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Hooch Construction
   A hooch was built on a concrete pad or wood platform.
   2 x 4 side and rafter framing.
   Plywood siding with screened windows and eaves for ventilation.
   A 12-man tent was stretched and secured over the rafters to serve as roof.
   Plywood, framed doors with screening were at each end of the hooch.
   The hooch could house 8 - 10 people.
   Straw/bamboo matting added over screened windows for dust and inclement weather protection. Some hooch's had personally made wood frame matted window shutters that could be opened and closed.
   All were wired for electricity with outlets.
   The hooch had beds/cots, footlockers/wall lockers, and later fans to help with ventilation. Key placement of overhead and oscillating fans eliminated need for mosquito netting around beds.
   No running water. A water trailer or running water spigot was close by.
   Toilet facilities were 6, 8 or 10 hole out houses and urinal relief tubes buried in gravel.
   Shower facility located within short walking distance. Luck if hot water was available.
   Sand bag bunkers located either in front or adjacent to hooch for base attack protection.

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