German article about the fan-meeting (1999)
Translated by Anushka.
by Anushka R.  

Residence Boardinghouse:

Heartfelt welcome from fans for Pasha "Ice Princess"

Sarstedt. The meeting in honor of the Ice Queen "Pasha" Oksana Grishuk was a big success for the present fans. During a relaxed come together they get to know many things about their idol's life. She also talks openly about her future acting plans and her life in Hollywood. The 27 year old takes acting lessons regularly and was allowed to play herself in the TV-series Beverly Hills 90210. After her skating career she would like to be an actress.
She has to answer numerous questions about her new skating programs- of course in English. Her aunt, Sonja Kujawsky and Svilen Mitev, a friend of the family, take care of the translation of the questions and answers. The loved "Ice Queen" is surprised with a present, which is given to her by her sponsor during the meeting: a valuable watch changes owners.
After a short break a video tape with the Lillehammer program is shown. After a couple of hours Pasha goes home again to spend time with her family.