Ed & Beth in shades.. (88K) dive (79K) Ed & Beth  (58K)
Psycho  (16K) hands wrapped (61K) kissin' the mike (93K)
rockin' to & fro (59K) the Tivoli shirt (77K) from the side (51K)
Eddie & his wife Beth (31K) Enjoying it (53K) being mean (18K)
Spinning photo (28K) Spin... (16K) The thinking Ed (66K)
on the mikecre (40K) Eddie and a beetle (58K) Red Ed (73K)
These days are gone.. (69K) Nutso (62K) Eyeing the crowd (63K)
like a little boy (32K) from the chin up (82K) too happy.. (70K)
Ed belting it out. (62K) Eddie & Bethie (43K) Ed in the 'Vs.' days (95K)




Special thanks to Dan Grenough for the pics...