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Good afternoon,
This matter has been turned over to David Heier, Supervisor, Property Management. I am forwarding this to him by copy of this note to you.
nancy sult wrote:
Thought you might find this interesting. 330' feet is a necessary buffer for all native cemeteries. Maybe you could read this and then withdraw the permit for the Gronewald driveway on USS 1726 lot 5. That land should have never had a road let alone a driveway.
Nancy Sult
>From: Sheryl Platz
>To: nsult@hotmail.com
>CC: Murph Obrien , DAVE HEIER , Paula S Brault , Kasandra K Rice , Thomas P Moll , David E Post , Laurie A Mulcahy
>Subject: Driveway Permit Lob 5 USS1726
>Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 12:33:36 -0800
>Good afternoon!
>I apologize for my delay in responding to your questions but I wanted to
>make sure I had all of the answers to your email.
>1) A driveway permit has been issued to Ms. Gronewald for Lot 5.
>2) Federal funds are not used to build new accesses to land. Federal
>funds are only used when approved through a project to replace existing
>permitted accesses. In this case, the Gronewald's access is new and they
>will be responsible for costs associated with building the access.
>3) A field inspection was completed on December 13 by Tom Moll, DOT;
>Fran Seeger-Boss and Dave McMahan with the State Office of History and
>Archeology. It was determined that there were no known sites at the
>location where the Gronewalds will place their access.
>4) As to the project related questions and alleged statements made by
>David Post, DOT; I would need to defer to these gentlemen to address
>your concerns related to those issues.
>Attached to this email the specific laws and protocols for discovery of
>human remains in Alaska and also the contact information.
>In conclusion, special stipulations have been placed on the Gronewald's
>permit that require them Stop Construction and contact the State
>Troopers, Alaska State Medical Examiner's Office, Alaska Bureau of Vital
>Statistics and Alaska Office of History and Archaeology should they
>encounter any remains.
>Thank you.