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The Life of my Son
By Evelyn Elaine Goughnour
  He was a blessing from God a gift from above.
He filled my life with love.
His smile and charm were hard to compare.
I taught him that we were rich as long as we had love.
His emotions constantly raging in a turbulend swirl.
No longer in the dark.
he is now in the light and love that comes from God above
Leaving us behind to struggle on
We shed our tears for what we will miss.
We go forth and gird ourselves in faith
Knowing of the Lords saving grace.   

            It was only a moment
It was only a moment as time goes by,
what a glorious moment i'll never forget
I looked up and saw you
for the very frist time.
It was like I had known
you all of my life
I knew right then I wanted to be your wife
The years have come and gone
and I still feel that I'm
in that moment each time
I look into your eyes
It took but that one moment for me
to know no matter how long I live
I need not fear I have had my moment
where I found true love
and twenty years later I'm still
living in that moment with you.
Evelyn E. Goughnour
Copyright ©2004 Evelyn Elaine Goughnour
Angel's even have time for me
As I lay sleeping in my bed dreaming
I felt myself floating far above my bed
Then I saw him overhead my very own guardian angel
He was looking at me with his steely glare
Telling me to get back down there
Where my body was growing cold
I looked him right in the eye then
I looked down
I always wondered if angels
could tap their feet
Well I'm telling you that my angel was
tapping his foot
So I turned around and headed back down
Now I'm just a normal gal but boy do
I respect them now
If an angel has time for me then I know that
they have time for you
So don't loose hope or faith just
hang in there and an angel will be there
Evelyn E. Goughnour
Copyright ©2004 Evelyn Elaine Goughnour

He's My Valentine 365 Day's a Year
When I look into his eyes my breath catches

in my chest.

As I see the tremendous love that shines out

to me.

He gives me the love and attention that my

heart cries out for.

We share souls he and I; And only with him

do I feel whole.

Each and every day he makes me feel special

and complete.

When I'm in his arms I sore with the angles

and know what true love is.

Our hearts are forever intertwined he is my

one and only Valentine.
Evelyn Elaine Goughnour
Copyright ©2004 Evelyn Elaine Goughnour

The begining of life not the end
As life waxes and wanes we recount the wondrous blessings that we have been given; remembering all those we have loved and lost. Recalling that though this life is through soon we shall begin anew engulfed in the arms of those that hve gone before through the gates of heavens door.
Evelyn Goughnour
Copyright ©2004 Evelyn Elaine Goughnour
The Holy Child
On that frist Christmas morn the holy babe was born.
That child that one day would be the salvation of you and me.
No matter if we'er young or old. No matter if were rich or poor.
From the richest grandest to the poorest homeless;
He since the day of his birth has loved us one and all.
He has given us the greatest gift of all.
He brought with Him the Holy Spirit to share
that once agin we could live with Him.
So from the day the Holy child was born;
on that frist Christmas morn;
Until this day His love and spirit have filled our lives.
So remember this Christmas Season;
That His Love and Light are here through out the year.
Don't forget to Love all men the way that
Jesus has Loved you since the day of your birth.
Evelyn Elaine Goughnour
Copyright ©2004 Evelyn Elaine Goughnour