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Songs       Lyrics      Tabs        Meanings     Ten When Eddie Vedder moved up to seattle from san diego in 1990 to join pearl jam, no one could forsee the massive impact of like minded anti heroes that the scene would soon spawn...

While temple of the dogs were recording their album, gossard and ament were simultaneously working on material for pearl jam. eddie was recommended to gossard by the original red hot chilli peppers' drummer, jack irons. 

Vedder was worked for 4 years from dusk till down in a local gas station. he was saying to his friends that he is working as a sentry. It wasnt a lie because he was keeping an eye at the gas pumps....When he finishes his work he goes to the beach for surfing . then to home and plays guitar and writes a song or story. In the evening goes to a rock club, for a t-shirt or free, helps to the men in there and then views the concert and returns to his job. Sleeping is a thing for him that he does rarely. He was sent three songs by the band and improvised the vocals onto a track machine. Vedder got the job.

After five days of intensive recording, pearl jam had written eleven songs. " on the sixth day we played a show " eddie said, and " on the seventh day we recorded it all". the name of the album was "ten". it is the back number of mookie blaylock who plays at new jersey nets. ten months later after its release the album was a hit.

The bands spoken view on such issues american unemployment, homelessness and the pro choice organisation, made them an ideal addition to the cross-cultural lullaplalooza tour.

After the summer months of live activity, work began on the second album behind closed doors. It has finished in nowember 1993. Until publishing its name was changed for several times but at last it became "Vs.". When published it had sold 980000 in one week. after its release, pearl jam showed the music factory how good they are.

They only had 2 clips (tried pro). first one is for the song "jeremy", a track from their multi platinum debut album "ten".< best video of the year, best group video and best metal/hard rock video >  in addition, jeremy director "mark pellinton" earned the award for <best direction in a video> second is from last album "yield". the song name is "do the evolution".

Pearl jam had changed their style little with the fourth album "no code". from grunge to rock. it is explained by the death of the kurt cobain. it has affected them very much.

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It is the story about 4+1 man who came up from the heart of grunge.

Eddie Vedder- Vocal, Guitar

Stone Gossard- Guitar

Jeff Ament- Bazz

Matt Cameron-Drumz

Mike McCready- Guitar




































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