Human being is the honourable create among the whole God creature.
Because of Godís nature who ar Rachman and ar Rachim or All Loving and All Merciful, so human have been endowed with boundless things and energy/power.

Consequently, human being have a duty as khalifatul fil ard or as the world organizer to make the world prosper.
As the good organizer who have great responsibility, men have been granted peculiarity by Allah.

First, the freedom of mind to follow God regulation or not to follow.
(Genie is also granted a freedom, but they constitute a lower creature in the rank); whereas other creatures like electron, stars, planets, flora and fauna are Islam or straight way to obey the God regulation.
The second peculiarity has been granted to men is power of raso and pareso.

The capability of raso and pareso grew step by step since childhood; then, it is developed by people themselves by means of training or schooling. Furthermore, the capability of raso and pareso is reduced in aged, then it is taken absolutly when the soul/spirit go out of their bodies (dead).

Before discussion of other power, those are two power which are necessary to be realized and understood by means of reminding people of their own power, purpose, function and character.
In order to give message about raso and pareso not to formal, so that is written in poetry or feeling language which the message can be read by raso and pareso also.

The brain is the location of the people awareness.
Without the awareness of the brain function, biologically the descendant of Adam are only two percent different from Simpanse.
That is human being who has different brain function from Simpanse.
Human brain manage two kinds of power and other tens of subpower.
Our ancestor mentioned clearly the relation between brain and two power in adage:

Raso is carried ascending and pareso is carried descending (to and from brain).

The word of raso or perasaan is only for Minangkabaunese, Chinese, Javanese, every ethnics group or old people, women feeling, etc. The quality of raso is different each other.
The raso among etnic group are different like in an adage:

Other field, other grasshopper; other pond, has also different fish.

Raso is the result of people interaction with their enviroment which had happened in a long time, even according Socrates;One hundred years before of a baby , educate great-great grantparents first.

Because of raso is result of people understanding towards their enviroment, so that can change, be pressed or dissapeared.
Woman has more sensitive raso from man. Eastern people often give priority to use raso.
The eastern people taste about literature, art, and faith is higher than western people, so that is mentioned as culture according to eastern terminology.

We know that manís body not only physic but also non physicís body like soul, astral, ethereal. We canít mamareso the three non physicís body, we just only maraso about it.
We can symbolize the physicís body with figure 1 and non physicís body with figure 0, thatís a man value like binary number.

You can analyze numeral 1 with every numeral you like, and you will know exactly about the result.
1 times 1000 becomes 1000; and if 1 is divided to 100, it becomes 1 percent.
In contrary you canít analyze numeral 0.
Zero (0) times 1000 becomes 0, and if 0 is divided to a million it becomes 0.
If any numeral is divided by 0, the result will be unlimited.

The unity between 0 and 1 is figured of same character with physical and non physicalís body of mankind.

The physical body has two power; the first is raso power and the second is pareso power.

Raso in physical body is like raso asin (salty), raso pedas (hot taste), raso sakit (pain), raso bising (noisy), etc.
The value of this raso is objective quantitative, and you can make the international standard of this raso with numeral.

Pareso means investigation, examination, analize, took for science/study, identification, solve problem, prediction etc.
Pareso is a verb, as in a sentence: Pareso the identity card of each person.
Pareso is an active verb, it means that brain has an intention to do prior activity, because it has a logical linear ratio.

Supposing animals have the sense of smell and sense of hearing subpower more than people have, but there is never Minangkabauís sentence like this: Herder has an ability of mamareso more than people has.
The usual sentence in Minangkabauís language is : Herder has ability of smelling more than people has.
The activity of mamareso is only aplied to people because there are quantitative measure; animal are not able to count in numbers.

The organ to mamareso universe is the five sense; eyes for looking, ears for hearing, nose for smelling, tongue for tasting, skin for touching.
Those are connected to the brain with fibre nerves.
The position of the five sense organs and the center of raso receiver are located in the underside of brain.

Whenever the radiance wave of visible thing is received by lens, or when the sound waves of source sound is received by ears, both eyes or ears havenít been able to differ the kind of thing and source sound.
At that time, eyeís retina havenít differed between buffalo and cow; ears havenít differed the sound of gunís explosion or menís shouting.
The wave of radiance and sound entered into the five senses just like that spontaniously.

The identification of object occured after the pareso of brain came to measure signals received by the five senses; this is measured by digital norms that has been kept in the brain.
Itís time mentioned as pareso dibawo turun or carried down/descending to inspect eye sight/vision, sense of hearing, sense of smell etc.

People often touch their foreheads when they are thinking; itís proved that pareso is begun from the brain and is gone down to the five sense, after coordinating with the norm in the right side brain.
The most importan gift from the God was not organ form, but the ability of organís function to mamareso eye sight, sense of hearing, sense of smell organized by brain.
Without understanding to what people have seen or heard, the beautiful eyes or wide ears are meaningless.

The non physicalís body which figured by zero (0) hasnít pareso power, but it have raso batin or inner raso.
Sometimes the raso batin of non physic body is called inner mind or hearth mind.
Because we canít analize non physical body, so we also canít explain that value excactly with numeral value.
The value of inner mind is between 0 (nothing) to unlimited.

The unity between inner mind or raso from non physicalís body and raso of physical body is the raso we mean this composition.

The word raso can not be used for animal or other creature activities.
Simpanseís raso or Genieís raso are unknown in Minangkabauís language.

In English, the word raso is almost the same as passion, but there are many synonyms of passion like lustful, desirous, feeling, suffer, experience, intuition, opinion, perceive, emotion, taste, touch, sense, eager.
As the only one soul people have, so raso in Minangkabauís language forms as the soul of words to be followed: raso cinta (love), raso sedih (sad), raso tanggung jawab (responsible), raso malu (embarraced), raso seni (art), raso sopan (polite), raso setia kawan (solidarity), raso penghargaan (self esteem), raso percaya diri (self confidence), raso terhormat (honorable), raso bersalah (guilty), raso puas (satisfied), raso senang (happy), raso dendam (revenge), raso benci (hatre), raso putus asa (desperate), raso cemas (anxious), raso mengharap (hope), raso yakin (convince), raso mampu (capable), raso berani (brave), raso takut (afraid), raso berahi (sexual desire).
On the contrary, there is no synonym of raso in Minangkabauís language.

The organ of feeling raso is hearth (not liver) or conscience or inner feelings. Physically, the location of this organ canít be pointed.
People often put his palm of hand on his chest when he felt an event related to his emotion (a part in raso); it proved that the location of raso is in the middle of his body.
The result of raso is reported to the brain above (raso dibawo naiak); because the brain is located in the uppest section of his body physically, this thing symbolized the brainís honor.
It doesnít mean that underbody is unrespected, but there are dirty parts which must be cleaned regularly , must be protected consciously.
And close to or in the dirty part, is located raso berahi (sexual desire) which formed the main cause of human birth in the earth.
In Islam law, if you want to routine pray (sholat, five times a day), the sex organ and anus have always to be cleaned out of filthiness by washing.

After our physical body feel the raso from five sense organ, then take it into inner raso (mind) and afterthat carried to the brain automatically and rapidly (this time is said as raso dibawo naiak).
In the brain, raso is considered with qualitative subjective standard per person and also it is comunicated with quantitative objective standard, that it is just owned by man.

There are also another raso came through authomatically from the God to inner mind.
Sometimes person call it as divine revelation or vision from God.
Some person believe to this raso, but another donít believe to it.
So itís value from nothing until unlimited.

All of us certain to agree Sagalo urang pasti satuju
With adage from Arabian Jo patuah dari Arab
Sophisticated pareso, proved development Pareso yang canggih tandonyo maju
Polite raso means civilized Raso nan aluih bukti beradab


Feeling something is lost Taraso sasuatu ado nan hilang
When man forgot philosophy Katiko urang lupo adat
There is no live more unfortunate Tak ado hiduik nan labiah malang
When itís called unknown of the Four Saat dikatokan tak tahu nan Ampat

According to Minangkabau philosohy, the result of raso and pareso is called as "tahu di" or in English understand/knowledge/science.

Finally, have as a starting point from raso and pareso, man make the systematica of The Four Knowledge/science or Tahu di nan Empat.

First group, namely the science which for perception when people felt (raso) anything in the universe or in other words the science made the right brain function and itís called sociology.
Sociology can be put into reality well and righty if it is commucated with science of letters.

The second group namely the science which form the result of pareso to universe or in the words the science made the left brain function.
Basically the pareso article or creature can be classified into live creature and dead creature.
The result of pareso live creature/article as well as itís conclusion is called biology, whereas the result of pareso dead articles is called physic science.

As the first basic to study carefully Ilmu nan Empat (The Science of Four), every people must have the basic science of good and bad norms, advantageous and disadvantageous or in modern language is moralís norm.

The second basic is to study arithmatic or matematic.
And Islamic theology protects the science of four and the position is upper, so Islamic theology is not the dicipline of science separately to be discussed.
It is necessary for every nephew and niece to learn the two basic study: Religion faith and Arithmatic/ Mathematic.
Furthermore the person can study the science of The Four.
At the advance education the specialism of those science are very important.

In order not to be chaos in the world Supayo tak kacau di alam dunia
The science systematic must be clear Sistematika ilmu haruslah tarang
Doing pareso prove as human Malakukan pareso tandonyo manusia
Having raso signify as a man Mamakai raso bukti urang

Another adage says
Religion just only says, philosophy prevails any time
Syarak yang bakato, adat dunia, nan dipakai

In Minangkabau society, no one is willing to be named as a man who has no adat (philosophy) or doesnít know about nan Empat (the Four) because his behavior is compared with four footed animal.
Before Minangese confess Islam, they were regulated by philosophy studied with nature law, like adage said:

Notchedís knife is use for incision Panakiak pisau sirauik
Take the sap of lintabungís tree Ambiak gatah batang lintabuang
Winnow is made of selodang Salodang dijadikan niru
Take a drop of water to be an ocean Yang satitiak dijadikan lauik
Make a clod of earth to be a mountain Nan sakapa dibuek gunuang
Create the nature as a teacher Alam takambang dijadikan guru

The unwritten Allahís book to be applied according to proper behavior or suit with raso and pareso (raso for man and pareso for human).
The determined argumentations of religion gave exact law; whereas of which is used daily to regulate life in the world is the philosophy of knowing of the Four.
Qur'an, Bible, Torat are the written Allah's book.
Both books, written and unwritten must read.

As a creature with hard duty to manage many kinds of giving from God, man also have weakness, namely has forgetful character.
In Islamic education, memorizing Al Qur'an and hadist is tradition. In fact, many people can afford to memorizing all verses of Al Qur'an on the whole.
On the other hand, people cannot afford to memorizing all the thing; moreover, to memorize sentences written in scientific books.
Because of that, people make some methods to learn about creature by a little counting namely by learning systematic first.
Systematic is a way distribution of groups to one another.
Everything or anything of God's creation can be grouped in systematic.
By understanding systematic, we consider something are related to one another, not individuality.
Finally , those are based on the Almighty.

The word systematic is derived from English and there is no synonim in Indonesian or Arabian.
It has just been used as Indonesian; it is usual if we haven't been familiar about this term.
The universe formed a system needs learning, and understanding (read book, Minangkabau's philosophy: nan Empat, Dialectika, Logika, Sistematika Alam Terkembang).

In order to be able to study easily, so the systematical of articles/creatures of the universe must be approriate to proper capacity, like the division of science mentioned before.

Ideally, the using of raso and pareso must be equal.
Raso measured by pareso, and the using of pareso produce (science) must use raso (humanity).
It is the human figure who are always inspirated, or person who actualy person; man who always pray feelingly, and think logically, that all inspected things prove the Glory of God.
Man who are devout as well as master in science of technology, who has raso (ethic) when they are working.
When man have implemented such things well, mean they have performed the God commandement: Amanu wa amilus sholihati and aqimus sholata wa atuz zakata.
Both statement are Islamic terminology, that every moslem must believe in God and work in order then doing prayer and donate the some wealth.

In accordance with the way of thinking systematically as mentioned above, it can be concluded that brain forms the culture center, like proverb said:
Hiduik baraka, mati bariman or to live on mind, to die on faith.

There is also a daily expression, namely:
You must use multiplication ! (multiplication sign is the brain activity symbol when people counting).
Another sentence namely: Use your brain ! All of these sentences are easier to understand by children.

The awareness of brain function is the same important with an appeal for faith in God, because the faith in God is only understood after function of raso managed by right brain.
As an example, when a student was attending flag ceremony and lack of oxygen, his/her power of raso and pareso is lost or collapsed.

Brain is universe center.
If the brain is broken, raso and pareso is also damaged. Raso and pareso is damaged, the universe will collapsed.
When the brain lack of oxygen, nutrient, poisoned of chemical, narcotic, alkoholic drink or sick, so management of raso and pareso is disturbed.

Like the function of torch Ibarait fungsi lampu panarang
Choose the brain as a lamp Piliahlah utak sabagai palito
Be a person actually person Jadilah urang sabananyo urang
Apply raso, use pareso Gunokan raso, pakai pareso

In the social intercourse of society, various person can be identification.
One of the various person namely "person actually person".
Different from "orang-orang (scarecrow)" who held/regulated by "another person", "person actually person" manage their activities according their brain awareness.


Automatically, brain is divided into right side and left side which have different function.
The function of right side is to manage knowledge whenever person interact with nature; that is group of science raso.
Raso is nonlogic and it can be valued in subjective qualitative, that is adventageous or disadventagious.

The function of left side brain is to manage knowledge whenever man mamareso/pareso or examine nature and it is logic.
The result of pareso can be valued in objective quantitative and can be written in numeral. This knowledge grouped as the science of pareso dibawo turun.

The brain work is influenced by itís condition.
The brain life depend on adequate supplies of oxygen and nutrient on the brain nutrient substances comes from intestines and oxygen comes from lung. Both enter to the brain through blood circulation which is pumped by hearth.
The brain volume of homo sapiens between 1000 to 2000 cc. and the average about 1450 cc.
Those have 10 billion nerve cels, the most solid compared with others nerve cels.
The brain is capable to record 86 million bit information everyday. If the brainís metabolism can be changed into energy this able to light 20 watt electric lamp.

When the brain is functioning, there are different chemical reaction about 100.000 per second.
Just about one percent of sensory data which are received by the five senses, and 99 percent are not relevant to the brain (pareso start from brain, then descend to organ of sensory like eyes, ear,nose, skin, tongue or in other word pareso is carried descending just only one percent of our awareness).

It take one per five hundreds seconds for pareso is carried to descend after that we can identify the object.
For that reason, the quality and quantity of oxygen and food nutrient which become a source of brain activity is very important.

The natural food resources for the brain derived from fauna and flora as the living creature.
The God just only gift one soul only to every people also to flora and fauna.
Therefore, people are forbidden to kill flora and fauna except for good purposeas food stuff supplies.
We have to obey Islam regulation when we slaughter animals.
First, we orient the animal, head toward Kakba in Mecca, then pray bismillahirrahmanirrohim (in the name of Allah, the mercifull and almighty).

Slaughtering without pray bismillahirohmanirrohim is haram, not permitted or commit a sin.
At normal condition, in Islam teaching not all kinds of animals are permitted to be foodstuff. There are some status of foodstuff in Islam:

Halal i.e cows, goat, hen/cock etc. Haram or not permit i.e. pig, corpses of animal blood and every animal slaugtered without in name of Allah. Makruh. If we donít eat that food we shall get merit from God i.e. frog.

Raso and pareso are managed by brain Raso dan pareso dikelola utak
Left side or right side Sabalah kida atau sabalah kanan
Thus, don't be damaged the brain Makonyo utak jaan dirusak
By squalor of food stuff Jo kotoran bahan makanan

These samples are too much Kejadian iko sangaik banyak
When pareso is not used Ketiko pareso indak dipakai
Food is very delicious to eat Makanan disantap teraso lamak
Even though frogs are curried Walaupun kodok nan digulai

According to red cross scientific Menuruik ilmu palang merah
In the blood live the soul Dalam darah bamukim nyawa
The essence of food became blood shaper Sari makanan pambantuak darah
Dirty food, polute soul Kumuah makanan, cemarlah jiwa

This is attitude of foolish man Iko sipait urang tolol
Raso and pareso is lost Raso jo pareso alah hilang
Because brain poisoned by alcohol Kareno utak diracuni alkohol
His behaviour like wild animal Karajo nan sarupo binatang jalang

Although appereance handsome and pretty Walau panampilan ganteng cantik
But intelligence still narrow minded Tapi aka masih pendek
Body poisoned by narcotic Tubuah diracuni jo narkotik
Finally the face became ugly Akibatnyo rupo jadi jelek

Like squalor on shrimp's head Ibarait kotoran di kepalo udang
Parable the brain of deviate person Parumpamoan utak urang nan sesat
Enjoying narcotic while singing Narkoba dinikmati sambial badendang
Doing sins feel enjoyable Berbuaek doso teraso nikmat

If you want to know more about the Four, please read the book: Nan Empat, Dialektika, Logika, Sistematika Alam Terkembang

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