It there awereness and incomprehensible Kalau sadar dan dipahami
Allah commandments to the people Perintah Allah kepada manusia
Becoming caliph on the world Menjadi kalifah di atas bumi
This duty is very respectful Tugas ini sangatlah mulia

Quran 21.30: Remember when your God said to angel, I want to create someone to be caliph...etc.

The meaning of the caliph is tittle for men who organize the irregular universe in order to be regular.
Fomerly, the world havenít regulated about agriculture, industry, housing, etc.

If you want more detail about Rasa and periksa information, you can read the book: Rasa dibawa naik ke otak kanan, periksa dibawa turun dari otak kiri.


Always be pereached a sermon by the preacher Selalu dikhotbahkan para kiai
Invite all man in order to be pious Mengajak umat agar bertakwa
Itís reality, the rasa is used Hakekatnya rasa yang dipakai
Since juvenil until old Dari remaja sampai tua

Like examination has already passed Ibarat ujian sudah lulus
Clever on theory, capable on practice Pintar teory, mahir praktek
The pious people have sensitive rasa Orang yang berimtak, perasaannya halus
The form of periksa is science of technology Ujudnya periksa, hasilnya iptek


If you donít want to be called silly Bila tak mau disebut si pandir
Or man who havenít perasaan Atau orang tiada perasaan
When memeriksa use your mind Ketika memeriksa lakukan pikir
Apply perasaan at worship moment Saat berpikir gunakan perasaan

As Allah creature, man is forbidden to think exactly about God substance, thwy are permitted to analize thou creatures.
Another allowance likes rememberingor zikir, praise and prayer to Allah are very suggested.
Remembering Allah with mention thou name repeatly are part of rasa activity and itís value are subjective qualitative.
When we think about thou creature, itís reality is memeriksa universe with objective standart, so itís valuewrites an numeral inch, meter, cubic, etc.

In daily practice mentioning Allahís name repeatly (zikir) and thinking about thou creatures (fikir) are done seperately by different man and different places.
People doing zikir at special places.
At other place some people thinking science and technology without remembering Allah.
They always very busy to analize Godís creature, never remember whose property is it.
The separation of these activity will be: A man whose always praying shall be cheated, and a man whose always thinking shall be deceiver.
Nowadays many scientist donít care about God, on the other side much obedient people is careless to science, so same people deceit to another people.

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