This page contains whatever GL-related stuff I recieve or stumble upon myself.
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Here are a couple sketches of Alan Scott, the "original" Green Lantern (courtesy of Tom Petersen):

This one I don't recognize the signature on, and neither does Tom...
(Click on it to view the full-size image)

This one, as you can see, is by Mart Nodell, Alan's creator.

In case you wanted to view or save the favorite list icons Tom and I use on our sites, you can do so below. To save one while viewing it, just right-click it, choose Save Picture As, and make sure you type .ico manually after the name. You can then use it as an icon for anything in your start menu or whatever.

View/Save My Icon (Hal Logo)
View/Save Tom's Icon (Kyle Logo)

Tom also sent me these sketches of Hal he did.

(Click on either for the respective full-size sketch, or here for the B&W version of the second sketch)

Check it out, a GL V3#125 signed by writer Ron Marz. This was the last issue he wrote. Click on the thumbnail below to see the full-size, signed version. This comes to you courtesy of Tom, who's in email contact with Ron and was able to get this for me, since he was getting one for himself. Thanks again Tom! (The thumbnail also comes from Tom's site, and it's not signed because it's the one he normally uses to link to the #125 page. But I used it 'cause it looks nice.)