Round 22 Photo Action - Sharks V Newcastle Knights 




Winners are grinners and Knights can please themselves......

"C'mon Ben, tell him he is running the wrong way!" 
Stand-in Knights hooker John Morris and referee Sean Hampsted look in the direction of the video referee.

Mat Rogers made his comeback after injury for 2001 and kicked 9 goals despite a nervous start. 
I think I'll let this photo speak for itself.
The Knights during one of their many trips to the in-goal area. 

Considering that 79 points were scored in 80 minutes, this would qualify as a tackle of the match, wouldn't it?


Justin Ryder (what's with the ugly head gear, by the way?) touches down in the corner. However, the try was denied.


The Sharks backline was on fire, however the Knights scored 30 points. Problem was, the Sharks scored 49.


The Sharks' fresh reserves warm up for action.


Breaks in play such as this were common but it didn't stop 79 points being scored.

Knights prop Matt Parsons was not able to stop the Sharks from winning despite some powerful running.
The Knights muscle up on their own goal line.
The players wait for a decision from referee Sean Hampstead.



What would a page be without an ingoal shot? Despite flashes of brillance, Robbie O'Davis could not save the Knights from defeat.

The Sharks also spent a bit of time behind their goalposts in an end to end encounter.

Knights players make the long walk to their in goal after another Sharks try.

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