artist 'update 24.11.2020 Title Label Reference

3 … to the power of three geffen 924181

10 cc sheet music castle communication clacd 186

10 cc in concert king biscuit 908003

10 cc meanwhile polydor 513279

10 cc the original soundtrack mercury 830776

10 cc the complete uk recordings varese sarabande 302066505

10 cc the original soundtrack/how dare you? universal 60075318633

10 cc greatest hits mercury 800 056

10 cc the very best of mercury 534 612

10 cc good news an introduction mercury 548 521

10 cc dressed to kill spectrum 5445342

10 cc the collection castle communication ccscd 214

10cc 10cc repertoire rep4844

21 japanesas el paso del tiempo island 260901

21st century schizoid band official bootleg volume one schizoid band sb 001

21st century schizoid band live in italy iceni icncd 1002

21st century schizoid band live in japan iceni icncd 1001

23rd turnoff the dream of michaelangelo rpm/bam caruso rpm bc 287

9.30 fly 9.30 fly repertoire rep 4355-wp

9.30 fly 9.30 fly esoteric Eclec 2566

a band called o within reach repertoire rep4415-wy

a band called o o big pink 612

a band called o oasis big pink 615

A beautiful curse as it should be chaos theory music

à4 a capella dreyfus fdm46050369482

aardvark aardvark um/usm uicy-9514

abacus everything you need/midway progressive line pl 600

abacus abacus green tree gtr 141

abacus just a day's journey away green tree gtr 137

abou-khalil rabih nafas ecm 1359

abou-khalil rabih em português enja enj-9520

abrahams mick all said and done elite/pickwick elite 007c

abrahams mick mick abrahams bgo bgocd95

abrahams mick one a new day and cd 7

abrahams mick band at last edsel ed cd 335

abrahams mick's blodwin pig all tore down indigo idocd 201

abril victoria olala! topami music 88697200602

absalom mike mike absalom repertoire rep 4228-wp

ac/cd black ice columbia 88697392232

academy pop lore acording to the academy airmail records ariac-1194

accolade accolade 2 hugo montez hmp 016

accolade accolade big pink 420

ace time for another / no strings / at the bbd cherry red cdtred494

ace five a side cherryred cdbred 493

action brain the lost recordings 1967/68 autumn stone archives asacd 01

action uptight and outasight circle cpw c105

action the ultimate action edsel ed cd 101

adagio sanctus ignis limb music 085-41572

adair tina just you wait and see sugar hill shcd-3868

adams chris the damage world wide records spm-wwr-cd-0030

adams derroll feelin’fine ghosts from the basement Gftb 7051

adams ryan & cardinals jacksonville city nights lost highway 80249884906

adamson barry the king of nothing hill mute records cdstumm176

adiemus songs of sanctuary emi 72438334932

adiemus karl jenkins III dances of time virgin cdve 940

aerosmith honkin' on bobo columbia 515447

aerovons resurrection rpm 261

affinity affinity angel air sjpcd111

affinity live instrumentals 1969 angel air sjpcd 135

affinity the baskervilles reunion 2011 angel air sjpcd 398

affinity origins: the baskervilles 1965 angel air sjpcd 238

affinity 1971-1972 angel air sjpcd145

affinity origins 1965-1967 angel air sjpcd 167

afters national health virgin vjcp 98008

agincourt fly away acme lion acln 1002

agincourt wild oats big pink 374

agnes strange theme3+B86 for a dream rock fever music rfm 004

agnes strange agnes strange + 2 green tree gtr 047

airforce ginger baker's ginger baker air force lemon recordings cd lem 22

akkerman jan 3 wounded bird wou 193

albion band wings htd htdcs1

ales brian naiveté verabra vbr 2054

alford clem mirror image the electronic sitar of magic carpet mc 1003

alkatraz doing a moonlight big pink 277

allair john larkspur mmc mmcd007cd

allen daevid good morning esoteric eclec 2004

allen david & mother gong the owl and the tree voiceprint vp278cd

allen geri & bratson brothers three pianos for jimi douglas ad 11

allen verdeen long time no see angel air sjpcd036

allman brothers where it all begins epic 476884

allman brothers band 2nd set epic epc 48060

allman brothers band an evening with the allman brothers epic epc 47136

almond johnny music machine hollywood blues deram uccm 9197

almond johnny music machine patent pending vocalion cdsml 8417

amaziah straight talker retroactive records btr7786

amazing blondel restoration htd records htd cd 70

amazing blondel a foreign field that is forever england htd records htd cd 56

amazing blondel blondel edsel edcd 460

amazing blondel amazing blondel & few friends edsel edcd 421

amazing blondel englishe musicke edsel edcd 365

amazing blondel going where the music takes me shakedown

amazing blondel inspiration talking elephant tecd140

amazing blondel bad dreams talking elephant tecd145

amazing blondel dead live in transylvania talking elephant tecd 171

amazing blondel on with the show mooncrest cride 72

ambros slade beginnings mason records mr 56401

amen aguilar blue martin blm 33015

amen corner if paradise was half as nice castle cmddd056

amen corner round amen corner rpm 910

america live warner 7599-26690

amherd eliane now and from now on elianeperforms eli 2

anaemia songbook poor records mil  12804

anastacia freak of nature epic epc504757

anathema hindsight kscope kscope106

ancient grease women and children first free fr 2014

anderson ian rupi's dance varese sarabande 302 061 328

anderson ian the secret language of birds fuel 2000 302061053

anderson ian plays the orchestral jethro tull zyx 20723

anderson ian homo erraticus kscope 291

anderson ian divinities twelve dances with god emi 7243555262

anderson john solid ground bna entertainment 7863-6623

anderson john takin' the country back mercury 536 004

anderson jon deseo windham hill 19341013

anderson jon & vangelis the friends of mr. Cairo polydor 800 021

anderson pete dogs in heaven little dog 314-53464

anderson ray what because gramavision gv 79453

anderson, bruford, wakeman.. anderson, bruford, wakeman arista 259 970

andréa loïs insomnies barclay 547 141

andress tuck hymns, carols and son about snow windham hill 19341013

andrews harvey friends of mine good oé’ boy music haska cd 002

andrews tim something about suburbia rpm retro 928

andromeda andromeda green tree gtr 0024

andromeda see into the stars satellite 003-4

andromeda return to sanity background hbg 122/5

andromeda bbc top gear 1968 /middle earth 1967 kissingspell kscd9594

andromeda anthology 1966-1969 kissingspell kscd9492

andwella world's end/people progressive line pl 537

andwella's dream love and poetry green tree gtr 629

angel pavement maybe tomorrow wooden hill whcd 014

angelfire morse steve & sarah spencer radiant records 89778100125

animals live at the club-a-gogo arc records top 94103

animals greatefully dead 1964-1968 raven rvcd-194

animals animalisms repertoire rep 4772  w

animals animals blues years rock-in rb 037

animals we've got to get out of this world arc records mec 949138

animals ark castle esm cd 801

animals complete animals emi cds 794613

animals the singles plus emi cdp 746605

animals greatest and latest success 16267 cd

animals house of the rising sun puzzle 0927464252

animals the animals emi 724385669

animals the animals (vol. 1) magic records 4996892

animals the animals (vol. 2) magic records 4977632

animals the last live show detroit 1984 strange days poce 1256/7

animals animalisms flawed gems gem 127

animals Live In The Sixties london calling 5053792501212

animals II interesting life a2 records a2 cd04

anno domini on this new day repertoire repuk  1068

anouk hotel new york virgin 72438751522

anshelle betty's garden muve 96202/2009

anthony richard richard anthony culture factory 780 048

antiloop fastlane people stockholm 153 351

aphrodite's child 666 vertigo 838 430

apple an apple a day essex 1001

applejacks tell me when l cherry red cdmred 411

appleton everything eventual polydor 065 201

aquila aquila trc 046

ar braz dan héritage des celtes columbia col 47776

aranbeepop symphony orchestra todays pop symphony sequel Nebcd 411

aranda mara & solatge déria galiléo gmc033

arc … at this spring song brc-29211

arcadium breathe awhile repertoire rep 4855

ardley neil kaleidoscope of rainbows plus… amp 029

ardley neil greek variations & other aegean exercises universal 986 689

ardley neil willpower vocalion 2cdsml8412

ardley neil a symphony of amaranths duskfire duskcd107

ardley neil & new jazz orchestra on the radio: bbc seesions 1971 duskfire duskcd115

ardo dombec ardo dombec garden of delights cd 066

argent all together now koch koc-cd 7941

argent music from the spheres elite/pickwick elite 004c

argent in depp/nexus edsel medcd 759

argent encore bgo bgocd588

argent argent / ring of hands bgo bgocd480

argent circus green tree gtr 633

argent the bbc sessions strange fruit sfrscd039

argent in concert windsong wincd 067

armageddon armageddon repertoire pms 7089 w

armik mi pasion bolero bol 7138

arrival complete recordings rpm retro 904

arrows A & B rarities rak 7243875998

art supernatural fairy tales drop out records docd1 198

arthur dave & toni morning stands on tiptoe cherry tree crtree002

artwoods singles A &B repertoire rep 4887

artwoods steady gettin' it the complete recordings 1964-1967 rpm bx 524

asgard in the realm of asgard progressive line pl 588

ashkan in from the cold um/usm uicy-9513

ashley steve speedy return market square msmcd118

ashley steve stroll on revisited market square msmcd 104

ashley steve everyday lives topic tscd 526

ashman reynolds stop off big pink 228

ashton gardner & dyke the last rebel purple pur 309

ashton gardner & dyke let it roll live 1971 purple records pur 307

ashton tony endangered species ear music 0191502ere

ashton, gardner & dyke what a bloody long day it's been/the worst of only classic rr m3II/207/2001

ashton, gardner & dyke the best of repertoire 4835-wg

ashton, gardner & dyke ashton, gardner & dyke repertoire rep4565-wy

asia now & then geffen 7599-24298

aslan paws for thought big pink 379

aslan second helpings big pink 383

asleep at the wheel ride with bob dreamworks drd 50117

assad badi wonderland edge music 2894776113

assagai assagai prog temple Ptcd 8027

at vance VII afm 146

at vance decade afm 339

at vance facin your enemy afm afm 366

atkins chet read my licks columbia 474628

atkins chet c.g.p. stay tuned columbia 473914

atkins chet c.g.p. sails cbs 450504

atkins chet, knopfler mark neck and neck cbs 467435

atlantic bridge atlantic bridge esoteric eclec 2604

atlantic bridge atlantic bridge breathless 52015

atomic rooster in hearing of repertoire rep 4563-wp

atomic rooster made in england akarma ak 177

atomic rooster live and raw 70/71 angel air sjpcd060

atomic rooster lose your mind neptune tunecd105

atomic rooster headline news eagle eamcd 18

atomic rooster rarities angel air sjpcd069

atomic rooster atomic rooster angel air sjpcd188

atomic rooster devil's answer hux 005

atomic rooster live in london 1972 gonzomultimedia hst426cd

atomic rooster sleeping for years esoteric eclec 42612

attack the complete recordings1967-1968 acme lion acln1005

attack final daze angel air sjpcd080

attack about time bamcaruso rpm bc 317

aubert jean-louis concert privé la loupe 72438461552

aubrey small aubrey small elegy e610/1

audience friends, friends, friends castle cascd 1012

audience audience rpm 148

audience lunch virgin cascd 1054

aufray hugues chacun sa mer! wagram 3049282

auger ali soft & furry castle cmrcd 1445

auger brian here and now blue flame bf 128701

auger brian search party disconforme sl disc 1018

auger brian oblivion express ujamm'n-aftertaste ujaft 002

auger brian the mod years 1965-1969 disconforme gv 1324

auger brian better land castle cmrcd 1056

auger brian & oblivion express straight ahead one way records ow 32185

auger brian & oblivion express second wind one way records ow 32183

auger brian & trinity befour one way records ow 32180

auger brian & trinity definitely what one way records ow 30012

auger brian, julie tippetts encore wounded bird wou3153

auger brian' oblivion express live oblivion vol.1 whd iecp-10027

auger brian' oblivion express live oblivion vol.2 ehd iecp-10028

auger brian's oblivion express reinforcements castle cmrcd 1424

auger brian's oblivion express voices of other times castle cmrcd 1443

aungier cliff the lady from baltimore castle cmrcd 826

austin sil swingsation verve 547 876

automatic fine tuning a.f.t. lake eerie ler 43003

avett brothers I and love and you american/sony 88697350992

avi zee brushfire records present brushfire 60252700339

avidan asaf & the mojos the reckoning telmavar 88697592072

avinger erich heart magic heart music ea 001 cd

ayers kevin joy of a toy emi 07243582776

ayers kevin singing the bruise bbc sessions 70-72 band of joy bojcd019

ayers kevin yes we have no mananas harvest 2682972

ayers kevin sweet deceiver harvest 2682962

ayers kevin the confessions of dr. Dream and other stoires harvest 268 2952

ayers kevin odd dities harvest tocp 71555

ayers kevin & whole world shooting at the moon bgo bgocd13

ayers kevin & whole world bbc radio 1 live in concert windsong wincd 018

ayers kevin,cale john,eno,nico june 1, 1974 island imcd 92

aznavour charles & clayton hamilton jazz orchestra
capitol 509994584902

b jimmy livin' on mars go jazz pop go 6038

b. bonny if this is life universal 1003622

b.b.blunder workers playtime long hair music lhc00046

babe ruth babe ruth one way records s 21 56845

babe ruth first base/amar caballero bgo bgocd382

babe ruth que pasa revolver rev xd 265

bachdenkel stalingrad world wide records wwr-cd-0010

bachleda andrzej & technicolor orchestra time ruins kayax k0385-rpk

back alley choir back alley choir big pink 95

back door back door/8th streetnites/ another fine mess bgo bgocd1170

back door the human bed hux 031

backstreet backstreet music alliance cd 20.166

backstreet crawler the atlantic years 1975-1976 cherryred Ohnecd 1370

bacon fat tough dude walhalla wh 90345

bad company what you hear is what you get atco 7567-9230

bad company here comes trouble atco 7567-9175

bad company dangerous age atlantic 7567-8188

bad company company of strangers eastwest records 7559-6180

bad company straight shooter swan song 7567-92436

bad company run with the pack swan song 92435

bad company fame and fortune atlantic 781684

bad company the original bad company anthology elektra 755992391

bad company holy water atco A2 91371

bad english backlash epic ek 46935

badfinger magic christian music emi cdp797579

badfinger day after day rykodisc rcd 10189

badfinger bbc in concert fuel 2000 302061048

badfinger badfinger warner 7599-26539

badfinger wish you were here warner 7599-26540

badfinger no dice capitol cdp798698

badfinger straight up apple sapcor19

badfinger ass apple 5099964243924

bailey derek & kaiser henry wireforks shanachie 5011

bailey rae corinne the sea emi cdvx 3069

baird eddie exposed talking elephant tecd146

baird eddie hard craft prog temple ptcd 8048

baker ginger middle passage axiom/island 260 879

baker ginger unseen rain day eight demcd028

baker ginger horses and trees celluloid Celd 6126

baker ginger & djq20 coward of the country collector's choice music ccm-909

Baker ginger & ransom kuti fela live kfr 1003

baker ginger & ransome-kuti fela africa 70 universal 549 382

baker ginger airforce airforce 2 flawed gems gm 129

baker ginger trio falling off the roof atlantic 7567-8290

baker ginger trio going back home atlantic 7567-8265

baker ginger's african force african force neon ne 34557

baker gurvitz army hearts of fire repertoire rep 4605-wz

baker gurvitz army live in derby '75 major league production mlp 08cd

baker gurvitz army elysian encounter repertoire rep 4388-wp

baker gurvitz army since the beginning esoteric eclec 32669

bakerloo bakerloo repertoire rep 4870

bakerloo bakerloo esoteric eclec 2468

baldry john it ain't easy warner 8122784642

baldry long john right to sing the blues hypertension hycd 29716

baldry long john the best of long john baldry marble arch cma cd 11

baldry long john silent treatment pläne 88 549

baldry long john looking at the ua years emi 094635089929

baldry long john let the heartache begin the pye anthology castle cmddd1277

baldry long john everything stops for te stony plain spcd1311

ballard russ barnet dogs/winning renaissance rmed00122

ballard russ russ ballard renaissance rmed119

ballif christian rien à dire all bif music abcd 9701

ballif christian guitars & hammond all bif music abcd 0605

ballif christian lulltime/pirate allbifmusic abcd 0002

band of joy band of joy cherry red cdm red 281

band of joy 24k cherry red cdm red 284

bangles doll revolution emi 07243582093

banks peter two sides of pete banks one way records s21 18009

banks peter can I play you something blueprint bp301cd

barbone vincent je me souviens wolf music 2001

barclay james harvest live eclectic eclcd1028

barclay james harvest … and other short stories harvest 7243538407

barclay james harvest their first album harvest 7243538405

barclay james harvest everyone is everybody else polydor 065 401

barclay james harvest baby james harvest emi/harvest 0743538408

barclay james harvest face to face eclectic discs eclcd1951

barclay james harvest bbc in concert 1972 harvest 509992672202

barclay james harvest octoberon polydor 065 399

barclay james harvest eyes of the universe polydor 42282151921

barclay james harvest glasnost esoteric eclec2 2384

barclay james harvest live esoteric eclec 2122

barclay james harvest gone to earth polydor 800092

barclay james harvest alone we fly connoisseur collection vsop cd 140

bardens peter big sky talking elephant tecd070

bardens peter peter bardens' first line tacd 900559

bardens peter further than you know miramar mpcd 2601

bardens peter the art of levitation castle cmrcd 378

bardens peter the answer esoteric eclec 2221

barefoot servants barefoot servants epic epc 475762

barenaked ladies everything to everyone reprise 9362-48209

barenaked ladies disc one: all their greatest hits (1991-2001) reprise 9362-48075

barenaked ladies stunt reprise 9362 46963

barnabus beginning to unwind rise above records rarcd20

barnes ilene yesterday comes nektar 68.855

barnes richard take to the mountains rpm 815

barnes stewart stratcat pmf 90 537

barney phil tour d'ivoire philips 846193

barrett syd barrett capitol cdp746606

barrett syd opel emi/harvest cdp791206

barrett syd the madcap laughs harvest 7243828906

barrett syd the best of; wouldn't you miss me harvest 7243532320

bassey shirley something's coming emi 7243499682

bassey shirley this is my life music club mccd 038

bassey shirley the fabulous shirley bassey play 2-065

bassey shirley live at the carnegie hall bgo bgocd 670

bassey shirley five classic albums + singles real gone rgmcd026

bassey shirley stops the show/12 of those songs bgo bgocd826

bassey shirley I've got a song for you/and we were lovers bgo bgocd693

bassey shirley shirley/let's face the music emi 7243732262

bassey shirley live at the pigalle/ive at talk of the town bgo bgocd816

bassey shirley thoughts of love/the music is you bgo bgocd956

bassey shirley I capricorn/and I love you so bgo bgocd953

bassey shirley the shirley bassey collection jmw jmw009

bassey shirley let's face the music emi 7243520396

bassey shirley the singles mfp cdmfp 6004

bassey shirley this is my life / does anybody miss me bgo bgocd 860

bassey shirley nobody does it like me/love, life and feelings bgo bgocd735

bassey shirley never never / good, bad but beautiful bgo bgocd 697

bassey shirley shirley bassey emi 0777789230

bassey shirley her golden voice disky dc 862012

bassey shirley something else emi 7243499677

bassey shirley diamond the bewt of shirley bassey emi cdp790462

bassey shirley the gold collection emi 7243855311

bassey shirley I am what I am ariola 601234

bates django winter truce (and homes blaze) jmt jmt 514 023

bates django autumn fires (and green shoots) jmt jmt 514 014

batt mike arabesque epic epc 478350

batt mike a songwriter's tale dramatico dramcd0037

batten jennifer above below and beyond voss vcd 2-72914

batten jennifer & tribal rage momentum usg usg 1010

battered ornaments mantlepiece repertoire rep 4405-wy

bau ilha azul harmonia mundi 023582

bay city rollers rollin' bell 82876 608202

bay city rollers wouldn't you like it bell 82876 608222

bay city rollers once upon a star bel 82876 608212

bay city rollers bay city rollers ariola express 295588

bay city rollers strangers in the wind 7t’s glamcd45

bay city rollers dedication bell 82876608552

be bop de luxe live in the airage one way records s21-18465

be bop de luxe tramcar to tomorrow hux hux 009

be bop de luxe axe victim harvest ccdp7947262

be bop de luxe futurist manifesto 1974-1978 harvest 5099964630823

be bop deluxe futurama emi/harvest cdp7920742

be bop deluxe at the bbc 1974-1978 parlophone 82564641338

beach boys stars and stripes vol.1 river north mcd 80128

beach boys friends / the beach boys capitol cdp7 93697

beach boys still crusin' capitol cdp7 92639

beach boys pet sounds capitol cdp7 48421

beach boys summer in paradise brother entertainment bbr 727

beach boys smiley smile/wild honey capitol 7243531862

beach boys sunflower/surf's up capitol 7243 525692

beach boys keepin' the summer alive / the beach boys capitol 7243527948

beach boys I love you music for pleasure 7789576

beach boys the warmth of the sun capitol 09463938232

beard jim truly escapade esc 83652

beard jim revolutions intuition int 3418

beat farmers poor and famous curb zd 74290

beat merchants beat merchants beat merchants 1007-8

beatles original studio recordings parlophone 509996994490

beatles past masters volume one emi cdp790043

beatles let it be… naked apple 07243595713

beatles one apple 72435 29325

beatles past masters volume 2 parlophone cdp7- 9004

beatstalkers scotland's n°1 beat group ika records ika 002

beau creation/beau see for miles se cd 421

beau beau cherry red cdmred 333

beautiful south painting it red mercury 548 277

beautiful south quench mercury 538 166

beck gordon trio gyroscope art of life al 1003

beck gordon quartet experiments with pop art of life al 1001

beck gordon, ron mathewson, daniel humair jazz trio art of life al1017

beck jeff truth / beck-ola emi cdp7 7954692

beck jeff blow by blow epic cdepc 32367

beck jeff maybe today buccaneer buc 40

beck jeff flash epic 982 838

beck jeff truth emi 7243873751

beck jeff beck-ola emi 7243578751

beck jeff jeff epic 510820

beck jeff live at b.b. king blues club ? ?

beck jeff you had it coming epic 501018

beck jeff who else? epic 493041

beck jeff there and back epic 477781

beck jeff performing this week eagle er 20150

beck jeff emotion & commotion atco r2 523965

beck jeff live and exclusive from the grammy museum atco r2 526419

beck jeff rock 'n' roll party honring les paul atco r2 526629

beck jeff live in tokyo 1999 immortal ima 104256

beck jeff live in japan 2006 immortal ima 105031

beck jeff yosogaï rhino wpcr 15682

beck jeff live + deuce music r2 549289

beck jeff official bootleg usa 06 sony mhcp 1362

beck jeff loud hailer ato r2 555546

beck jeff live at the hollywod ball eagle eagdv090

beck jeff & big town rebels crazy legs epic epc 473597

beck jeff group live on air 1967 london calling lccd5004

beck jeff, bozzio terry, hymas tony guitar shop epic 463472

beck jeff, leiber jed frankie's house (music from) epic 472494

beck, clarke, phillips free way jam laser media lm 511

beckett beckett second harvest 430

beckett harry joy unlimited cadillac sgccd017

bedford david nurses song with elephants esoteric eclec 22276

bedlam live in binghampton 1974 angel air sjpcd430

bedlam bedlam zoom club zcrcd08ltd

bedlam in command 1973 angel air sjpcd 397

bedlam anthology majestic rock majcd027

bee gees first reprise 812274766

bee gees odessa reprise r2 516159

bee gees brillant from birth festival records pty 46066

bee gees main course reprise r2 529262

bee gees to whom it may concern polydor 833 787

bee gees a kick in the head is worth eight in the pants goldies gdr002

bee gees mr.natural warner wpcr-15270

bee gees cucumber castle warner wpcd-15265

bee gees trafalgar reprise wpcr-15758

bee gees 2 years on reprise wpcr-15757

bee gees one warner 925887

bees make honey music every night vivid vscd532

beggar's opera waters of change repertoire ims 7029

beggar's opera act one repertoire repuk 1036

beggar's opera pathfinder repertoire repuk 1066

beggar's opera the final curtain scratch scrcd 015

beggar's opera beggars can't be choosers repertoire repuk 1109

beggar's opera sagittary repertoire repuk 1099

beggars hill beggars hill talking elephant tecd156

belew adrian young lions atlantic 7567-82099

bell + arc bell + arc rock a groove 74614ragcd001

bell graham all the romances castle communication csc 7142

bell madeline doin' things rpm 285

bell madeline the voice of soul/the sound of soul vocalion cdsml8473

bell madeline this is one girl sequel Nemcd 457

bell maggie suicide sal angel air sjpcd201

bell maggie queen of the night angel air sjpcd200

bell maggie & stone the crows coming on strong recall smdcd519

belladonna spells of fear usg usg 1029

bellamy peter fair england's shore fellside fecd216

bellamy peter oak, ash & thorn talking elephant tecd174

bellamy peter merlin's isle of gramarye talking elephant tecd178

belmondo lionel hymne au soleil clair obscur discograph 6149362

ben ben akarma ak 247

benjamin adam long gone kind of blue kob 10025

bennett brian' collage misty c five records c5cd 610

bennett cliff got to get you into our life/cliff bennet branches out bgo bgocd 473

bennett cliff soulblast castlepie piesd260

bennett cliff at abbey road emi 7243496437

bennett cliff & rebel rousers cliff bennet & the rebel rousers emi 72438565762

bennett cliff & rebel rousers drivin' you wild, bennet & rebel rousers bgo bgocd472

bennett cliff's rebellion cliff bennett's rebellion repertoire res 2319

bennett duster bright lights big city castle cmddd579

bennett duster blue inside indigo igocd 2049

bennett duster jumpin' at shdows indigo igocd 2010

bennett duster comin' home indigo igocd 2096

bennett duster the complete blue horizon sessions blue horizon 18471900082

bennett duster fingertips castle cmrcd 711

benoit tab standing on the bank justice jr 1203

benoit tab what I live for justice jr 1202

benson gary the concert arimail archives Airac 1239

benson george big boss band wounded bird wou2629

benson george quartet par excellence soundport sp 1709

berger michel France gall double jeu apache we869

berlin jeff taking notes denon cy-18043

bernard kenny& wranglers live '65 acid jazz ajxcd237

berry chuck chuck berry intertape 500.034

berry dave this strange effect the decca session 63-66 rpm retro d 860

berry dave dave berry/one dozen berrys bgo bgocd643

berry mike drift away rollercoaster Rccd 6041

betterdays no concessions aftermath Naft 1001

betterdays here' tis aftermath 1002

bibb eric me to you code blue 3984 20444

bibb leon & bibb eric praising peace a tribute to paul robeson stony plain spcd 1318

bifferty skip the story of skip bifferty castle cmedd 518

big bertha live in hamburg 1970 majestic rock majcd033

big boy pete homage to catatonia bacchus archive ba 1123

big boy pete world war IV gear fab gf157

big boy pete return to catatonia gear fab Gf 139

big boy pete cold turkey gear fab Gf 258

big gilson sentenced to livin' music avenue 250242

big mountain unity giant 7432121964

big three cavern stomp rpm 862

bigroup big hammer o-music 7106

bird ronnie le rock c'est ça polygram 842055

bird ronnie ronnie bird mam productions 173562

birds the collector's guide to rare british birds deram 564 139

birds of a feather the page one recordings rpm retro 996

birkin jane à la légère mercury 583 045

birkin jane concert intégral à l'olympia philips 534 463

birkin jane versions jane mercury 532 140

birkin jane baby alone in babylone philips 814524

birkin jane arabesque capitol 72435427642

birkin jane rendez-vous capitol 72435987592

birkin jane enfants d'hiver emi 5099923750500

birkin jane fictions capitol 09463575812

birkin jane au bataclan philips 834037

birkin jane au palace capitol 509930627826

birkin jane di doo dah philips 514-122

birkin jane & serge gainsbourg jane birkin & serge gainsbourg fontana 558 830

birkin jane & serge gainsbourg le symphonique parlophone parlophone

bishop elvin don't let the bossman get you down alligator alcd 4791

black cat bones barbed wire sandwich see for miles see cd 405

black cilla cilla/cilla sings a rainbow emi 7243538848

black cilla completely cilla 1963-1973 parlophone 5099960283221

black cilla cilla all mixed up/beginnings revisited strike forec entertainment sfe 071d

black cilla sourround yourself with cilla/it makes me feel good strike forec entertainment sfe 069d

black cilla especially for you/classic and collectibles strike force entertainment sfe 077d

black cilla Cilla / in my life strike force entertainment sfe 070d

black country communion black country communion jr prar92338

black crowes lions v2 vvr1015672

black light burns cruel melody edel 0198382ede

black sabbath master of reality sanctuary smrcd049

black sabbath paranoid castle cmrcd032

black sabbath vol.4 sanctuary smrcd 034

black sabbath technical ecstasy sanctuary smrcd037

black sabbath sabbath bloddy sabbath sanctuary 2716846

black sabbath sabotage warner 2822

black sabbath live at lat castle esmcd331

black widow sacrifice castle esm cd 711

black widow III repertoire rep-4241-wz

black widow black widow repertoire rrr 4031-c

black widow IV mystic records mys cd 117

black widow return to the sabbat mystic records mys cd 129

black widow come to the sabbat castle cmedd661

blackburn tony the singles collection 1965-1980 the collector collco1

blackfoot sue the singles collection glam 121

blackfoot sue strangers mandala 296

blackfoot sue the albums 7 t's glambox163

blackmore ritchie get away groups & sessions castle cmedd1029

blackmore ritchie rockprofile volume one connoisseur rp vsopcd 143

blackmore ritchie take it sessions 63/68 rpm 120

blackmore's night beyond the sunset minstrel hall music mhm007

blanc gérard tout blanc starvision arc 335

blegvad peter king strut & other stories silvertone zd 74731

blegvad peter downtime rer mega rerpbcd

bley carla big band theory watt 25

bley carla the very big carla bley band watt 23

bley carla sextet watt 17

bley carla the lost chords find paolo fresu watt 34

bley carla & steve swallow carla's christmas carols watt 35

bley carla & swallow steve are we there yet? watt 29

bley carla & swallow steve duets watt 20

bley carla band goes to church watt 27

bley carla,sheppard andy, swallow steve, drummond  billy the lost chords watt 32

bley paul paul bley snthesizer show bamboo bamcd7020

bley paul touching black lion 1201 music

blind the fire remains blindrecords br002

blind faith blind faith rso 825 094

bloc party a week-end in the city wichitas recording webb120cdx2

block rory turning point zensor  zs 90

blodwyn pig lies viceroy vic 8013

blodwyn pig pig in the middle a new day and cd 10

blodwyn pig ahead rings out emi 9463576852

blodwyn pig the basement tapes hux 19

blodwyn pig geting to this only rock 'n roll azcd 847

blodwyn pig all said and done secret records secdd030

blodwyn pig bbc sessions 1969-1974 lumpy gravy lgr 103

blodwyn pig the alchemist indigo Igoxcd 507

blodwyn pig & mick abrahams band radio sessions 69 to 71 secret records seccd049

blonde on blonde reflection on a life spalax 14256

blonde on blonde rebirth thunderbolt cdtb 206

blonde on blonde contrasts castle cmrcd257

blondel the amazing elsie emerald talking elephant tecd162

blood sweat & tears gold cbs 467627

blood sweat & tears child is father to the man legacy / columbia 499823

bloodrock bloodrock one way records s21-18404

bloomfield mike / kooper al super session columbia 462528

blossom toes if only for a moment heritage cd-he09

blossom toes we are ever so clean heritage cd-he08

blossom toes love bomb live 1967-1969 sunbeam sbr2cd5049

blossom toes what on earth rarities 1967-1969 sunbeam sbrc5071

blount michael patchwork media arte mi 0037

blue another night time flight big pink 26

blue life in the navy big pink 10

blue barry dancing on a saturday night castle cmddd828

blue barry the very best of demon mcdlx164

blue epitaph ode   by… blue epitaph kissingspell ksg 004

blue goose blue goose airmail archive airac-1085

blue mink good morning freedom castle cmddd 530

blue mink our world strange days poce 1049

blue mink a time of change mandala 298

blue mink fruity strange days poce 1054

blue mink only when I laugh strange days poce 1053

blue mink melting pot strange days poce 1048

blue phantom distorsions spider vsm 38543

bluetones the singles a&m 586 811

blunstone colin ennismore/journey acadia acam 8187

blunstone colin live at the bbc windsong wincd 079

blunstone colin greatest hits mystic 194

blunstone colin & rod argent out of the shadows redhouse redhcd 2

bo street runners never say goodbye rpm retro 958

bo street runners I just want lcd 23-2

bobak, jons, malone motherlight edsel edcd 690

bodast spectral nether street rpm 198

bodkin bodkin world wide records wwr 001

bohe michael rivers & rainbows voices 6168

bolan marc hard on love castle cmrcd 491

bolan marc electric lips and highway knees easy action ears 025

bolan marc born to boogie sanctuary smed0215

bolan marc black cat cleopatra clp9803

bolan marc & t. rex messing with the mystic teichiku tecx.29814

bolan marc & t.rex unchained volume 1 1972 part1 edsel edcd 411

bolan marc & t.rex unchained volume 2 edsel edecd 412

bolan marc & t.rex t.rex unchained volume 6 1975 edsel Edcd 445

bolan marc & T.rex zinc alloy & the hidden riders of tomorrow edsel medcd717

bolan marc & T.rex t.rex unchained volume 5 1974 edsel Edcd 444

bon jovi jon blaze of glory vertigo 846 473

bon jovi jon destination anywhere mercury 536 179

bond graham holy magick/we put our magick on you bgo bgocd 483

bond graham mighty graham bond sunrise sr 40101022

bond graham love is the law sunrise sr 40101012

bond graham live at the bbc and other stories repertoire repuk 1279

bond graham organisation one night at klooks kleeks brook 1038

bond graham organization wade in the water repertoire rep 5250

bonham madhatter epic 469455

bonney graham thank you baby teensville tv1034

bonvin paul mac on the boulevard pmb records pmb 1005

bonzo dog new tricks castle cmrcd199

bonzo dog band anthropology djc records djc008

bonzo dog band urban spaceman one way records s21-17430

bonzo dog band tadpoles one way s21 17431

bonzo dog band let's make up and be friendly emi 0946387893

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bonzo dog band vol 2. The outro emi 0777799597

bonzo dog do dah band the history of the bonzos bgo bgocd376

bonzo dog doo dah band gorilla bgo bgocd82

bonzo dog doo dah band the complete bbc sessions strange fruit sfrscd108

booker t. & mg's that's the way it should be columbia 474470

booker t. & mg's the best of booker t. & the mg's atlantic 7567-81281

boomers 25 thousand days alma 0083532eve

booth barry diversions sequel cmrcd404

booze brothers the booze brothers cannon 4341.1012

borel stéphane euphopercussion cascavelle vel 990

bottlang rené, jean querlier voyages divers II plainisphare pl1267-87

bovet vivian' thalie la petite voix vivian thalie ho 267957

bowie david I dig everything the 1966 pye singles castle cmrcd1471

bowie david hunky dory emi 7243521899

bowie david young americans emi 7243521905

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bowie david let's dance (mispressing) emi 7243521906

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bowie david low emi 7243521907

bowie david live emi 09463112482

bowie david the best of david bowie 1969/1974 emi 7243821849

bowie david lodger

bowie david the platinum collection emi 09446344076

bowie david early on (1964-1966) rhino r2 70526

bowie david the best of bowie emi 7243539821

bown alan listen esoteric eclec2193

bown alan the alan bown set esoteric eclec2190

bown alan outward bown flawed gems gem 45

bown alan stretching out esoteric eclec2194

bown alan set emergency 999 sequel nemcd 483

bown andy gone to my head big pink 448

box tops tear off! loudsprecher 8335

boxer bloodletting virgin cdv 2073

boy howdy born that way curb d2-77691

boyle gary the dancer line licd 900103

bozzio / levin / stevens situation dangerous magna carta ma-90-49

bozzio / levin / stevens black light syndrome magna carta ma-90119

bozzio terry chamber works terry bozzio tb5423

brainbox to you emi cdm790609

brainchild healing of the lunatic owl aurora aucd 5027

brainticket psychonaut bellaphon 288.07.092

bran Ail Ddechra big pink 482

bran gwrach y nos big pink 494

bran a box of bran rise above records rarcdbox014

brass monkey brass monkey big pink 308

braxton anthony quartet performance hatology 610

bread love and dreams bread love and dreams hugo montez hmp cd-006

bread love and dreams amaryllis spring song brc 29204

bread love and dreams the strange tale of captain shannon and the hunchback from gigha si-wan srmc 059p

breakaways that's how it goes castle cmrcd 778

breakers milan fast western fwcd br1

brecker brothers return of verve 6025176865

brendel christian & zomb le peuple des songes musea fgbg 4739 ar

breslin paul rikitikitak nocturne ntcd 312

brett paul paul brett big pink 437

brett paul interlife amphonotones 221

brewer spencer dorian's legacy narada equinox 3008

brewer's droop opening time big pink 234

bridgewater dee dee eleanora fagan (1915-1959) to billie with love from ddb records 060252724155

brierley marc hello cherry tree crtree014

brierley marc welcome to the citadel cherry tree crtree013

briggs ann a collection topic tscd 504

briggs ann the time has come epic esca 7578

briggs anne sing a song for you fledgling fled 3008

brightman sarah fly eastwest 0630-17256

briley martin it comes in waves major mtm 0681177

brinsley schwarz cruel to be kind hux hux052

brinsley schwarz hen's teeth demon msif 3578

britten buddy long gone baby rpm retro 931

britton chris as I am choice pols022

broadway calls good views, bad news side on dummy sd 1399

bromley john songs rev-ola rev 281

bronco smoking mixture bigpink 326

bronx cheer was here rpm retro 810

brook brothers warpaint the pye anthology sequel cmddd149

brooker gary no more fear of flying repertoire rep 4659

brooker gary lead me to the water line licd 900015

brooker gary echoes in the night instant incd 900076

brooker gary ensemble within our house repertoire rep 4660 wy

brooks elkie we've got tonight spectrum 550 745

brooks elkie pearls III - close to the edge freestyle 1156032

brooks elkie from the heart comet 43408

brooks elkie th best of spectrum 551 329

brooks elkie the very best of polygrym tv 540712

brotherhood of man united we stand rpm retro 826

brotherhood of man oh boy! Images 7t's glamcdd 80

brotherhood of man good things happening/love and kisses from the brotherhood of man 7t's glamcdd79

brotherhood of man united we stand hallmark 705782

broughton edgar keep them freaks a rollin' live at abbey road, december §1970 harvest 72438661782

broughton edgar band edgar broughton band repertoire rep 4409 wy

broughton edgar band parlez-vous english? /live hits harder sunrise sr 50408092

broughton edgar band superchip: the final silicon solution eclectic discs eclcd 1035

broughton edgar band in side out ¨repertoire rep 4410-wy

broughton edgar band oora bgo bgocd114

broughton edgar band chilly morning mama - live receiver rrcd262

broughton edgar band bandages eclectic discs eclcd 1033

broughton edgar band wasa wasa harvest 07243864111

broughton edgar band sing brother sing harvest 72438641242

broughton edgar band demons at the beeb hux 020

broughton edgar band demons at the beeb hux 020

brown arthur the crazy world of arthur brown polydor 833 736

brown arthur dance/chisholm in my bosom see for miles seecd 431

brown arthur speak no tech cannon mwt 4341.1005

brown arthur requiem cannon mwt 4341.1002

brown arthur kingdom come esoteric eclec 2186

brown arthur order from chaos- live 1993 voiceprint vp144cd

brown arthur fire! The story of. castle cmedd 674

brown arthur the crazy world of arthur brown esoteric eclec 22178

brown arthur's kingdom come lost ears gonzo hst345cd

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brown james the sex machine performs live kwest kwest 5182

brown pete the not forgotten association esoteric eclec 2496

brown pete & battered ornaments a meal you can shake hands with repertoire rep 4406-wy

brown pete & bond graham two heads are better than one repertoire rep 4271-wy

brown pete & ian lynn party in the rain world wide records spm-wwr-cd-0015

brown pete & piblokto things may come and things may go… repertoire rep 4407-wy

brown pete & piblokto thousands on a raft repertoire rep 4408-wy

brown pete & ryan phil coals to jerusalem voiceprint vp 164

brown pete & ryan phil ardours of the lost rake voiceprint vp255cd

brown polly special delivery airmail archive airac-1374

brown polly bewitched the poly brown story rpm 143

brown scott flavors random chance rcd-32

browne duncan streets of fire interphon ipcd 2010

browne duncan duncan browne emi 7243535623

browne duncan give me take you sony special ak 47350

browne duncan planet earth cherry tree crtree020d

browne jackson looking east elektra 7559-61687

browne thomas f. Wednesday child austria record finder arf 100

brozman bob & kaapana led kika kila meets ki hô alu dancing cat 802238031

bruce jack bbc live in concert windsong wincd 076

bruce jack more jack than god sanctuary sancd 211

bruce jack concert classics - volume 9 concert classics rrcc 00709

bruce jack the collection castle communication ccscd 326

bruce jack I've always wanted to do this sony a 28331

bruce jack willpower polydor 837 806

bruce jack songs for a tailor polydor 835 242

bruce jack a question of time epic 465692

bruce jack monkjack cmp 1010

bruce jack cities of the heart cmp 1005

bruce jack somethinels cmp 1001

bruce jack harmony row polydor 065605

bruce jack doing this… on ice pilot 125

bruce jack things we like polydor 065 604

bruce jack out of the storm polydor 835284

bruce jack cities of the heart cmp 1004

bruce jack shadows in the air sanctuary sancd 084

bruce jack / fier anton / suzuki kenji inazuma super session "absolutely live epic epc 4604532

bruce jack & friends live at bottom line n.y.c. march 19 1980 traditiona line 1324

bruce jack & trower robin truce one way records s21-17609

bruce jack taylor mick bley carla band weird of hermiston gold standard gold 5.95005

bruford bill the bruford tapes editions eg eegcd 6

bruford bill's earthworks dig? editions eg eegcd 60

bruford bill's earthworks earthworks editions eg eegc 48

bruford bill's earthworks all heaven broke loose editions eg eeg 2103

bruford bill's earthworks stamping ground virgin 7241839476

brunel bunny momentum america 500032

brunning sunflower blues band I wish I would/bullen st-blues appaloosa ap035

brunning sunflower blues band bullen st. Blues/trackside blues indigo igocd 21112

brunning sunflower bluesband ST/ I wish I would castle 0607681276

brute force extemporaneous rev-ola cr rev 36

buchanan roy second album polydor 831 412

buckshot lefonque buckshot lefonque columbia 476532

budgie squawk repertoire rr4026-c

budgie bandolier noteworthy prod np6

budgie budgie belle 132168

budgie never turn your back on a friend noteworthy np4

budgie in for the kill noteworthy np5

budgie if I were Britannia I'd waive the rules noteworthy np7

buffalo brothers magic incinerator attic edel 007217

bugnon alex head & heels orpheus cdp7 75615

bulldog breed made in england acme lion acln1004

bullens cindy somewhere between heaven and earth artemis atm 4973631

bullet the hanged man dc recording dc15cd

bullock hiram world of collision big world bw 2015

bunch rockon fledg'ling fled 3042

bunch of fives live at the whisky à gogo cannes may 1967 emmtee emt1001

bundrick rabbit run for covers red steel music rmc 0198

bunn roger piece of mind rollercoaster rccd3055

bunton emma a girl like me virgin 72438 10334

bunyan vashti just another diamond day spinney 001cd

bunyan vashti lookaftering fatcat fatcd38

bunynan vashti some things just stick in your mind fatcat fatcd 59

burdon eric nightwinds dying institute of arts rtd 3970037

burdon eric beast of burdon institute of arts rtd 3970016

burdon eric live receiver rrcd 220

burdon eric the night rising sun pre-release

burdon eric mirage rising sun pre-release

burdon eric comeback, songs from the motion nmc pilot 81

burdon eric f#ck me!!! I thought he was dead one way records ow 35132

burdon eric eric is here one way records ow 31376

burdon eric lost within the halls of fame jet jetcd 1011

burdon eric absolutely the best fuel 2000 fld 1034

burdon eric live at the roxy thunderbolt cdtb 184

burdon eric soldier of fortune thunderbolt cdtb 180

burdon eric crawling kingsnake thunderbolt cdtb 017

burdon eric the official live bootleg volume 2 flying eye b 802540 c

burdon eric the official live bootleg volume 1 flying eye b 701735 c

burdon eric I used to be an animal success 22512 cd

burdon eric house fo the rising sun palmyra verlag 2004

burdon eric rare masters spv 085-89992

burdon eric my secret life spv 085-70032

burdon eric rare masters vol.2 spc 085-44232

burdon eric live in baltimore feather ?

burdon eric the ultimate comeback feather ?

burdon eric pasadena -live feather ?

burdon eric mirage rising sun ?

burdon eric animals' spirit bmg 7432179967

burdon eric I used to be an animal sherman 837117

burdon eric the world of eric burdon trace 401072

burdon eric the night one way records 34528

burdon eric golden memories galaxis 9001

burdon eric misunderstood aim 1054

burdon eric I'm ready the unreleased blue wave 130

burdon eric the unreleased eric burdon blue wave 117

burdon eric soul of a man spv 78412

burdon eric til your river runs dry abkco 8906

burdon eric live in concert recorded live 1974 sfm 055

burdon eric / auger brian band access all areas live sv 086-93812

burdon eric & animals roadrunners raven rvcd 11

burdon eric & animals every one of us one way records ow 30337

burdon eric & animals love is polydor 823 004

burdon eric & animals the rythm and blues collection teldec 8.26523 zr

burdon eric & animals athens traffic live spv 70932

burdon eric & new animals the twain shall meet one way records ow 30336

burdon eric & new animals winds of change one way records ow 30335

burdon eric & new animals live in seattle 2002 flying eye g-111329

burdon eric & new animals the official live bootleg 2000 flying eye g-0108579 c

burdon eric & war love is all around avenue 7432130743

burdon eric & war the black man's burdon avenue 7432130742

burdon eric & war eric burdon declares "war" avenue 7432130526

burdon eric & witherspoon jimmy black & white blues street blue asr 20601

burdon eric band sun secrets / stop avenue r2  71219

burdon eric band that's live in-akustik inak 854

burke solomon nothing's impossible ear music 020555ere

burland dave a dale’s man litany leader Lercd 2029

burn burn emi 7243576903

burnette billy memphis in manhattan chesky jd 299

burnin red ivanhoe burnin red ivanhoe expertise excd 9914 ff

burns hugh dedication bridge brg cd 15

bush kate aerial emi 0946343960

bush sam & ice caps peaks of telluride sugar hill sug-cd 3917

butterfield paul band the paul butterfield blues band elektra/asylum 960 647

butterfield paul blues band the paul butterfield blues band rhino 8122798340

butterfield paul blues band east west rhino 8122798340

butterfield paul blues band keep on moving rhino 8122798340

butterfield paul blues band in my own dream rhino 8122798340

butterfield paul blues band the resurrection of the pigboy crabshaw rhino 8122798340

butterscotch don't you know it's butterscotch angelair sjpcd 359

buzzy linhart buzzy linhart is music buddah  bdk2-2042

byrds sweetheart of the rodeo columbia legacy col 486752

byrds the bests of the byrds duchesse 352023

byron david take no prisoners lemon cd lem 189

bystanders pattern people castle cmrcd 270

bystanders birth of man see for miles see cd 301

byzantium live & studio byzantium byz 001

byzantium seasons changing prog temple ptcd8013

byzantium byzantium prog temple ptcd8022

cabrel francis sarbacane cbs 463462

cado belle cado belle mirror image record mivP005

cafe society secret society archive secret 001

cafe society cafe society big pink 535

cale john vintage violence columbia ck 001037

cale john paris 1919 reprise 7599-25926

cale john slow dazzle island imcd 202

cale john the academy in peril warner 7599-26930

cale john fear cultural factory 85070300360

cale john helen of troy island 74321 19460

cale john & terry riley cale john & terry riley esoteric eclec 2448

cali l'espoir virgin 509995184412

california guitar trio a christmas album inside out 93723 65422

Californians & friends early morning sun teensville Tv 1035

call the let the day begin mca mcad 6303

callinan-flynn freedom's lament blast from the past bftp cd 002

calvert robert lucky leif and the longships eclectic eclcd1057

calvert robert captain lockheed and the starfighters atomhenge atomcd1017

camel camel mca 882925

camel mirage deram 882929

camel moonmadness deram 882931

camel a live record deram 844 124

camel the collection castle ccscd 116

camel under age walhalla wh 90335

camel dust and reams campel production cp 001-cd

camel raindances deram 820 725

cameron john cover lover / warm & gentle vocalion cdsml 8478

cameron john off center vocalion cdsml 8409

cameron john a touch of class drg movies 13115

campbell alex in copenhagen storyville 102 5704

campbell dirk mont music from a round tower resurgence res 120

campbell ian folk group contemporary campbell castle esmcd 523

campbell ian folk group the complete transatlantic recordings cherry tree crtreebox013

campbell ian folk group live storyville 1025705

campbell ian group this is the ian campbell group/across the hills castle esmcd 357

campbell ian group something to sing about wooded hill hillcd21

campbell jimmy jimmy campbell's album esoteric eclec 2108

campbell jimmy anastasia esoteric eclec 2106

campbell junior second time around castle cmddd 398

campbell-lyons patrick me and my friends market square msmcd 111

campbelljohn john live in nova scotia zyx pec 2065

candida pax day shadocks music 015

canterbury glass sacred scenes an charaters flawed gems gem 118

capability brown from scratch second harvest 447

capaldi jim oh how we danced esoteric eclec 2317

capaldi jim short cut draw blood/the contender raven rvcd-330

capercaille nadurra survival ver 15131

caplinger dennis pickin' on zeppelin: a tribute cmh 8544

captain beefheart the best of beefheart buddah cdb 019

captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy john elton polydor 821 746

captain marryat captain marryat shgadoks music 114

caravan the battle of hastings htd htdcd 41

caravan cool water htd htdcd 18

caravan in the land of grey and pink deram 820 520

caravan caravan verve forecast 8829522

caravan for girls who grow plump in the night deram 8829802

caravan waterloo lily deram 8829822

caravan if I could do it all over again, I'd do it all over you decca 8829682

caravan all over… to you htd htdcd 102

caravan blind dog at st. Dunstans repertoire rep 4501-wy

caravan canterbury comes to london live from the astoria transatlantic tracd 302

caravan caravan & new symphonia deram 882969

caravan live at fairfields halls, 1974 decca 8829022

caravan bbc radio 1 live in concert windsong wincd003

caravan songs for oblivion fishermen hux 002

caravan ether way hux 013

caravan the canterbury collection kingdom kvl 9028

caravan back to front kindom jick 89126

caravelles you don't have to be a baby to cry rpm retro 900

carlsen dave pale horse airac 1350

carmen fandangos in space/dancing on a cold wind angel air sjpcd229

carmen the gpysies/widescreen angel air sjpcd225

carmen phil skyline k point 700.3006

carr ian & nucleus labyrinth / roots bgo bgocd567

carr ian & nucleus thre of a kind gonzo hst268cd

carr ian's nucleus solar plexus / belladonna bgo bgocd 566

carr ian's nucleus out of the long dark/old heartland bgo bgocd420

carrack paul satisfy my soul gold circle gi 67500

carrack paul beautiful world ark 21 7243859851

carter john measure for measure anthology 1961-1977 rpm d 268

Carter-lewis the carter lewis story sequel nex cd 234

carthy martin shearwater castle cas 36210

carthy martin byker hill topic tscd 342

carthy martin second album topic tscd 341

carthy martin martin carthy topic tscd 340

carthy martin crown of horn topic tscd300

carthy martin land fall topic tscd345

carthy martin & dave swarbrick selections edsel edcd 682

carthy martin & Dave swarbrick but two came by topic tscd343

carthy martin & Dave swarbrick prince heathen topic tscd344

cartoone cartoone fridaymusic frm1119

cascaval valeriu valeriu cascaval cinq planètes cp 023002

casey howie & seniors twist at the top plus bear family records Bcd 16603 ah

casuals the very best of the casuals spectrum 552 088

casuals jesamine deram 820 990

catapilla catapilla green tree gtr 009

catapilla changes green tree gtr 010

catherine philip guitars two dreyfus jazz fdm 4605036915

cavaliere felix dreams in motion mca mcd 11062

ccs the best band in the land repertoire rep 4875

ccs a's b's & rarities emi 7243660253

ccs whole lotta love emi cdp 797553

ccs ccs2 repertoire rep 4852

ccs ccs repertoire rep 4851

ceeam goodbye polydor 31453 1815

cellier alexandre & antoine aubersons lueurs alexcellier 190394005146

centipede septober energy bgo bgocd 485

cetera peter you're the inspiration river north 0037122edl

cetera peter solitude / solitaire warner bros 925 474

Chad & jeremy i don’t want to lose you baby sundazed Sc 6226

Chad & jeremy yesterday’s gone rpm retro d949

Chad & jeremy distant shores sundazed Sc 11068

champlin bill he started to sing beverly 871 012

chapman michael rainmaker/fully qualified survivor bgo bgocd554

chapman michael window/wrecked again bgo bgocd555

chapman michael dangerous when sober castle cmddd993

chapman michael heartbeat coda coda 832223

chapman michael playing guitar the easy way light in the attic lita 114

chapman michael savage amusement secret seccd115

chapman michael the man who hated mornings secret seccd122

chapman michael bbc sessions 69-75 celebration Celcd 065 (pm)

chapman roger hybrid and lowdown polydor 847 117

chapman roger under no obligation polydor 513 073

chapman roger & short list a turn unstoned spc 085-18952

chaquico craig acoustic planet higher octave music homcd 7070

charge charge kissingspell kscd 9419

charge charge wooden hill whcd034

charge charge big pink 580

charig mark pipedream ogun Ogcd 033

charlebois robert doux sauvage atco 9813417

charlie fantasy girl atm records btcd 979 417

charlie here comes trouble renaissance rmed00219

charlie fight dirty/good morning america renaissance rmed00154

charlie lines renaissance rmed00153

charlotte parfois spaghetti disque office 65673

cheap trick cheap trick red ant entertainment racd 002

checkmates the checkmates hallmark 711732

chesney kenny the road and the radio bmg 82876729602

chicago twenty one reprise 7599-26391

chicago chicago 17 warner bros 7599-25060

chicago 19 reprise 759925714

chicken shack accept walhalla wh 90322

chicken shack imagination lady deram 844 069

chicken shack the complete blue hoirizon recordings columbia 82876734942

chicken shack the complete blue hoirizon recordings castle 0607681275

chicken shack on air bbc sessions strange fruit sfrscd045

chicken shack goodbye chicken shack esoteric eclec 2379

chicken shack the collection castle ccscd 179

chicken shack going up, going down castle cmddd948

chicory tip the singles collection 7 t's glam cd 29

chicory tip son of my father airmail archive airac 1370

chieftains with ry cooder san patricio hear music 0888072313217

child juju & hyptonic roots virtual blues revolution mosaic music 368122

chilli willi & red hot peppers robotrythm camden camd4

chilli willi & red hot peppers I'll be home proper prpcd2

chilli willi & red hot peppers bongos over balham castle Cmrcd 1329

chillum chillum plus alcinous al 0046

chimera chimera wooden hill whcd013

chitinous ensemble chitinous vocalion cdsml 8405

chopyn grand slam strange days poce1093

christian neil that's nice repertoire rep 5104

christian neil & crusaders that's nice castle cmrcd 824

christie for all mankind repertoire res 2305

christie christie repertoire res 2304

christie jeff outer limits/floore masters-past imperfect angel air sjpcd 259

christmas keith brighter day/stories from the human zoo red fox rf 657

christmas keith pigmy talking elephant tecd196

christmas keith fable of the wings talking elephant tecd197

christmas keith love beyond deals htd 61

christmas keith stimulus talking elephant tecd 208

christmas keith blues band weatherman voiceprint vp221cd

church charlotte charlotte church sony sk 89003

churchill chick you and me flawed gems gem 58

churchills the churchills axis axcd1009

ciari claude ciari's best magic mam 113

cilmi gabriella lessons to be learned universal 0602517739451

cinderella heartbreak station polygram 0422848018

circus when circus came to storyville 1967 span tv

cirkus cirkus one plus audio archives aacd 009

city boy dinner at the ritz renaissance remd297

clapton eric from the craddle reprise 9362-45735

clapton eric unplugged reprise 9362 45024

clapton eric back home reprise 9362-49395

clapton eric 461 ocean boulevard / slowhand polydor 531 821

clapton eric rainbow concert polydor 314527472

clapton eric eric was her polydor uicy 9160

clapton eric there's one in every crowd polydor uicy 9159

clapton eric no reason to cry universal uicy-9161

clapton eric 461 ocean boulevard polydor 60249825246

clapton eric journeyman reprise 7599-26074

clapton eric 24 nights reprise 7599-26420

clark dave five and the washington d.c. repertoire rep 4314-wy

clark dave five five by five 1964-69/if somebody loves you crystal beats cb 2375

clark dave five play good old rock'n' roll/dave clark & friends crystal beats cb 2376

clark dave five session with oldays records odr6114

clark dave five catch us if you can oldays records odr6492

clark hutchinson retribution repertoire pms 7088-wp

clark hutchinson blues/gestalt walhalla wh 90349

clark hutchinson a=mh2 repertoire pms 7081-wp

clarke mick west coast connection brambus 198801

clarke mick band roll again taxim tx 1017

clarke stanley shieldstone optimism rsvpcd 9001

clayre alasdair adam & the beasts smithsonian folkways fts 33548

clayton steve big man I got a right hot folks hf-cd-007

clayton vikki it suits me well htd tracd 308

clayton-felt josh inarticulate nature body a&m 540 431

clear blue sky clear blue sky repertoire repuk 1040

clear blue sky out of the blue Aftermath  aft 1009

clear blue sky destiny aftermath aft 1005

clear blue sky cosmic crusader aftermath aft 1008

clegg johnny & savuka third world child emi cdp7 467782

cliff jimmy cliff hanger/special sony rajon cdr0116

climax blues band rich man repertoire rep 5076

climax blues band sense of direction fuel 302 061620

climax blues band stamp album fuel 2000 302061640

climax blues band fm/live fuel 2000 302061564

climax blues band the albums 1969-1972 esoteric Eclec 52679

climax blues band gold plated esoteric Eclec 2408

climax chicago blues band a lot of bottle repertoire rr 4046 c

climax chicago blues band climax chicago blues band repertoire rr 4078-wz

cline alex the lamp and the star ecm 1372

clinton george gangsters of love shanachie 5165

clothilde french swinging mademoiselle 1967 born bad records bb047

clouds up above your heads bgo bgocd966

cmu space cabaret/open spaces see for miles seecd c373

cmu open spaces esoteric eclec2093

cmu space cabaret esoteric eclec2094

coast road drive delicious and refreshing big pink 272

cob moyshe mcstiff and the tartan lancers of the sacred heart radioactive rrlp119

cob spirit of love bgo bgocd534

cochise so far sprial scd 935

cochise velvet mountain an anthology 1970-1972 esoteric eclec 22388

cockburn bruce the charity of night rykodisc rcd 10366

cocker joe have a little faith capitol 7243829792

cocker joe mad dogs & englishmen a&m 490449

cocker joe jamaica say you will a&m 394 529

cocker joe joe cocker a&m 60694904202

cocker joe with a littlehelp from my friends iontercord int 846316

cocker joe I can stand a little rain a&m 7314520237

cocker joe anthology a&m 490 390

cocker joe the anthology a&m 490 390

cocker joe connoisseur's cocker raven rvcd 16

cocker joe live in LA castke Clacd 189

cocker joe something to say castle Clacd 207

coldcut sound mirrors zen zencd 115

cole b.j. the new hovering dog big pink 253

coleman deborah soft place to fall blindpig bpcd 5061

colina michael rituals private music 260 554

collier graham music midnight blue disconforme Disc 1972 cd

collier graham music symphony of scorpions disconforme Disc 1974 cd

collier graham music portraits disconforme Disc 1961 cd

collier graham music down another road/songd for my father/mosaics bgo Bgocd 767

collier graham music darius disconforme Disc 1971 cd

collin mar two for the road play it again sam 733.0012.020

collins shirley adieu to old england fledg'ling fled 3023

collins shirley primeroses topic tscd 476

collins shirley sweet england topic tscd815

collins shirley two classic albums real gone rgmcd043

collins shirley the power of true love knot fledg'ling fled 3028

collins shirley & Albion band no roses castle cas 36206

collins shirley & dolly anthems in eden emi tocp-71566

collins shirley & dolly snapshots fledg'ling fled 3057

collins shirley &dolly love, death & lady fledg'ling fled 3019

collins simon all of who you are wea 3984-28994

colonel bagshot oh! What a lovely day flawed gems gem 72

colosseum those who are about to die salute you sanctuary smocd096

colosseum lives in cologne 1994 angel air sjpcd162

colosseum tomorrow's blues qrious music qrm 103

colosseum daughter of time sequel nex cd 256

colosseum the reunion concerts 1994 intuition int 3160

colosseum daughter of time marble arch cma cd 150

colosseum bread & circuses cloud nine cld 9190

colosseum valentyne suite sanctuary smedd097

colosseum live05 ruf 1162

colosseum live at the boston tea party, august 1969 lupy gravy lgr 108

colosseum live esoteric eclec 22545

colosseum those who are about to die salute you esoteric eclec 2598

colosseum daughter of time esoteric eclec 2601

colosseum valentyne suite esoteric eclec 22599

colosseum time on our side ruf 1209

colosseum II strange new flesh arcangelo arc-7133/34

colvin shawn whole new you columbia 494938

colvin shawn a few small repairs columbia 484327

complex the way we feel wooden hill whcd 009

complex complex wooden hill whcd 008

comus song to comus the complet collection castle cmedd1121

conn steve river of madness taxim tx 2018

connolly brian 68 was 68 brian connolly bccd01

consortium rebirth angel air sjpcd216

constantin electric fantasies edimac maxi emb 2113

constantin bernie rockin' around sion sound service 61197

conte paolo razmataz east west 857385709

continuum autumn grass flawed gems gem 24

continuum continuum walhalla wh90333

cooder ry bop till you drop warner bros 7599-27398

cooder ry jazz warner 7599-27355

cooder ry crossroads warner bros 7599-25399

cooder ry & galban manuel mambo sinuendo nonesuch 7559-79691

cook roger running with the rat pack rpm Retro 0921

cooke roger james study rpm retro 913

coolidge rita fire me back attic 847 999

cooper mike paper and smoke castle cmddd073

cooper mike island songs nato 777 707

cooper mike the machine gun company with mike cooper strange days poce-1081

cooper mike oh really? strange days poce-1077

cooper mike trout steel strange days poce-1079
copeland shemekia never going back telarc 83692

cordell phil hearts on fire anthology angel air sjpcd239

corea chick inner space collectables col-cd-6910

corea chick & friends remembering bud powell stretch scd 9012

cosmic eye dream sequence silva star sc 912

costa nikka everybody got their something virgin 7243810096

costello elvis & attractions all this useless beauty warner bros 9362-46198

coster tom did jah miss me?!? jvs jvc 2028

cotting loraine eager beaver loraine cotting lcot001

cotton james giant alligator alcd4940

cotton james it was a very good year just a memory jam 9144

cotton mike sound the mike cotton sound rpm retro 961

coulson, dean, mcguinness, flint lo and behold acadia acam 8142

coulter phil tranquility gold four seasons fscd 035

coulter phil the song I love so well four seasons fscd 015

coulter phil words and music east west 9031-73835

coulter phil dreams of ireland metronome 837 741

cousins dave two weeks last summer witchwood media wmcd 2010

coverdale david, page jimmy coverdale, page geffen didx 015814

cowboy junkies pale sun, crescent moon rca 7432116808

cowdrey lewis it's lewis antone ant  0029

cox billy nitrofunction lizard records lr 0714

coxhill lol toverbal sweet … plus see for miles seecd 480

coxhill lol ear of the beholder esoteric eclec 22275

coyne kevin marjory razorblade virgin cdvm 2501

coyne kevin matching head and feet virgin cdv2033

coyne kevin nobody dies in dreamland turpentine turp1

coyne kevin blame it on the night turpentine Turp 05

coyne kevin case history airmail archive airac-1479

cradock steve the kundalini target moseley shoals hpr029

crawler concert classics (volume 10) renaissance rrcc00710

crawler roots -chapter 1 angel air sjpcd 143

crazy mabel crazy mabel sunrise sr 40601012

cream wheels of fire polydor 825 414

cream bbc sessions polydor 076 048

cream fresh cream polydor 531 810

cream disraeli gears polydor 31453 1811

cream royal albert hall reprise 9363 49416

cream bbc sessions polydor 80000069

cream live cream vol.1 polydor 31453-1816

cream alternative album masterplan mp 4209

cream those were the days polydor 60075302808

creation our music is red-with purple flashes diablo diab 857

creation painter man edsel nestcd904

creation we are paintermen repertoire rep 4735-we

creation power surge gonzo hst141cd

creation lay the ghost creation records cocrd1

creation psychedelic rose cherryred cdm red 256

creepy john thomas brother bat boone/creepy john thomas progressive line pl 574

crescendoes crescendoes go down Gdr 44007

cressida cressida repertoire rep 4299 wp

cressida asylum repertoire rep 4105-wp

cressida trapped in time the lost tapes esoteric eclec 2347

cressida the vertigo years anthology 1969-1071 esoteric eclec 22348

crimson bridge crimson bridge estrella rockera Er 42111

croisille nicole bossa d'hiver milan 399254

croker brendan the great indoors silvertone zd 74941

cromwell at the gallop got kinda lost gkl008cd

crosby, stills & nash after the storm atlantic 7567-82654

cross keith & peter ross bored civilians si-wan srmc  0036p

crow sheryl the globe sessions a&m 540 974

crow sheryl wildflower a&m 0602249884810

crown of thorns faith frontiers fr cd 386

cullum jamie the pursuit terrified 2713302

cupid's inspiration yesterday has gone won-sin ws 885667

curtis lee & all stars it’s lee repertoire Ims 7013

curtis lee & all stars star club show 3 repertoire Ims 7012

curtiss maldoon sepheryn the definitive collection spitfire 15182

curved air midnight wire repertoire rep 4499-wy

curved air live repertoire rep4514-wy

curved air lovechild castle clacd 342

curved air airconditioning line lecd 9.01023

curved air aircut rock fever music rfm 007

curved air second album rykodisc 8122-79907

curved air phantasmagoria warner 7599-26194

curved air live 1990 eagle 223174205

curved air airwaves purple pyramid clp 9581

curved air airborne repertoire rep 4493-wy

curved air air conditioning esoteric peclec 22616

cussick ian live line licd 9.00935

cutler ivor an elpee and two epees decca 982 660

cutler ivor jammy smears virgin cdv 2065

cutler ivor ludo rev-ola cr rev 3

cutler ivor velvet donkey virgin cdv 2037

cymande cymande cherryred cdmred629

cymande promised heights cherryred cdmrec631

cymande second time around cherryred cdmred630

czar czar fingerprint cdcr 2171

d'abo mike album singles rarites 1964-1970 rpm 232

d'abo mike hidden gems and treasured friends angel air sjpcd156

d'rivera paquito celebration cbs 460781

dactyl terry & dinosaurs sea side shuffle rpm retro 811

daddy longlegs oakdown farm repertoire rep 4350-wp

daddy longlegs shifting sands spm 031

daddy longlegs daddy longlegs prog temple ptcd 8067

dade in the shade big world bw 2001

dadi marcel guitar memories epm/adès 982002

dadi marcel best of dadi emi/pathé 251626/7

dadi marcel fingers crossing epm/adès 982162

dadi marcel nashville rendez-vous fdc 1108

dagradi tony sweet remembrance gramavision 18-8707

daidalos ensemble amabile erdenklang 89333

daltrey roger ride a rock horse repertoire rep 4642wy

daltrey roger mc vicar polydor 527 341

dan the banjo man dan the banjo man angel air sjpcd 191

dana simphiwe zandisile skip skp 9061

dana simphiwe the one love movement on bantu biko street skip records skp 9075

dando shaft an evening with edsel edcd 711

dando shaft dando shaft/lantaloon bgo 550
dando shaft shadows across the moon happy trails records ht-001

dando shaft kingdom templar tcd 010

daniels eddie beautiful love intimate  jazz shanachie 5029

dantalian's chariot charriot rising wooden hill whcd 005

dark the jam kissingspell kscd901

dark dark kissingspell kscd 9204

dark teenage angst kissingspell kscd 9402

dark anonymous days dark records drcd 2371

darkness permission to land atlantic 5050466745224

darrell guy I've been hurt rpm retro 984

davani dave four fused! the swingin sound of big beat cdwikd 212

dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick & tich dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick & tich repertoire repuk 1004

davey & morris davey & morris big pink 503

david & jonathan david and jonathan rpm 313

davies alun daydo retrodisc rdi33024

davies dave hidden treasures sanctuary 277765

davies dave unfnished business velvel 6346779718

davies dave afl1-3603 koch koc-cd-9680

davis andy clevedon pier angel air sjpcd 211

davis miles highlights from the complete miles davis at montreux warner 8573-89895

davis spencer so far evangeline gelm4123

davis spencer & band 24 hours inak 859

davis spencer group keep on running onn onn 82

davis spencer group the best of the spencer davis group island imcd 151

davis spencer group keep on running membran 223136-311

davis spencer group living in a back street repertoire rep 4682-wy

davis spencer group gluggo repertoire rep 4983-wy

davis spencer group their first album universal uicy-93173

davis spencer group the second album universal uicy-93174

davis spencer group autumn '66 universal uicy-93175

davis spencer group with their new face on - the masters eagle edmcd088

davis spencer group eight gigs a week the stevie winwood years chronicles crncd5 524 180

davis spencer group taking out tine rpm rpmbx533

davis spencer group mulberry bush rpm rpm 188

davis spencer groupe mojo rythm & midnight blues vol.1 sessions 1965-1968 rpm 207

dawnwind looking back on the future sunbeam sbrcd  5022

day of phoenyx wide open n-way/the neighbour's son sonet 159 635

daylight daylight hugo montez hmp 036

dbmt fresh ear repertoire repuk 1054

de burgh chris flying colours a&m 395224

de gruy philip innuendo out the other nyc nyc 6013

de la rochelliere luc los angeles zero musique 710449

de paul linsey sugar and beyond anthology 1972/1974 rpm retrod 923

de paul linsey inro my music anthology 1975-1979 rpm retrod 924

de ribeaupierre françois shades of silence tcb 28402

de wilde laurent the present nocturne ntcd 397

dead sea fruit dead sea fruit prog temple ptcd8069

deaf school what a way to end it all castle cmedd 797

dean christopher moments of a journey prudence 398.6121

dean elton's ninesense live at the bbc hux 046

dean elton's ninesense happy daze ogun ogcd 032

dear mr time grandfather synton archive productions asq 228264

dearie blossom blossom time at ronnie scott's redial 558 683

debarge philippe & pretty things rock st.trop madfish smacd1078

decameron mammoth special mooncrest crestcd 013

decameron parabola road castle cmddd 929

decameron say hello to the band esoteric eclec 2320

dee dave, dozy , beaky, mick & tich together repertoire repuk1053

dee dave, dozy , beaky, mick & tich if no-one sang repertoire repuk 1013

dee dave, dozy , beaky, mick & tich dave dee, doz, beaky, mick & tich edel 4029758709825

dee dave, dozy, beaky ,mick & tich boxed br music box 1009

dee dave, dozy, beaky mick & tich bbc sessions br music bs 8026

dee dave, dozy, beaky, mick & tich if music be the food of love repertoire repuk 1005

dee kiki love makes the world go round the motown years universal 60249831795

dee kiki loving and free emi 00946363113

dee kiki kiki dee emi 0094636312026

dee kiki I've got the music in me emi 0094636311821

dee kiki I'm kiki dee the fontana years 1963-1968 rpm retro886

deejays coming on strong rpm retro 998

deep feeling pretty colours sunbeam records sbrcd5062

deep feeling deep feeling media arte mi 0005

deep feeling deep feeling flawed gems gem 60

deep purple in concert with lso september 1999 spitfire 6702115068

deep purple slaves and masters rca pd 90535

deep purple concerto for group and orchestra emi cdp7 94886

deep purple in rock emi cdp7 46239

deep purple purpendicular rca 7432133802

deep purple the battle rages on rca 7432115420

deep purple abandon emi 7243495306

deep purple who do we think we are emi 7243521607

deep purple made in europe emi 7777037062

deep purple shades of deep purple emi 7243498336

deep purple come taste the band emi cdp794032

deep purple at the bbc arf 101

deep purple gemini suite live purple records vpck-85319

deep purple scandivian nights eagle er202312

deep purple deep purple in concert eagle er202302

deep purple live in denmark '72 victor vicp 64310

deep purple the house of blue light mercury 314546162

deep purple singles a's& b's emi 0777781009

deep purple in the absence of pink knebworth 85 conoisseur cd 163

deep purple rapture of the deep edel 0165762ere

deep purple deerp purple parlophone 7243321597

def leppard hysteria mercury 830 675

defunkt crisis enemy production emy 135

dekker desmond gimmie gimmie brook 1015

delaney & boniie & friends on tour with eric clapton atco 3326

dello peter & friends into your ears hanky panky hpr 002

demenga thomas j.s. bach / elliott carter ecm 1391

demenga thomas heinz holliger / bach ecm 1340

demick rod & Herbie armstrong wee little willie ramble airmail archive airac-1169

demilliac peace of a cruising rythm emi 7243531116

demilliac images fizz 7640103895481

denisart christian tic-tac disques office 65241

dennerlein barbara solo bebab cd 250968

denny sandy rendez-vous hannibal hnca 4423

denny sandy like an old fashioned waltz island imcd 315

denny sandy sandy island imcd 314

denny sandy where the time goes sanctuary cmrcd1181

denny sandy live at the bbc island 984992

denny sandy 19 rupert street witchwood media wmcd 2053

denny sandy & strawbs all our own work estrella rockera er 42119

derek & dominos lthe layla sessions polydor 847090

derek & dominos live at the fillmore polydor 521-682

deschamps noël la collection sixties des ep rca victor 523282

deschamps noël pour le pied lcd 2

design design / tomorrow is so far away rpm retro897

design day of the fox/in flight rpm retro898

deslarzes bea refuge ? ?

desmond andy living on a shoestring media arte mi 0035

desmond andy miten media arte mi 0036

deviants ptooff! drop out records diab 9001

deviants 3/fragments of broken probes mason records mr 56446

deviants disposable fingerprint records cdtdv422

di franco ani to the teeth cooking vinyl cook cd190

di franco ani revlling/reckoning righteous babe rbr024-d

di meola al di meola plays piazzolla blue moon 7567-92744

di meola al world sinfonia tomato 700772

di meola al & friends vocal rendez-vous dsr spv 78600

di meola al project kiss my axe inak 700782

di meola al's world sinfonia heart of the immigrants wounded bird wou 9052

diamond rio close to the edge arista 18656

dickinson jim & chuck prophet a thousand footprints in the sand arcade 3018392

dickle pickle sinful skinful castle cmrcd 1212

dickson barbara for the record eagle ecd eag 353

dickson barbara do right woman/from the beggar's mantle vocalion cdsml 8425

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