Valley of Achor A door of hope Dove 18
Van den Broek Rob Heavy duty Timeless SJP 220
Van der Geld Tom Path ECM 1134
Van der Linden Rick White ladies RCA PPL 1-8125
Van der Linden Rick GX1 Intercord INT 160.612
Vangelis Heaven and hell RCA RS 1026
Vanilla Fudge The beat goes on ATCO SD 33-237
Vanilla Fudge Near the bginning ATCO SD 33-278
Vanity Fare Vanity fare Page 1 80 428 IT
Van't Hof Jasper Eye-ball Keytone KYT 706
Various Artists Meet the Beat CBS special products WSR 923
Various Artists All Star Festival United Nations DL99500
Various artists Bean Blossom Back home again in Indiana MCA MCA 2-8002
Various artists Bumpers Island IDP 1
Various artists Bradley's Roadshow at the Marquee Bradley BRADB 4001
Various artists Discoteca n° 1 B.P. 23.087
Various artists El Pea Island 85 378 XT
Various artists Flash Fearless versus zorg Chrysalis 6 307 546
Various artists The contemporary guitar sampler Transatlantic TRASM 14
Various artists Handle with care Probe SPSS 1
Various artists Heads and tales Transatlantic TRA SAD 18
Various artists Heavy heads Chess LPS-1522
Various artists Hendrix, Page,Beck,Clapton Monkey records MY 43.006
Various artists Jesus Christ Superstar MCA MAPS 5533
Various artists The montreux blues festival Barclay 920 439
Various artists Mick Jagger as Ned Kelly United Nations UAS 29108
Various artists Music evolution Vogue SLD. 750
Various artists Over the rainbow, the last concert Chrysalis 6 307 547
Various artists RSO Prime ccuts RSO 2 479 147
Various artists Starmania Apache/Warner 244 213-1
Various artists Steps…and prints Liberty LBS 83 315 X
Various artists Wowie Zowie Decca SPA 34
Various artists Xanadu Jet LX 526
Vaughan Stevie Ray Texas flood Epic EPC 25534
Vaughan Stevie Ray Soul to soul Epic 26441
Verdi Aïda Saga 5263
Vienna Art Choir Five old songs Moers music 2036
Vienna Art Orchestra From no time to rag time Hat Art 1999/2000
Vienna Art Orchestra The minimalism of Eric Satie Hat ART 2005
Vienna Art Orchestra Serapionsmusic Moers music 2050
Vienna Art Orchestra Nightride of a lonely saxophone player Moers music 02054/5
Vinegar Joe Six star general Island 87 353 IT
Virgo …move on Bellaphon BAC 2065
Vitamin Z Rites of passage Mercury 824 393
Vitamin Z Sharp stone rain Mercury 838 847
Vitous Miroslav The bass Atlantic ATL 30 024
Vivaldi Antonio Lute and mandolin concerti Turnabout TV 4153
Voerkel Urs S'gschänk FMP 300
Vollenweider Andreas Eine art suite in xIII teilen Tages Anzeiger TLP 8001
Vollenweider Andreas Behind the gardens- VeraBra 3
Vollenweider Andreas Caverna magica Colomba LP 82-01
Vollenweider Andreas Dancing with the lion CBS 46333
Voudouris Roger Roger Voudouris Warner WB 56 491