Frequently is said as magic activity Urang katokan sabagai magis
Where as rasa have been dominated Padahal raso nan dikuasoi
Like the practice of hipnotism Sarupo praktek ilmu hipnotis
Body falls asleep, rasa is lulled Tubuah taleno raso terbuai

Suppose rasa have been dominated Kalau raso alah tajajah
Consider (merasa) oneself less modern Maraso diri kurang moderen
Personalityís value is still a half Nilai kapribadian tingga sabalah
Too proud to goble up chiken Sangait bangga malahap chiken

The new methods of submission Caro manakluakan model baru
Juvenilleís brain are given ulcer Utak remaja dibari bisue
Enemy have been surendered without bullets Musuh dikalahkan tanpa peluru
Rasa and periksa are made dull Raso dan pareso dibuaek tumpue

The names of brainís boil is narcotic Bisue di utak banama narkoba
The price are sky high Haragonyo maha satinggi langit
Because dull like a sheep Karano dungu sarupo domba
Poison is bought use up all money Racun dibali mahabihkan duit

When oneself have been colonized Katiko diri alah tajajah
The taste dictated by another person Salero didikte parasaan urang
The attitude tend to be imitative Sikap perbuatan condong latah
Hair is changed becoming reddish Rambuit diubah manjadi pirang

At moment people is organized by fashion Pabilo urang diatue mode
It proved that rasa is still weak Tandonya raso masih lamah
The taste is determined by merchant Selero ditantukan para tauke
Maybe oneself has no house Mungkin diri indak punyo rumah

Because it doesnít conform to our character Karano indak sasuai jo kepribadian kito
Donít imitate the nudist behaviour Parasaan nudis jaan ditiru
The men or the women Nan jantan atau nan batino
They are shameless Inyo indak tau raso saru

Clothes are made into masks Baju pakaian dijadikan kedok
Evening dressed jilbab, morning dressed bikini Sore berjilbab, pagi babikini
Thatís rasa and periksa arnít suitable Raso dan pareso indak cocok
Do not choose as a wife Jaan dipiliah manjadi bini

Whenever Adamís descendent activy periksa of their brain, they are called as "human".
Furthermore, when individual activies his rasa region to feel or to taste or to perceive or to touch or suffer, experience, has emotion, has serves, feel anything in the universe, he is called as "a man".
The quality of rasa is different in every person, like parable says:

Another meadow, different grashopher; another pond, different fish.

A man from Minangkabau is different with a man from Caucasian, but they are same human being.
Human being is different with animal.
Sometimes the difference of rasa is often exploited to dominate other people or group.

The measuring rod of rasa are word like sensitive, keen, politeness, suave, highest, softly.
A person whose very sensitive rasa is said that he/she has the sixth sense, because he/she knows about something which other persons donít know.
It is usual that scientist have very sensitive rasa, so some of them are become an artist who has a sensitive rasa.

Rasa is also symbolized by how does someone wear her clothes.
Jilbab is moslem clotches which covered all of body, in other side bikini is clothes which showed body.
When someone wear an antagonist clothes, it is signing that girl has split personality.
The gentlements do like wearing the most quality clothes.
On contrary, beggars used the ragged clothes, they donít have rasa ashamed.
Someone or group who dominate to another person, feels that he/his group is bigger (in Arabians: Akbar).
This character is called as takabbur or arrogant.
People are forbidden to have this character.
Akbar or takabbur are one of the 99 Allahís characteristic.
About 68 Quran verses remind that people not to become the snobbish person.
Snobbish is also a satanís character
The colonialism and imperialism began from the snobbish people who want to organize others peopleís rasa.

In contrary, man, maynot feel as "wong cilik".
Wong cilik or little person is Javanese terminology for common people, who are poor.
Little person have childish behaviour.
This terminology created by the former Javanese king to continue his domination above the common people.
Sometime wong cilik run amuck, if their basic necessity is not fullfil by the "wong gede" or great people.
Little person still not use their think brain for their dayly activity.
They cann't calculates the benefit and the unbenefit of their action.
We understand that Jakarta tragedy on 13 May 1998 which has been done by wong cilik


General norm is a modern language Norma umum, bahasa moderen
Comunity rasa is an old term Perasaan masyarakat,istilah lama
Utterences are subtituted for embelish Ucapan diganti supaya keren
One essence, the same purpose Hakekatnya satu, tujuannya sama

On the earth which is spread out Di atas bumi luas terbentang
Restrain rasa, used etics Tengganglah rasa, gunakan etika
Because man arenít animal Karena manusia bukan binatang
When memeriksa must be logics Saat memeriksa harus berlogika

Ethical or mutual respect Etika atau rasa berharga
Value doesnít change because of situation Nilainya tak berubah krn situasi
Itís not goods to commerce Bukan dagangan barang niaga
Because ethics are profession own Karena etika milik profesi

When members disobedience ethics Ketika etika diabaikan anggota
Sense of responsibility become vanish Rasa tanggung jawab jadi hilang
Purpose in this life only to collect goods Tujuan hidup menumpuk harta
Like animals have wild character Ibarat binatang, sifatnya jalang

Because man have rasa ethics Karena manusia punya rasa etika
Donít have attitude like statue Janganlah bersikap seperti patung
When arriving, showing your face Ketika datang lihatkan muka
When leaving, showing your back Waktu pergi tampakkan punggung

Remember ethics when having social intercourse Ingatlah etika ketika bergaul
Use the law of cause and effect Pakailah hukum sebab-musabab
Hand chop up, shoulder must bear Tangan memcencang, bahu memikul
Thatís rasa of responsibility Itulah rasa tanggung jawab

Ethics or also called generic norm, is part of good or bad rasa value, proper or improper, suitable or unsuitable behaviour from groups of people both the same profession and hometown.
For example the ethics of journalist, ethics of physician, ethic lawyer, etc.
For Minangís ethics, itís prohibited to put a hand on another personís head, but for Arabians it is a normal behaviour.
For Arabians it is violence to slapped the buttock another person, even our friend.
Head is the symbol of periksa, and bottock is the symbol of sensitive rasa (sex).

Because the value of rasa is qualitative, so we can not write the ethics value in numeral.
The violation of ethic can be appraised only by ourself or by our groups.

The others have no right to praise or regulate the ethics of other persons/groups.
The rasa value havenít international standard.
As long as there are different meaning of human and man; so Rudyard Kipling statement is true: west is west, east is east and never the same each other.

Human being, not an animal, so we have an objective international standard of periksa.
Although we have same ability to memeriksa, but we have different rasa, so that creature is a man.
All men have different rasa.
A group of people have different rasa of the other, so it is forbidden for people to insist rasa value with one another.

Logics or cause and effect law only belongs to human creature.
The precondition to have logicsis ability to count numeral or quantitative scienceand it is properly speaking is mathematics.
The Minangkabauís philosophy symbolize this logics action is understanding the Four.
There is no life unfortunate, when itís called as unknow of the Four.
The application of cause and effect law in the comunity intercourse, as consequence of the activity of left brain.

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