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410 West Middle Street
Necedah, WI 54646-8232
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Country Flying Education, Inc.
410 West Middle Street
Necedah, WI 54646
Phone: 608-565-6666

Welcome to Country Flying Education. We are located at the Necedah Airport in Necedah, WI. Our FAA designation is DAF. We are a non-profit full service aviation education facility.

The airport has grown from a grass strip first put in by Clifford Hoffmeister in early 1960's to a 60 foot wide by 2,790 foot long asphalt runway constructed by the Army Corp of Engineer's in 1989. The airport is managed by Mr. Jack Jasinski and is run co-operatively with the Village of Necedah. We have runway lighting and a beacon for night operations. The school was founded by the late Willard Paul. Our staff of FAA certified instructors can take you from Ground School to Private Pilot to Commercial to Multi-Engine Instrument. Our staff includes Advanced Ground Instructors (AGI), Instrument Ground Instructors (IGI), Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) and Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFII).

Here is a picture of the flight school's office. We hold the Ground and Instrument Ground schools here and the PCATD simulator is also located here.

Country Flying Education, Inc. - Click to view a bigger better version

We currently have one aircraft in our fleet. It is well maintained, hangered when not in use and are fully equipped with all the avionics necessary for you to learn to fly safely. The aircraft  is:

The aircraft in our fleet is a 1970 Piper Cherokee 180 N5160S. It has full Instrument flight certification and instrumentation. It is a 4 seater with fixed gear and a 180 horse power engine. It is easy to fly and easy to learn in. Here is a picture of it in the hanger at Necedah.

1970 Cherokee 180 N5160S - Click to view a bigger better version


Here are a couple of, hopefully, useful aviation related tools. 


Use the test box below to enter a single US tail number and it will return information about the aircraft (owner, make, year,etc.)

N-Number (omit the prefix 'N'): N

If you live in Central Wisconsin and have ever thought about learning to fly, please stop by and see us. Our friendly staff of instructors and support personnel will be very happy to get you started with a demo flight. Then keep going with Ground School and soon you will be flying with the best of them! If you would like further information on our school or would like to schedule a demo ride please email us, stop by the airport or give us a call at (608) 565-6666.

For more information about either our school or other schools in the area or across the nation, please visit the Student Pilot Network. You can get more detailed information about us or any other listed flight school in the country. They have a search facility that allows you to find the type of school, level of training, price and location that is best for you. We recommend it highly! If you would like to submit an inquiry about CFE through the SPN, please click the CFE-SPN Inquiry link.

If you are looking to jazz up your web site, be sure to check out the Aviation Animation link.

Thanks for visiting and we will see you around the airport. Please sign our guestbook. We would love hearing from you.

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