Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 18, 2000
8:00 p.m.
  -  Jobstown Firehouse  

President:  Nancy Harding (609) 296-2582
Secretary:  Christina Dromboski (609) 723-2338
Newsletter:  Christina Dromboski/Jim Thomason
Membership:  Fran Harding (609) 296-2582
Vice President:  Kathy Lyons (609) 893-2689
Treasurer:  Jackie Patterson  (609) 298-7972
Speakers:  Diane Simoncini (609) 259-8084
Trail Coordinator:

CJTRA Minutes for 9/20.2000

Membership Report:  91 Members

Speaker: Wendy Hail was our guest speaker and she did a presentation on working with and training young horses.  She explained her methods versus that of other trainers.  There was a question and answer period following the lecture.

Old Business:  Christmas Party:  The Cream Ridge Golf Course is booked through December, so Doc. Diane has checked into the Clarksburg Inn.  There were two different packages available, $25.00 per person would include beer and wine. or $15.00 per person with no beer or wine.  A motion was made to not have the beer and wine included and voted upon and passed.  There is however, a cash bar for those of you who would like to purchase drinks.  The food is served buffet style.  Doc. Diane will be booking the Christmas Party for December 2, 2000.  More information to follow.

Fair Hills:  The terrain is varied and picturesque and will be guided by a person from that vicinity.  If you have never been to this ride before you should try to come, it is a beautiful ride.

The Harding’s Ride and Barbeque:  It was a perfect day for riding and a cookout.  32 people and 18 riders showed up and there were many varieties of food for sampling.  If anyone left this ride hungry, it was there own fault.  We would like to extend our thanks to Nancy and Fran for a wonderful day.

Lebanon State Forest Trail Update:  We have marked 8-1/2 miles of trail in the forest.  It is marked with large white squares, so following the 8-1/2 mile loop is easy.  The permanent colors will be applied later.  Anyone wishing to go and ride the trail should have no problem following it.  We will be working on the next distance on October 15, 2000 and then again on November 19, 2000 at 9:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.  All workers are greatly appreciated and we do serve a snack at the end of the work party.  We hope that some of our members can make it out to the next work party.  If you plan on attending, please call Susan Thomason at (609) 894-1659.

New Business: 

Proposed Changes To CJTRA By-laws

Article III Membership
Shall add Section 3 - Every adult member is obligated to attend at least two (2) meetings a year. Failure to do so will result in suspension of

Article IV Membership Dues
Section 1: Will be changed to read: Dues will be payable on or before the first meeting of the calendar year.  Section 4: Will be changed to read: Any membership that has not been renewed by the second meeting of the calendar year will be dropped from the membership list, and cease to receive the quarterly newsletter.

Article V Meeting Procedures
Section 1: Will be changed to read: General Meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of March, June, and September. The December General Meeting will be held on the evening of the Christmas Party in early December, such meeting to be held before the general festivities begin.

Article VI Club Officers
Section 7 The duties of the Recording Secretary will consist of:  
B: Will be changed to read: Publishing a quarterly newsletter, to include the minutes of the quarterly meeting.
Add F: to read: Send membership list and yearly trail ride schedule with the March newsletter.

Article VIII Trail Rides
Section 3: Will be changed to read: All new trail rides and/or changes to trail rides will be published in the quarterly newsletter.

Article X Amendments to By-Laws
Section 3: Will be changed to read: The recording secretary will publish the proposed amendment in the quarterly newsletter.

Fun Show date is now October29

Member News:  Nominations were made to keep the board the same as it is now.  Anyone wishing to run for office is welcome to do so.  Please make the next meeting or contact someone on the board and let them know you are interested.


Anyone interested in having an ad printed in CJTRA’s newsletter can e-mail or telephone Christine Dromboski at Tralridr@aol.com or (609) 723-2338 or Susan Thomason at celaddon1@netscape.net