Friends of old Knik
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Sacred Sites International
Members Speak about the Importance of Preserving Sacred Sites:

"Our modern day hunger and spiritual sickness could be healed, in part, by a greater awareness of our sacred past."
- S.B., Writer, Editor, Publisher
"Our future depends on our ability to honor and maintain long-standing spiritual practices."
- J.D., Educator
"Sacred sites, environmental and cultural preservationÉit is so important to nuture the spiritual, harmonious, and compassionate aspects of our humanity."
- M.M., Social Worker
"In this fast-paced life, we need sacred sites to remind us of who we truly are; why we are here; and what the purpose of life is."
- V. F., M.D.
"My background in Art History makes me heartsick when I see the destruction of ancient sacred places."
- C.F., Artist
"There are places on this planet Where the sun's rays rush to burn the land, Nothing there to stop them, just the hissing of the sand... Places on this planet where sacred forests used to stand."
- D.G., Poet
"Sacred sites are often the focus of my travels and I wish to see these special places preserved for posterity."
- P.G., World Traveler
"I want to do all I can to promote awareness of the need to preserve historical, aboriginal, and spiritual sacred sites."
- M.K., Museum Docent
"I respect nature and the belief systems of indigenous people, I fear industrial greed is wiping out important heritages."
- D.L., Environmentalist