Round 3 Photo Action - Parramatta Eels V Brisbane Broncos 


The Broncos wait under the goalposts for a conversion attempt - who designed their away jumper? It is surely a contender for the worst jumper in the NRL. 

Ben Ikin plays the ball near the Parramatta tryline. Which way are they going to spread the ball? (Erk goes into Sterlo mode) As play continues.......
 ...the ball swings to the right and Parramatta are under attack right on the shadow of halftime. Brisbane look to have the numbers.....
.....however, Parramatta are saved by the bell - or more to the point by the halftime siren. Referee Bill Harrigan blows an end to the half.
Nathan Hindmarsh crashes over the line the winning Parramatta try with two Broncos too late to do anything about it......
..... as the late Broncos make an effort for the camera's benefit,   the crowd and some players celebrate in the background.

"Hey Bill, look at that!" What are the Parra players pointing at? Their girlfriends in the crowd? Two Parramatta point try to attract the referee's attention but what does Bill Harrigan have to look at?

All hands are on deck as Parramatta are on the attack close to the Brisbane line. The Eel was forced into touch.

Parramatta hooker Brad Drew just prior to the kickoff to the game.


Parramatta winger Pat Richards just prior to the kick off to the game.

"Hey Joe, what did you think of the Brisbane performance tonight?"

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