2wo Strange Advance Capitol 1C064-240286
Taggett Taggett EMI EMC 3015
Take a seat Sofa Magnetix MX 0003
Take off your body Compost CBS S 64935
Tam o’shanter Campbell Ian Transatlantic XTRA 1074
Tap step Corea Chick Warner WB 56801
Tarot Tarot CBS 81007
Taste Taste Polydor 184 214
Tea for the tillerman Stevens Cat Island 85 678
Tea-break over- back on your 'eads If Charly CR 300010
Teaser and the FireCat Stevens Cat A&M SP4313
Techno-prisoners Chapman Roger RCA PL 71516
Ten years after portrait Ten years after Ken 710
Terre nouvelle Ar Bras Dan WEA/Hexagone 883004
Territory Montrose Ronnie Passport PJ 88009
Texas flood Vaughan Stevie Ray Epic EPC 25534
The Alpha Band Alpha Band Arista 698
The 1976 solo keeyboard album Duke George Epic 25021
the 5000 spirits Incredible string band Elektra EKS-74010
The adventures of astral pirates White Lenny Elektra ELK 52 056
The album Caravan Kingdom INT 147.800
The amorous muse MacCall Ewan & Peggy Seeger Argo DA 84
The animals Animals MGM SE 4264
The art of Roland Kirk Kirk Roland Atlantic ATL 60042
The art of the guitar De Plata Manitas Everest 3201
The bass Vitous Miroslav Atlantic ATL 30 024
The beat goes on Vanilla Fudge ATCO SD 33-237
The beginning Savoy Brown Decca ND 771
The beginning of it all King Ben E CBS 64570
The bert Jansch sampler Jansch Bert Transatlantic TRASAM10
The best of Grin & Nils Lofgren Epic PE 34247
The best of Hinze Chris CBS S 65549
The best of Mandel Harvey Janus JKS 7014
The best of Lightnin' Hopkins Hopkins Lightnin' Tradition 2056
The best of electric flag Electric Flag CBS 64337
the best of Curved Air Curved Air Warner K 36015
The best of jimi hendrix Fremont Group Musidisc CV 1208
The best of paul williams Williams Paul A&M AMLH 64543
The best of Procol Harum Procol Harum Fly TON 4
The best of toad Toad Hallelujah X 656
The best Vol 2. Burdon Eric & Animals MGM SE-4454
The black country three Black country three Transatlantic TRA 140
The book of invasions Horslips Horslips MOO 12
The book of Taliesyn Deep Purple Tetragrammaton T 107
The book of Taliesyn Deep Purple Harvest SHVL 751
The Bothy Band Bothy Band Polydor 2 383 379
The Chicago theme Laws Hubert CTI 6058
the chick corea elektrik band Corea Chick GRP GRP 91026
The circle game Campbell Ian Group Transatlantic TRA 163
The contemporary guitar sampler Various artists Transatlantic TRASM 14
The creeper Webb Stan's Chicken Shack Ariola 25 891 XOT
The dancer Boyle Gary Gull Records INT 63 305
The dream weaver Wright Gary Warner BS 2868
the dukes Dukes Warner K 56710
The evolution of mann Mann Herbie Atlantic ATL 60 020
The final swing Trapeze Threshold 6.22122 AS
The finest folk Barrow poets Fontana 6857 003
The first seven days Hammer Jan Atlantic ATL 50184
The floating opera Floating Opera Embryo SD 730
The free elcetric band Hammond Albert Epic EPC 65554
The foggy dew Wolfe Tones Fontana TL 5244
The friends of Mr. Cairo Anderson Jon & Vangelis Polydor 2302127
The funky entertainer Stiletti Olaf Warner WB 56 073
The gadd gang Gadd Gang Epic EPC 450413
The guitar artistry of John Williams Williams John Everest 3219
The gypsy’s wedding day Broadside Lincolnshire association LA4
The Hanging of Samuel Hall Chalker Bryan's New Frontier Avenue AVE 071
The harmonious harpsichord Sanger David Saga 5384
The high road Roxy Music EG 2 335 269
The history mix volume 1 Godley Kevin, Creme Lol Polydor 825 981
The House of the Rising Sun Revelacion Crocos Records 337702
The Hub of Hubbard Hubbard Freddie mps 15037
The human menagerie Cockney Rebel EMI EMA 759
The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood Hahn Jerry Brotherhood CBS S 64121
The joy of flying Williams Tony CBS 83338
The Kid Lockwood Didier JMS 24
The last five years Grech Rick RSO 2 394 111
The last waltz Band Warner WB 66 076
The last puff Spooky Tooth Island 6 339 004
The Leadbelly set Leadbelly Transatlantic XTRAD 1017
The leprechaun Corea Chick Polydor 2 391 217
The light of smiles Wright Gary Warner WB 56 278
The lion and the ram Corryell Larry Arista AL 4108
The low spark of high heeled boys Traffic Island ILPS 9180
The magician's birthday Uriah heep Bronze 86 456IT
The man from the east Yamash'ta Stomu Red Buddha Theatre Island ILPS 9228
The man from utopia Zappa Frank CBS 25251
The marshall tucker band Marshall Tucker Band Capricorn K 47509
The minimalism of Eric Satie Vienna Art Orchestra Hat ART 2005
The mirror Spooky Tooth Island ILPS 9292
The montreux blues festival Various artists Barclay 920 439
The movies Movies Arista AL 4085
The myths and legends of king arthur Wakeman Rick A&M AMLH 64515
The new goodies live at the cricklewood rainbow Goodies Bradley Bradl 1010
The new messiah Revelation Philharmonic Orchestra CBS S 65329
The new world symphony Dvorak Saga 5048
The odissey Bedford David Virgin V 2070
The official live gentle giant Gentle Giant Chrysalis 6 641 579
The only chrome waterfall orch Gibbs Mike Bronze 89 429 XOT
The orchestral tubular bells Oldfield Mike Virgin V 2026
the palms 1 Emerson Lake & Palmer ? 3-180
the palms 2 Emerson Lake & Palmer ? 3-181
The Pier at the Gates of Dawn/A saucerful of Secrets Pink Floyd Harvest 1C048- 50 203/204
The power and the glory Gentle Giant Vertigo 9 103 001
Tje present tense Reflection Reflection RL 301
The psychomodo Cockney Rebel EMI EMC 3033
The rafters ring at the Abbey Tavern Abbey tavern singers Pye NPL 1827
The reluctant patriot Tinkers marble arch MAL 1203
The road and themiles Hennessey's Cambrian CLP 593
The road to ruin Martyn John & Beverley Island ILPS 9133
The roaring silence Mann Manfred' Earth Band Bronze BRON 357
The scottish breakaway Campbell Alex Hallmark HM 573
The shortwaveband's greatest hats shortwaveband crescent ARS 111
The six wives of henry VIII Wakeman Rick A&M AMLH 64361
The Slide Area Cooder Ry Warner WB K 56976
The snow goose Camel Nova 6.22250 AO
the statue makers of Hollywood Alpha Band Arista AB 4179
The story of Mill $Reef Hollier Tim York YR 503
The struggle continues Redman Dewey Quartet ECM 1225
The sutherland brothers band Sutherland Brothers Band Island ILPS 9181
The things you see Holdsworth Allan, Beck Gordon JMS 9
The three musicians Daddy longlegs Polydor 2 371 261
The touch Stewart Jimmy Black hawk BKH 50301
The traveller Taylor Allan Rubber Rub 026
The travelling people Johnstons marble arch mal 808
The trout Schubert Saga XID 5123
The twain shall meet Burdon Eric & Animals MGM SE-4537
The unfinished Schubert Saga FDY 2017
The unfinished Schubert Saga 5029
The velvet gentleman Satie Eric Deram SML 1053
The village Band Yetties Decca SKL 5253
The visitor Fleetwood Mick RCA 32078-8
The wall Pink Floyd Harvest 2C 168-67410
The Winkies Winkies Chrysalis CHR 1066
The wizzard Wood Roy Jet Records UAS 30095
The wonder of it all Heartsfield Mercury SRM-1-1003
The world became the world Premiat Forneria Marconi Manticore 87 816 IT
The world of MacCall Ewan & Peggy Seeger Argo SPA 102
The world of the goodies goodies Decca SPA 416
the world of the yetties yetties Argo SPA 436
The world of volume 2 MacCall Ewan & Peggy Seeger Argo SPA-A216
The World's Best Loved Piano Music Ferber Albert Saga 5325
The yellow princess Fahey John Vanguard VSD 79293
Thee Image Thee Image Manticore 88 922 IT
Themes and varitions Friedman Don EGO Records 4014
There and back Beck Jeff Epic PE 35684
Things to come Seventh Wave Gull GULP 1001
Third Stream Recompositions Blake Ran Owl 17
This is Tom Jones Jones Tom Decca SKL 5007
Three light years Electric Light Orchestra Jet Records JET BX 1
Three piano sonatas Haydn CBS S 61112
Throb Burton Gary Atlantic SD 1531
Through a window Hard meat Warner WS1879
Thrust Hancock Herbie CBS 80193
Thumbs up Mullen Jim Coda 4
Tidal wave Zeitlin Denny Palo Alto Jazz PA-8044 N
Tightly knit Climax Blues Band Sire SI 5903
til the wild birds... Tinkers Fontana 6 438 020
Tim Hart Hart Tim Chrysalis 6 307 658
Time Electric Light Orchestra Jet Records 236
Time & space Contraband Epic EPC 64736
Time and tide Greenslade Mercury 9RM-1-1025
Time honoured Ghosts Barclay James Harvest Polydor 2 383 361
Time passages Stewart Al RCA PL-25173
Timeless flight Harley Steve & Cockney Rebel EMI EMA 775
Tinseltown rebellion Zappa Frank CBS 88516
To Lefty from Willie Nelson Willie Columbia 34695
Today Pepper Art Galaxy GXY 50119
Todd Rundgren's utopia Rundgren Todd's Utopia Bearsville BEA 55 501
Todos santos Horvitz Wayne, Morris Butch Sound aspects sas019
Tolonen Tolonen Jukka Sonet SNTF 652
Toot sweet Konitz Lee, Petrucciani Michel Owl 28
Tormato Yes Atlantic ATL 50 518
Total space Kühn Rolf Group MPS 2 022 625
Touch and gone Wright Gary Warner WB 56 435
Touch me Enid Pye NSPH 18593
Touching on Stevens John Vinyl VS 105
Trace Trace Philips 6 413 505
Tradtional ballads Abbey tavern singers Abbey Tvern productions ATP 102
Tragoedia Rudin Andrew Nonesuch H 71198
Train of thought Forman Mitchel A&M LP 370201-1
Trance-formation Schoener Eberhard Harvest 1C064-32 526
Trans Europe Express Kraftwerk EMI 1C 064-82 306
Transparent Media Rasa Lotus Eye BBT-S-21
Travelling Laffaille Gilbert Musidisc 191 181
Travelling days JSD Band Cue HIFLY 14
Treading the boards Digance Richard Transatlantic TRA 306
Treefid's date Treefid's date Fabulous 2103
Trespass Genesis Impulse AS-9205
Trilogy Emerson Lake & Palmer Island 86 230 IT
Trinity Ekseption Philips 6 423 056
Trio Catherin Philipe,Escoudé,Lockwood JMS 31
Triple "S" connection Triple S Connection 20th century T597M597BS
Trouble in Paradise Newman Randy Warner 92.3755-1
Trouble over bridgewater Crozier Trevor & his friends One Up OU 2185
Trumpet concerto Haydn Saga STXID 5241
The swing of delight Santana Carlos Devadip CBS 22075
Tubular bells Oldfield Mike Virgin 87 541 IT
Tubular bells Oldfield Mike Virgin 87541 IT
Tundra Stainton Chris, Turner Glen Decca SKL-R 5259
Turkish Sugery dervishes Riley Terry Shanti 83501
turn again McCalmans CBS 654145
Turn of the cards Renaissance Sire SAS-7502
Turn of the tide Barclay James Harvest Polydor 2 383 608
Turning to you Face to face Acorn AC001
Twiggy Twiggy Mercury 9 102 600
Two Magnum Jet Records 222
Two days away Brooks Elkie A&M AMLH 64554
Two's Company Albany Joe & N-H Orsted Pedersen Steeplechase SCS-1019
Typharet Zao RCA PL 37121