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There were no paved roads until late 1966. All roads were dirt and watered down daily to keep dust down from vehicular traffic. Travel was extremely bumpy and jerky and deep ruts and potholes could literally tear a vehicle apart. Newly arriving Dodge/Ford pick-up trucks and vans were soon found to be in the Base Motor pool for repair and in vehicle down for parts status. Cannibalization of parts off critical downed vehicles was normal to keep the remaining base fleet running. In the hooch areas the roads became muddy during rains and walking to the showers was useless. One got muddy going to the showers and again upon returning to the hooch. Boardwalks or gravel paths were installed to eliminate having to walk through the mud. The perimeter road from main base and the bomb dump area to the flight line area and main gate was scrapped periodically in an effort to keep the roads smooth, but ruts and potholes soon appeared again. The road going up to the top of Nui Dat was carved during July 1966. Early photos of Gray Eagle reflect no road to the top. Four-wheel drive vehicles were only allowed to operate on the beach.

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