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George Purches Mystery continues
This is a page from the Index from Orville Hernings Diary.....1898-1947 we are slowly getting it all on line.....Herning Page
The following document is typed word for Nancy

Mining Deed
George Purches of Knik, Cook's Inlet. Alaska in consideration of the sum of one Dollar the receipt of which is hereby acknowledges hereby grant, bargain , sell convey and quit claim unto E.M. Gagnon of Knik, Cooks Inlet, Alaska. an undivided half interest in each and all of the placer mining ground located by me, Aaron F Rice and Fred Carter on Lake Creek, a tributary of Yentna River, together with all locations on its tributaries and water rights, the same being recorded in the books of the Recorder of the Cooks Inlet Precinct Mining District. Alaska, to wit, American group BK.1 pg 634
Sourdough grp Bk 1 pg 624
Snowshoe grp. BK1 Pg 625
Tunnel grp BK 1 pg 625
Island grp BK 1. pg 627
Yenlo grp. Bk 1 page 626.
Easy money grp BK. pg627
Topsy grp BK.1 627.
Water right BK. 1. pg 628.
California grp BK1 pg. 638. Fairbanks grp Bk1 pg 638
Dawson grp. BK1 pg 639
Koyokuk grp. BK.1 pg 639.
To have and to hold the same together with all minerals therein contained and all the rights thereonto pertaining unto her, her heirs and assigns forever.
Witness my hand and seal this 27 day of June AD 1908.
Signed by George Purches
Witnessed by J.J. Kashevnikov
and J.B Palmer
This was from the file at the National Archives in Anchorage.
Case 203 box 17 US DISTRICT COURT Third Division.
It is also notorized by Kashevnikov, he was a notory and the Deputy Recorder.
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