Interview with Pasha on Dutch Eurosport during Euros '99.
Pasha's words were noted down by Anushka.
A photoshot of Pasha at Euros '99 (Thanks Jyrki!)


Commentator: So Pasha Grishuk sits next to me. That's how we call you, still Pasha, is it?

Pasha: That's right.

Com: How are you enjoying these championships?

Pasha: Oh, it's wonderful, it's really wonderful, so I can see everybody, because when I used to skate I wasn't able to see every skater here.

Com: So you can go to more parties now?!

Pasha: I don't think so.

Com: No! Okay. You don't miss it?

Pasha: Yes I miss it very much. I'm really sad, because I really want to be out there and skate with everybody else.

Com: What happened? Why did you split up with Evgeny?

Pasha: Unfortunately it wasn't my decision, it was him who left me without even saying good-bye or thank you. I feel sad, because to tell you the truth we just made history to become two times Olympic gold medallists and we were planning to skate professional. So unfortunately Evgeny made that decision.

Com: Why did you think he did that?

Pasha: I have no idea. He didn't talk to me and he didn't explain anything.

Com: That's a pity, because you could have made so much money together.

Pasha: That's true. We were going to professional sport to just enjoy the choreography and the ideas we had for that. Unfortunately it happened. It's sad, it's really sad, but life is going on.

Com: Thank goodness!

Pasha: Yes.

Com: Okay then you teamed up with Alexandre Zhulin, how did that work out?

Pasha: It was really good, we skated for four months together, put three programs together, did a lot of shows and several competitions. We did pretty well; we really enjoyed skating together, except he had several injuries, some old injuries, like his back hurt. So now we are taking some time off and hopefully we will continue skating together in March.

Com: What other projects do you have?

Pasha: Right now I live in California, Los Angeles and I still take some acting lessons to improve my acting. I can use it while I skate and that's pretty much it.

Com: Are you trying to take some films?

Pasha: No, not for the moment, but I'm trying to help some younger skaters to help them with their new programs, compulsories.

Com: So you are coaching, where?

Pasha: Yes, a little bit. When I am in Aston I try to help my old friends, the younger skaters. And a little bit in LA.

Com: What do you think of the standard of the ice dancing here?

Pasha: I really like it, I enjoy it very much. I see a lot of couples who have improved so much, that really makes me happy, so I can see a lot of new things. People are working really hard and it's really nice to see something new out there.

Com: You were one of the people who brought innovation. Do you see much of your own work here?

Pasha: Yes, actually it makes me feel very proud. It's nice to see skaters make something new from something I did. It really makes me happy.

Com: You know who is very sad that you are gone? The whole press. When I came in the press room here on Monday they said:"Oh my god, it's going to be such a horrible competition. It's so dull without Pasha!"

Pasha: Actually I think I have made them a little bit happy, because I did several interviews already.

Com: It's great you did some interviews and quotes, because it's really dull without you. The other skaters say: "Well I skated not so good today or I did skate well". But that's it. No fun stories or amusement.

Pasha: You mean excitement?

Com: Yes, excitement, no amusement!

Pasha: Oh well..

Com: Yes, it's really true! You should come back. Have you lost your eligible status, have you done professional competitions?

Pasha: Yes, unfortunately we did some, so we have the pro status now, but if the rules will change I would love to come back in two years time.

Com: We should go to the ISU to Mr. Cinquante (the president of the ISU) and say that he has to change the rules so Pasha can come back. Maybe you can come back with another partner.

Pasha: Yes, it's really interesting. You never know what will happen.

Com: That would really be interesting! These are Chait&Sakhnovsky. They skate with your old coach Natalia Linichuk.

Pasha: That's right.

Com: But then you left.

Pasha: Yes.

Com: But you did well with Tarasova.

Pasha: Oh yes.

Com: Have you seen this program before?

Pasha: Yes, I really like it. It's lots of fun; it's Russian folklore.

Com: Is it technically difficult?

Pasha: Yes, very much so, many twizzles and lots of difficult steps.

Com: He is very good.

Pasha: Yes, powerful.

Com: Please tell the viewers from Belgium and Holland what you thought of it. A critical opinion.

Pasha: It really makes me smile to see this program, it's really lots of fun, Russian music and the guys were really cheerful and they express this program just great.

Com: And technically.

Pasha: Lots of twizzles and lots of fast steps. The guys really did great It's a very difficult program.

Com: You were the twizzle queen, you did so many last year.

Pasha: You know Galit, we used to skate together with Galit and Sergei, and she was telling that she was a big fan of mine and that she watched the videos of my programs. She probably learned really well.

Com: It's her birthday today.

Pasha: Yes, it's Galit's birthday.

Com: She is turning 24 today.

Pasha: 24, Happy Birthday!

Com: Yes, Happy Birthday! So she is a very big fan of Pasha's. Everybody is a big fan of Pasha's. Everybody is watching your videos. I'm sure of that!

Pasha: I don't know, but probably a lot of people.

Com: That's something to be proud of.

Pasha: Yes, it makes me very proud. I watch the videos of other skaters also; it's very interesting.

Com: Whom do you watch?

Pasha: I like Chis and Jane. They are really big skaters to me and I really like what they are do and I always watch their skating.

Com: Everybody has an example in life, but you were twice Olympic champion and they once. You took the title away from the people you admire.

Pasha: You know, it doesn't matter how many gold medals you have got. Those guys were really great and they were history to me and to a lot of other people. I think people will always remember them, no matter if they won less gold medals.

Com: When the Bolero came on today I almost died, because I thought who would dare to take that.

Pasha: I was expecting them to come out.

Com: Did you see Nowak&Kolasinski fall?

Pasha: Oh yeah. It was really sad, because they were doing really well. I think it was a really big shock for them to make such a big mistake..

Com: I think so too. Thank you very much that you wanted to talk to the viewers and me and I hope to see you soon again and I wish you all the luck in the world.

Pasha: Thank you.

Com: So that was Pasha and she is still so nice and normal.