About Us:

Welcome to the Web Site of the NorthStar Great Pyrenees Rescue of MN. Our club was formed in 1994 by owners and breeders of Great Pyrenees who shared a common affection for this breed.


Our goals and principles were to preserve the standards by which our breed has been known for centuries; majestic beauty and independent thinking with the intelligence to protect their flock. Whether their flock is human or animal, their sensitive nature helps them to use the proper judgment to decide whatever protection is needed. This type of personality can be challenging to the average pet owner.

We are equally dedicated to Great Pyrenees fanciers outside our club as well as our members, in providing answers to their questions and guidance in living with this majestic breed. As the popularity of the Great Pyrenees grows, we continue to protect the breed by being available to answer questions and to assist with the experience of Great Pyrenees ownership. We promote responsible breeding and and provide a rescue program for Great Pyrenees that are in need of new homes.


NorthStar Great Pyrenees Rescue of MN is recognized by the Great Pyrenees Club of America, Inc. We have many members with countless years of experience with the Great Pyrenees. Their knowledge of Great Pyrenees temperament, training, grooming, breeding and showing are there to help guide Great Pyrenees owners to better understand and care for their dogs.