Pasha participated in German Eurosport as co-commentator during the free dance
at the European Championship in Prague, January 29, 1999.
Her words were written down by Viktoria (aka Maven).
A photoshot of Pasha at Euros '99 (Thanks Jyrki!)


Q:Welcome Pasha by Eurosport in Prague! How do you like the competition so far?

PASHA:Yeah, thank you. I think it's great to just sit here and relax  in my chair and watch everybody. I'm really enjoying it. It's actually to tell you the truth (it's) not very usual for me just  to watch competitions, I used to compete out there, and I'm a little bit nervous.

Q: Pasha, interesting question. There was a lot of discussion about the FD of K&O. Did you see the FD and how do you like it?

PASHA:I actually saw the FD, but it was on a practice, so I'm not sure how they're going to show it today, but I really like the music, I think it's really different and something new and I also really like the French team A&P. I think they have a really interesting style this year, so it'll be interesting to see who's gonna win.

 (after Novak/Kolasinski)
Q:Pasha, you don't see dance couples fall very often. Did that ever happen to you in your career?

PASHA:Actually unfortunately it did happen and it's a really big shock when it happens. Of course I think judges should mark them down.

Q: Pasha, after you stopped skating amatur after Nagano Olympics you split up with your partner E. Platov.
 How come?Why was that?

PASHA:Well, unfortunately this happened, and I feel sad that we just made history, became two-time olympic gold medalists, and my partner decided to skate with someone else.So unfortunately we split up this summer and I've got a new partner for now, it's A.Zh. so we're skating pretty good, we really have fun.

 (after Winkler/Lohse)
Q: Pasha, how did you like the FD from W/L?

PASHA: I think it was fabulous and I'm really impressed how fast these guys grew up and they improve every year and have a big future.  BTW, my family lives in Germany, so I feel half German so of course I'm gonna pray for those guys so they can get on the podium one day!

 (after Grushina/Goncharov)
Q:Pasha, these two have improved so much since they lef the Ukraine and went to Linichuk. What does Natalia Linichuk do that other coaches can't do?

PASHA: Well, I've been with Natalia for so many years and I can tell that she's a really hard worker. She works really hard from early in the morning till night. So this is the result.

Q: You have trained with all the famous Russian coaches, Dubova, Linichuk, Tarasova- who is the best?

PASHA:It's very hard to say exactly who is best, because they're all different. They have different school, they teach different. All of them are really good, all of them help me at certain times, but I'd still prefer Natalia Linichuk, I think she works really hard and I've spent the most years with her.

 (after K&O)
Q:Pasha, your thoughts about this program?

PASHA: I think it was really different and the music is without melody and it's really something different. And I think they did a really good job and I'm really impressed, but I think they need a litle bit of polish, but they still have time before Worlds.

Q: There's a rule in the ice dance book saying that skating in dance holds is considered to be more difficult than skatig side by side. I think compared to A&P they skate a lot of times side by side. Do you agree?

PASHA: Yeah, I saw them several times skating side by side. But maybe they'll watch the program and can polish something before Worlds.

 (after FP&M)
Q: A very interesting program. How did you do all your coreographies? Did you have a coreographer or did the ideas come from you and   Evgeny?

PASHA:When we were younger of course we had a coreographer who helped us with ideas and create program. But in the last couple of years we did a lot on our own, like the Arabian program and lots of exhibitions. So we can pretty much work on our own.

(after A&P)
Q: I think the people have decided and I'd agree, I have the same opinion. What do you think?

PASHA: (one sentence I couldn't fully understand here)I think it was brilliant. It was just amating and....innovations(sorry, couldn't get that one either) and people really enjoyed that. So I hope they can get what they deserve, I think it's the gold medal.

(after the marks for A&P came up)
PASHA: the audience not happy...

Q: The audience not happy and I think they are right.
I can't find words for the decision we just saw, I think it's very unfair from the judges, I think the French were definitely the best couple tonight.

PASHA: Yeah, that's my opinion also. It's really unfair. I think they deserve to be first.

Q: So we can just hope for World Championships and maybe the judges have two months' time to think about their decision (at this point Pasha softly laughed into the microphone;-))) and maybe it's gonna  be different.

(after L&A)
Q: I think it was very hard for these two to skate after so much emotion was in the stadium here. I think it's a lot harder to skate after the French than before.

PASHA: Yes, certainly they probably have a little bit of pressure from the standing ovation and lots of loud expressions from people. But I think they could concentrate, because I think they did a great job and I really enjoywatching them and I think their program (is) really polished and really difficult.

Q: Pasha, after Olympics you said you had plans to become an actress.Do you still have that plan or how's your future going to be?

PASHA: Well, I'm still learning(?not sure she said that here, but something like that) this. I'm still taking classes which help me with my skating so I can improve my acting on the ice, but to tell you the truth, the truth, the Hollywood it's change like the weather, so you never know what happens so it could be like a hobby for me, but not more and not something serious. The skating is the most serious for me.

(after D&V)
Q: Pasha, if you would be a judge and not knowing the result after OD, just seeing the FD, what place would you give D&V? Just in the FD.

PASHA:You know, I really really like this program and I think these guys did just a fabulous job and it's really high technically and artistic impression is really really really high. And..I mean it's hard to decide which program is better, but I really like...I don't want to mark this because I'm not a judge, but...I think they just did a brilliant job, really cool!

Q: I just said ( to the German audience) just looking at the free program I'd give themn 2nd place behind A&P.


Q: It's hard to judge anyway...

PASHA: I'm not a judge, but I can tell I really really like them and the audience love them and they should get a medal one day.

(after the marks)
Q: Probably it hasn't been their year yet, the time hasn't come, but I think in the future their time will come.

PASHA: Oh, certainly, they have a little bit more than a month before the World Championships in Helsinki, and I think they really have a chance there.

Q: Pasha, thank you very much for your help.

PASHA: My pleasure.

Q: I enjoyed very much commentating with you. One last question for the viewers in Germany. What are your future plans? Are you planning to get married?

PASHA: No, I'm not planning to get married yet, because I'm too busy with skating right now and even I'm taking off some time, a month I would say, still planning to continue to skate- for now professional but you never know, maybe I'll come back amatur, you never know life, time will show.

At the end the reporter said bye to the viewers and Pasha also said Auf