My friend Judy from Indiana has requested more animated stationery.... "Ok Judy these pages are for you".

   Please note......The thumbnails for the stationery are not as clear as the stationery itself as they have been compressed to save on the size of the file.
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Beads a bouncing
Country Angel
trailing hearts
Cardinals (snow scene)
Friends are forever (trailing cursor
Love Songs
Flying hearts
Song of the Serengeti (transitional background)
©Paula Vaughan
© Jeffrey K Bedrick
Lupine(transitional text and image)
Slide show with transitional text. Using 4 beautiful images.
© Jean Hanamoto
©Josephine Walls
Easter Egg Bunny (trailing cursor)
(Trailing cursor)
For God so loved the world (trailing cursor)
Tropical Window
flying parrots
Fishy Business
animated dolphins and clam
Sweet Moments
3 of Paula Vaughans wonderful paintings
Clipart CD
©Paula Vaughan
Astral Voyage Liguid image
Piggyback (snow scene)
© Josephine Walls
© Robert Duncan
Mountain Beauty
fading image
Bubble mice trailing cursor
© Jim Warren
Made with PSP tube
Bluebird and Appleblossom (trailing cursor)
Cabin Porch (trailing cursor)
©Steven Harmening
©Steven Harmening
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