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Here is my new brother. His name is Mongkut.
IHe is a Siamese. My brother Sean went to heaven April 23rd. I miss him alot!

But there are recipes here ready for your use...Kelley

Hi there.  I am a quaker parrot.  My mom is letting me do this web page since I really like to eat human food.  Any recipe that has chocolate in it will not be reviewed by me since I can not have it.  Also, I can not have avacodo, but mom doesn't like it either.  Please feel free to make any suggestions to improve the site.  By the way, today (May 10th) is my birthday, and building the site is my birthday present.  Please note there will be some recipes that are only for birds or other animals.  I will mark these.
Hope you like my favorite song.

Kelley and her Mom welcome you

A word from Kelley's mom:
     The purpose of the site is to share ideas.  The recipes here are ones we have enjoyed for years.  Kelley will give her personal rating to each recipe.  I will include a number of one dish meals for the family that never has any time.  Also, I will include an assortment of healthy recipes since we all need to watch what we eat, even Kelley. 
     Kelley wants to let the pet lover know she will have a special section of pet friendly foods.  She has a brother who is a dog (really) and another who is a cat.  These are her special friends.
     Feel free to submit a recipe to us to be included in the site.  Enjoy.


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Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute your own tips and recipes.