The Green Lantern Shrine II

 This site provides cover scans of the second series (1960-88) of Green Lantern, the Mosaic series, and a few other Green Lantern-related miniseries and one-shots. Some of the scans are accompanied by summaries of the stories inside.

This is intended as a complementary site to Tom Petersen's Green Lantern Shrine. That site is devoted to the new (1990-present) GL series and newer related books. If you liked what I have, you'll LOVE his page! In addition to the cover scans and summaries (8 of which were written by me), he has some sketches of GLs done by various artists, interviews with some of the creators, and much more! If you didn't see it here, you'll almost certainly find it there!

Latest Update
Well, I know how it feels to have to wait for a long time for a site to be updated, and it sucks! But I appear to have fallen into that "derelict, lazy webmaster" mode, and haven't updated in over 2 months! :( But here's the update, minor though it be: A cover scan of GL Special #20, courtesy of someone named Vickie. Catch it in Miscellanous! Thanks for your patience!

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Nothing new to report here.

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Latest Summary

The Shrine II is is desperate for cover scans, if you have any scans of the books without them (see individual lists for needed books), email me! All right, if you have a summary that I need, send it too! Even if it's from the 1940's series GL, I could still use it!!!

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Special thanks to the following people:
Tom Petersen for giving me the idea to do this site, letting me use his page as a base, providing me with a HUGE amount of scans 'n' stuff, and getting me a Ron Marz-signed GL comic!
Chris M. for a cover scan (hey Chris, see the above note about submitting scans! :))
Gaymond Lee for some cover scans, and hopefully more in the future.
Pierg for some serious kick-ass scans!
Vickie for a cover scan.

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