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"Show me your cemeteries, and I'll tell you what kind of people you have."
                                       Benjamin Franklin

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
                                      Margaret Mead
Official Website of the Knik 200
2006 Knik 200
1. Jeff King 09:57:13; 21h 12m 13s
2. Lance Mackey 10:17:44; 21h 31m 44s
3. Ryan Redington 10:30:18; 21h 44m 18s
4. Brian Bearss 10:34:35; 21h 48m 35s
5. Rick Townsend 10:42:55; 21h 56m 55s
6. Cim Smyth 11:04:00; 22h 18m 00s
7. Ray Redington Jr. 11:23:12; 22h 37m 12s
8. Paul Gebhardt 11:31:41; 22h 45m 41s
9. Lisa Frederick 11:45:25; 22h 58m 25s
10. Micah Dagerlund 11:57:38; 23h 11m 38s
11. Dean Rasiar II 12:23:33; 23h 37m 33s
12. Sebastian Schnuelle 12:25:16; 23h 39m 16s
13. Mark Uhinck 12:30:39; 23h 44m 39s
14. Melanie Gould 12:39:31; 23h 53m 31s
15. Dean Osmar 12:53:42; 24h 07m 42s
16. John Schandelmier 12:58:00; 24h 12m 00s
17. Lori Townsend 13:00:27; 24h 14m 27s
18. Spencer Mayer 13:54:04; 25h 08m 04s
19. Jason Mackey 13:59:09; 25h 13m 09s
20. Dan Huttunen 14:16:11; 25h 30m 11s
21. Gene Smith 14:23:43; 25h 37m 43s
22. Karen Ramstead 14:23:48; 25h 37m 48s
23. Thomas Knolmeyer 14:43:25; 25h 43m 25s
24. Adam Beebe 15:18:50; 26h 32m 50s
25. Peter Cohrs 15:23:11; 26h 37m 11s
26. Kelley Griffin 15:34:10; 26h 48m 10s
27. Andy Mosen 16:04:41; 27h 18m 41s
28. Jeff Davis 16:07:08; 27h 21m 08s
29. Gabrielle Dunham 17:42:00; 28h 46m 00s
30. Kim Kitteredge 17:42:01; 28h 46m 01s
31. Michele Prevost 17:51:51; 29h 05m 51s
32. Rick Cochran 18:31:00; 29h 45m 00s
33. Sue Allen 18:33:00; 29h 47m 00s
34. Randy Cummins 18:55:00; 30h 09m 00s
35. Richard Hum 19:36:00; 30h 50m 00s
36. Eric Rogers 19:53:00; 31h 07m 00s
37. Becca Moore 20:02:00; 31h 16m 00s
38. Christoph Harisberger 20:23:00; 31h 37m 00s
39. Nikolai Buser 20:24:00; 31h 38m 00s
40. Martin Buser 20:25:00; 31h 39m 00s
41. Ben Volks 20:32:00; 31h 46m 00s
42. Alan Peck 21:56:00; 33h 10m 00s
43. Linwood Fiedler 22:15:00; 33h 29m 00s
44. Dalton Fiedler 22:45:00; 33h 59m 00s
45. Christopher Bagett 22:50:00; 34h 05m 00s
46. Mark Ramstead 23:00:10; 34h 14m 10s
47. Rod Boyce 23:34:25; 34h 48m 25s
48. Katrina Pawlzczyk 00:07:00; 35h 21m 00s
49. Mike Suprenant 00:22:15; 35h 36m 15s
50. Tom Gastrich 02:10:32; 37h 24m 32s
51. Paul Charron
William Hanes SCRATCH
Lynda Plettner SCRATCH
Emily Hudyma

Please help save Cannon Hill Cemetery!
Call Mayor Kellar 376.9055  
Brenda Currier
Mayor Anderson 745.9682
Your Legislator 376.3704
Please continue to watch Cannon Hill for any construction! Thanks to all who have made reports of activity at the cemetery.Please continue to pray for Construction to stop!
Cannon Hill
David Reedy-1926 Daily Times obituary, Census,Orville Herning Diary. Probate Record Family members are in Kansas Elmer Reedy, Alice Reedy his wife,Florence Crabb V.E.Crabb, Rob Taylor, Bessie Taylor, Mariam Reedy, Ernest Reedy and his daughter Florence Watters. Connie Reedy in Kansas.
William Moffat-1873-1923 per census and Orville Hernings diary, probate record-Family members are: John Moffat, Benjamin F. Moffat, Phoebe Moffat, Burton Moffat Alfred Moffat, his brothers and sisters in Stillwater Minnesota. Washingto County
Frank Dougherty -1869-1932 per his great great great niece and US Commisioner Howard Wilmouth. Family members in Wisconsin and Minnesota
Tom-Anc-438 cihsp-138 DOT,and OHA records Alaska Heritage Resourse Survey.
Mr.Walters-1930 per Erling Nelson from Charles Tryck.  Al?Diary
Baby-per May  Carter, Frank Smith name?
Native family of 3 per Chief Paul Theodore
 Knik Sled Dog / Recreation District
Herning Warehouse Revisited
 Friends of Old Knik
Tax information
"Those who do not look upon themselves as links connecting the past with the future do not perform their duty to the world."
Knik Chief's Foundation- donations for legal fund needed. Help protect our sacred lands.
 NAGPRA- Protecting Native Graves-"This treatment of Native American remains as scientific specimens deprives native people of the basic right to properly bury or care for these ancestors," said a spokesman for the Umatilla Tribes. "By enacting NAGPRA, Congress intended that Native American ancestral human remains be treated the same as non-Indian remains, with respect."  Lots  of Alaska Pics
The Old Carle Trail
The Herning Diary-
January 13, 1919 Land Department sent surveyors up to locate cemetery site. Did nothing, said ground too frozen and couldn't drive stakes.
January 14, 1919 Surveyors located cemetery on Cannon's homestead, near town.
March 28, 1919 Crowd cleared lot on Cannon's for graveyard.

Thankyou Coleen Mielke for gleaning this information from the Diary for us.
Historical Research
Knik Waterfront
McNeil Family
Matanuska Census Information by Colleen Mielke
Louise Potter
George W. Palmer
George Palmer and Friends
Alaska State Library Historical Collection
Knik Museum and Dog Mushers Hall of Fame
Museum of Transportation and Industry
Wasilla Knik Historical Society
George Purches
Knik Pool Hall
Cemetery Listings
Anchorage Memorial Park
   Mat-su  Area Cemeteries:
Palmer Pioneer Cemetery
Talkeetna Cemetery       
Wasilla Aurora Cemetery
Knik Wasilla Su Station Cemeteries
The Knik Gravel Pit
Goose Bay Nike Hercules Site Cleanup
Gerald Haynes (Chilkoots Bar Death)
Knik Fire Service Area rate increase request
Medical and Industrial Waste Incinerator Permit Request
Welcome to the world Missy
Special Update-Kennewick Man
Some Original Residents of Knik
Native Contemporary Music
Knik Tribal Council  
Knik Arm Ferry Crossing Information
Knik Fairview Community Council           
Knik Community Sign Project              
Tour of Knik
Doug Bartko's Animal Control Proposal
Contact list
 Shallow Gas Drilling Info
Good News From the EPA June 25, 2004 new info!
Coal Bed Methane Drilling in Wyoming
Friends of Mat-Su
Coal Bed Methane Drilling in Montana
Our Water!!! - Benzene, Toulene, Ethylbenzene,Xylenes
Herning Trail Committee- The Houston Section of the trail is being blocked by Evergreen Resources green gate.
Knik Chapter Iditarod Trail Blazers
Iditarod Race
Herning Trail info
Asserting RS 2477 rights
Knik Historic Trails

Joe Redington Memorial Page                      
Irondog Race
Klondike 300
The Goosebay Inn
KNIK 200

Knik-McGrath 300  
Dr. Hal Bartko Memorial-
Trails and paths alongside highways
Knik Historic Trails
G.B Jones Alaskan Musher   
Sled dog Central
Missing Alaskans


Satyagraha a force more powerful...............
The Majesty of Calmness                       
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Olive Joslin Bell

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KNIK 200
Cannon Hill Cemetery
David Reedy
Frank Dougherty
Herning Warehouse Revisited
Knik Sled Dog / Recreation District
Tax information
Palmer Cemetery
Knik Museum and Dog Mushers Hall of Fame
Satyagraha a force more powerful...............
Shallow Gas Drilling Info
Knik Fairview Community Council
Doug bartko's Animal Care proposal
Contact Us
The Majesty of Calmness
Trails and paths alongside highways
Knik Community Sign Project
Asserting RS 2477 rights
Knik Historic Trails
Dr. Hal Bartko Memorial
Knik-McGrath 300
The Pit
Kennewick Man
My Friend Shalyn
Grandma Page
Local Authors Page
Caitlins' Homeschool Page
Historical Research
NAGPRA- Protecting Native Graves
Louise Potter
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D.O.T Permit for a driveway on Lot 5 USS 1726 Knik
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