Interview with Pasha Oksana Grishuk on the Internet web site Eyada ( August 18th, 2000)

Transcript written by Bevelusha Iglai and Anushka R.

She was delightful! She began by saying that she will appear in Beverly Hills on Ice on November the 19th.  

She discussed the differences between ice dance (which is "tricky with a lot of rules") and pairs skating. Ice dance is more art, ballet and ballroom dancing all together and pairs skating is more athletic and acrobatic with spins and lifts. Ice dancers also do spins but not that much.

Cook asked her if it was true that her first partner skated over her hand and she nearly lost a finger due to that. She said that that was true.

She talked about how much she loved ice skating from early childhood. Her mom wanted her to be a gymnast and pianist, but all Pasha wanted to do is skate. Now, she dreams of being an ice dance commentator.  

She was asked whom she thought were the upcoming stars and she said Marina Anisinna and Gwendal Peizerat. She thinks they have improved a lot over the years and their style and technical level are incredible, they look wonderful together."They have an incredible style and technique and they are really worth to watch."

In her own skating, she will try to tell a story on the ice, not only doing jumps and spins. Her skating is a combination of single skating and ice dance. She said that it's not her style to do the big jumps.

Kevin Cook, the interviewer, called her a "citizen of the world," but Pasha says she "loves L.A.", it is so impressive and incredible. What she finds most interesting about acting is "the step into a totally different world."  

Her future includes the Playboy cover, which Cook said should be well received! Pasha is working on her own movie and working on her book, "Live to Tell." Cook asked her if it would be in Russian or in English and she answered that it would be in English to make it easier for everyone.

Although she loves living in LA she visits her family in Germany a couple of times a year because she misses them very much. In the future she would like to live part time in Europe and part time in L.A.  

Cook asked her about growing up in the Soviet Union, and how Americans were perceived. He asked her if she considered the Americans to be enemies because of the Cold War.
Pasha gave a lovely answer to that. She said that in her heart "people were all the same, just some spoke English!"  

Cook asked what she thought about the media writing about her and people gossiping about her.
Pasha laughed and said that she loves gossip, and loves when people talk about her. She loves attention.  

She was asked if she was still keeping in touch with her former partner Evgeny Platov. She answered that with her busy schedule it was difficult to keep in touch with people. She said she talked to him last year and she hopes he doing well and wishes him all the best.  

Jim came on the radio, and invited Pasha to come and skate in Massachusetts, and she said that she'd love to come to Massachusetts and do a show there because of her gratitude to the people there. She and Evgeny prepared themselves there for the Olympics in 1998 and she wants to thank the people there for their help and support.  

She had "no comments" on the boyfriend scene. She is dating someone though, but no marriage plans for now, although she would love to have a family. Her first priority is her career (skating and acting) at the moment. ( answers on questions asked by Adam and Maria) 

Her favorite actors are: Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Robert De Niro. She met Robert De Niro once in 1997, while he was working on the movie Ronin and that was an incredible experience.

She was asked if she visits her Official website and keeps in touch with her fans and friends and she said she logs on regularly and likes e-mailing with her fans and friends. She said her fans and friends are wonderful people.  

She was asked about meeting President Yeltsin and receiving two honorary medals. She told she received two medals, one in 1994 and one in 1998, after winning the Olympic title. She was very honored to receive them from the President of the Russian Federation.  

On the question what she did with her medals, where she kept them (L.A., Germany or Russia) she answered she had always given all her medals and diplomas to her grand mother, to which Cook said, "There are a lot worse things than covering one's relatives in gold."

This transcript is by Bev Iglai and Anushka R. please do not reproduce without permission