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Frank Dougherty
Obituary for Frank 9/27/32
Anchorage Daily Times  
Frank Dougherty, a resident of Matanuska valley for 15 years and a pioneer of the northland, died at his cabin near Wasilla Sunday night. He was found yesterday by Sam Kelly, who visited the old timer daily to assist him in getting in his wood and preparing his meals.
Death came quietly while the old timer was dozing in his chair. In fact Kelly believed he was asleep when he entered the cabin and saw his friend seated in his chair, with head bowed forward. When he received no response to his morning greeting, however, Kelly realized what had happened and the matter was reported to the authorities at Wasilla. The cabin known as the Dougherty cabin in about half a mile out the Knik Road from Wasilla.  The funeral was to have been held at Wasilla this afternoon
The deceased who was 72 years went to the Fortymile district from Wasilla two years ago intending to try his hand at mining again. After a residence of more than a dozen years in the farming belt. But he returned to Wasilla last spring, unsuccessful in his quest for paystreaks and with the years bearing down rather heavily upon him.
Thank you to Colleen Mielke for finding this obituary at lousac library in Anchorage.