USCGC Chase (WHEC-718)

The USCGC Chase is a 378 foot Hamilton Class High Endurance Cutter. The mission for this class is law enforcement, search & rescue, and a variety of research functions. These are the largest cutters (other than icebreakers) in commission. The cutter operates with a crew of 165, has a maximum speed of 29 knots and typically will remain underway for 90-120 days. The Chase was commissioned in 1968, saw action in Vietnam and was modernized in 1989. The cutter was stationed in Boston at one time and then was relocated to the west coast in the early 90's, which is where it is now. As noted in the first patch, this class cutter carried ASW weapons at one point, but were removed in the early 90's. The 2nd patch is the most current patch. The last patch is one that was made when the Chase was in Vietnam.

USCGC Chase, U.S. Coast Guard Photo