T.K Records Latimore B. It ain't where you.. XL 14034
Tages Anzeiger Vollenweider Andreas Eine art suite in xIII teilen TLP 8001
Tamla Motown Rare Earth Get ready TSP 34096
Tamla Motown Wonder Syreeta Stevie Wonder presents 1C062-95 584
Teldec Burdon Eric Band Power company 6.25495 AP
Tetragrammaton Deep Purple The book of Taliesyn T 107
Threshold Moody Blues Every good boy deserves a favour THS 5
Threshold Moody Blues Seventh sojourn THS 7
Threshold Thomas Ray From mighty oaks 6.22289 AS
Threshold Trapeze The final swing 6.22122 AS
Timeless Van den Broek Rob Heavy duty SJP 220
Topic Aspey Gary & Vera From the north 12TS255
Topic Aspey Gary & Vera A taste of hot pot 12TS299
Topic Fisher Artie Will ye Gang, love 12TS277
Topic Oak Welcome to our fair 12TS212
Track Who Meaty beaty big & bouncy 2 406 006
Tradition Hopkins Lightnin' Country blues TLP 1035
Tradition Hopkins Lightnin' The best of Lightnin' Hopkins 2056
Tradition Ripley Wayfarers Gentlemen of high renown TSR 018
Trailer Davenport Bob & Marsden rattlers Davenport Bob & Marsden rattlers LER 3008
Trailer Garbutt Vin King Gooden LER 2102
Trailer Nicholson Roger Nonesuch for dulcimer LER 3034
Transatlantic Allison Mose Back country suite PR 791
Transatlantic Andrews Harvey Someday TRA 329
Transatlantic Andrews Harvey/Cooper Graham Fantasies from a corner seat TRA 298
Transatlantic Black country three Black country three TRA 140
Transatlantic Campbell Alex Alex Campbell Sampler TRA SAM 6
Transatlantic Campbell Ian Tam o’shanter XTRA 1074
Transatlantic Cartwright Dave A little bit of glory TRA 255
Transatlantic Cartwright Dave Don't let your family down TRA 284
Transatlantic Contraband Contraband TRA 278
Transatlantic Digance Richard Treading the boards TRA 306
Transatlantic Greyhound Mango rock TRA 309
Transatlantic Gryphon Gryphon TRA 262
Transatlantic Gryphon Midnight mushrumps TRA 282
Transatlantic Gryphon Raindance TRA 302
Transatlantic Gryphon Red queen to gryphon three TRA 287
Transatlantic Harvey Richard Divisions on a ground TRA 292
Transatlantic Imlach hamisch ballads of booze XTRA 1094
Transatlantic Imlach hamisch live XTRA 1050
Transatlantic Imlach hamisch Murdered ballads XTRA 1131
Transatlantic James John Head in the clouds TRA 305
Transatlantic Jansch Bert Bert Jansch TRA 125
Transatlantic Jansch Bert It don't bother me TRA 132
Transatlantic Jansch Bert Nicola TRA 157
Transatlantic Jansch Bert Rosemary Lane TRA 235
Transatlantic Jansch Bert The bert Jansch sampler TRASAM10
Transatlantic Leadbelly The Leadbelly set XTRAD 1017
Transatlantic McCalmans smuggler XTRA 1149
Transatlantic Mc Dowell Mississippi Fred In London Vol.1 TRA 194
Transatlantic McKenna Mae Mae McKenna TRA 297
Transatlantic Nicholson Lea, Ellison Stan God bless the unemployed TRA 254
Transatlantic Nicoll Watt Nice to be nice XTRA 1122
Transatlantic Nicoll Watt Wattcha! XTRA 1108
Transatlantic Rafferty Jerry Can I have my money back Tra 241
Transatlantic Renbourn John Another Monday TRA 149
Transatlantic Stray Suicide TRA 233
Transatlantic Swarbrick Dave Swarbrick 2 TRA 341
Transatlantic Unicorn Uphill all the way TRA 238
Transatlantic Various artists Heads and tales TRA SAD 18
Transatlantic Various artists The contemporary guitar sampler TRASM 14
Transatlantic Young Tradition Galleries TRA 172
Trema Cahen François Great winds 310 068
Turnabout Vivaldi Antonio Lute and mandolin concerti TV 4153