Interview with Pasha on BBC during Euros '98.
Pasha's words were noted down by Anushka.
© Photo by J. Barry Mittan
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Commentator: What do you think about the Jive as original dance?

Pasha: We did so many original dances, but this one is the most difficult
one. I would say, because of the rhythm is so fast, especially our Jail
House Rock, if I may express it by that. Rhythm plus speed. We have to keep
the speed all the time and push. There are so many turns and twizzles and
we have to do lifts and tricks. It's difficult.

Commentator: What is your freedance about?

Pasha: It's very different compared to what we have done before and
compared to other skaters what they do. It's about us, I would say. It's
about our difficult hard life and especially in a big sport, amature
career, lots of changes. It's about all the work what we have done, all our
tears, all our stress, all our injuries, like Evgeny had his knee injury
this summer after Worlds. It's about all the happiness from whole victories
that we've had.