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Some Facts About the Choir

bullet Llangollen, 1972    Tour, 1978    Tour, 1990
bulletThe Choir has performed at the National Arts Centre
bulletThe Choir has performed at the National Gymanfa Ganu twice (1977 and 2000)
bulletThe Choir took part in the Noson Lawen, at the Ontario Gymanfa Ganu, April, 2000, April, 2002
bulletThe Choir performed at the Ottawa Tulip Festival, May, 2001
bulletJoint Concert with Chantorion Cymraeg Canada and the Lisgar Collegiate String Ensemble, May, 2002
bulletCeltic Festival, Brockville Ontario, June, 2002, 2003
bulletWelsh Harvest Festival, Green Mountain College, Poultney, Vermont, October 11 - 13, 2002
bulletDylan Thomas Night, November, 2002
bulletJoint Concert with the Tonna Male Voice Choir from Tonna, Wales, May, 2004
bulletThe Celtic Festival, Ottawa, June 2005

The Gallery

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Maps of Wales 

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Christmas Concert, November 27, 2004

A sparkling experience of Christmas, as interpreted around the world in music and song.

ChoirXMas2004.jpg (293888 bytes)



Christmas November 30, 2002

We sing and we bake. The table with the bake sale goods. Wow!

Christmas2001bakesale.jpg (296312 bytes)    Christmas20013_ladies_at_bake_table.jpg (205889 bytes)

Our Director, Marilyn Jenkins, our Accompanist, Rolland Graham and some of the men practising their number

Christmas2002Marillyn_with_poinsettia.jpg (167582 bytes)         Roland.jpg (135243 bytes)        Christmas2001men_rehearsing.jpg (242340 bytes)

Trip to and Concert at Green Mountain College, Poultney, Vermont, October 11 - 13, 2002

Ottawa Welsh Choral Society and the Green Mountain College Choir together on stage

ChoirOttawaGreenMountainCgoirsOct02.jpg (31189 bytes)




Joint Concert, May 11, 2002

Ottawa Welsh Choral Society, Chantorion Cymraeg Canada (London, Ontario) and the Lisgar Collegiate String Ensemble

JointConcertPhotoMay11 02JPG.jpg (65755 bytes)

The Choir at the Christmas Concert, November 24, 2001

ChoirXmas01 150dpi.JPG (243280 bytes)        ChoirXmas01withoutM.JPG (120017 bytes)

The Choir in Concert, April 21, 2001

ChoirWithoutMarilyn.JPG (50933 bytes)      ChoirWithMarilyn.JPG (78123 bytes)