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Latest News - Ally has a LiveJournal.

So off you go and read it.::blinks:: Pretty please?


Once upon a time, there was a girl named *&^%$#. She was a strange creature, prone to playing make believe and saying odd things at odd times. She frolicked around, happy just to sit back and watch her CD collection grow as her bank balance dwindled.

One day, something strange and wonderful happened. The young girl discovered FANDOMS and FAN FICTION and after that, there was no turning back.

In a fit of creativity, a teeny, tiny (pushing 35,000 words now) fan fic was written and with this little .doc sitting on her hard disk and many more fanciful ideas in her head, Ally Ranger was born.

The formula was simple: take one neurotic female (ALLY McBeal - Queen of Neuroses) and add a Power RANGER (picture crazy people running around, doing bizarre things - it's all symbolism folks, I DO NOT like the Power Rangers) and you get:

Ally Ranger - neurotic, crazy girl who runs around doing silly things.

Ha! Ha! You say! Now I understand!

Unlikely! And the day someone actually figures it out, this Ally is going to have to come up with a new routine just to create the havoc and mayhem that I so love.

Until then, here are the facts:

I'm a 22 year old university student living and laughing (usually at other people) in Australia. Today I am majoring in Human Resource Management and Information Technology Management, tomorrow - who knows?

To relieve boredom and because I LIKE it, I design really BAD websites and write fan fiction for the Pitch Black and Star Wars: TPM fandoms. I am also partial to that reading thing that occurs when I can actually afford the ridiculous prices on paperbacks these days (God damn governement and their evil, evil GST - see Ally Kick the Evil Liberal Party).

No matter what I am doing though, you can guarantee that there is loud music in the background. [Insert shameless self-promotion of Lyrics Site here.]

So, now that you're informed, feel free to run screaming from the room - 's okay, I'm used to it. But if you are brave, read my fic, visit my sites and send me email! Nice email, mind you. Death-threats are so *yesterday*.


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