overnight in the refrigerator.  Also the meat could be grilled but it may be necessary to place it on aluminum foil to prevent the sections of meat from falling through the grill.


This recipe has been tried on a young coyote and found to be very tasty.  Before cooking, the meat did not have an unpleasant smell and was a dark red.   The texture of the meat was slightly course but was very tender even though it was cooked until it was crisp. The meat had a mild flavor and was similar to dove.  Some part of the meat had a very mild flavor of liver but this was possibly due to residual fat or silver skin.  There were a number of factors that contributed to the good result.  The coyote was about one year old, it was shot in neck which prevented body fluids from contacting the meat, and it had been feeding on after harvest grapes found in nearby vineyards.

Contributor: Larry Martin, RRGC