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House Atreides
House Harkonnen
House Corrino

Dune Prelude Trilogy
by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

        Complex, brilliant, and prophetic, Frank Herbert's award-winning DUNE chronicles captured the imaginations of millions of readers worldwide—and transformed their perception of what the future could be. 
     Now, working from recently discovered files left by his father, Brian Herbert and bestselling novelist Kevin J. Anderson collaborate on a new novel, the first volume in the prequel to DUNE—where we step onto planet Arrakis—decades before DUNE's hero, Paul Atreides, walks its sands.


Brian Herbert, the son of Frank Herbert, is the author of numerous acclaimed science fiction novels, including Sidney's Comet; Sudanna, Sudanna; Prisoners of Arrion; Race for God; and Man of Two Worlds (written with Frank Herbert). He has also written Dreamer of Dune, a comprehensive biography of his illustrious father.

Kevin J. Anderson has written twenty-five national bestsellers and has been nominated for the Nebula Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and the SFX Reader's Choice Award. He also holds the Guinness world record for "Largest Single-Author Book Signing."

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