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We had the beach area that was used mostly on the weekends. The major function of the beach area was off load of cargo and equipment destined for the base, and a jet fuel receiving and redistribution point. We also had the sin strip with its tin shack bars and girls. The sexually transmitted disease (STD) rate on "the strip" averaged well over 95 percent according to the base medics. When the Officers and NCO Clubs were built an evening could be spent there drinking and talking. Movies were shown nightly on the side of the supply warehouse white inflatable bubble. Softball was played by most squadrons and a base league was formed. We had some troops who were into model airplane building and flying. Most nights were spent in the hooch either writing letters back home, playing cards, shooting darts, or in some cases group singing. The American Red Cross also offered games and reading material. USO entertainment was occasionally at the clubs. Big name entertainment like Bob Hope, Danny Kay and Vicki Carr, and others were few. All personnel looked forward to R&R and its out-of-country sites in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Sydney, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, and Honolulu.

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