Why the GL Shrine II?

The original GL Shrine, as I've said, was written by Tom Petersen, "a GL fan forever" and a hell of a nice guy. Yet, right at the top of it, it states:

The purpose of this site is to provide you with cover scans of the Green Lantern comics books from the current series. 

Now, the question I asked myself when I saw this, and the one I'm sure many of you are asking even now having seen that, is this:


After writing several issue summaries for Tom, it occurred to me to ask him this very question, but not in the same tone of course :) I asked him: Did he not have time, was he not interested in the older stories, or what? The reason turned out to be something I never would've guessed: Image space.

Yep, he was running out of space, even with a extra 14meg that he has to pay for. So he gave me an idea: I could set up my own site, call it the Shrine 2 or something, and post the older books as well as any he may have missed. He even offered to scan some images to get me started.

So with all that in mind here it is... The Green Lantern Shrine II!!!!!!! Hope you all like it! For me it's been fun although not very conducive to getting my schoolwork and other crap done... :)


"Prince Rabid"