Saga Bach J.S. Harpsichord concerto 1,6 XID 5308
Saga Bach J.S. Harpsichord concerto 2, 3 XID 5310
Saga Bach J.S. Harpsichord concerto 4,5,7 XID  5309
Saga Bach J.S. Mass in B mnior XID 5280/1
Saga Beethoven Archduke trio XID 5226
Saga Beethoven Emperor  Piano concerto XID 5047
Saga Beethoven String quartets op 18 5288
Saga Bizet Georges Carmen suites FDY 2052
Saga Chopin 12 grandes études 5293
Saga Chopin 19 waltzes and 3 scottish STXID 5016
Saga Chopin piano concerto n° 2 STFID 2034
Saga  Döhling Waldemar  Bach harpsichord Recital  XID 5040
Saga Dvorak the new world symphony 5048
Saga  Ferber Albert  The World's Best Loved Piano Music  5325
Saga Grieg piano conerto in A m XID 5027
Saga Handel Messiah vol 1 XID 5111
Saga Handel Messiah vol 2 XID 5112
Saga Handel Messiah vol 3 XID 5113
Saga Handel Water music XID 5218
Saga Haydn trumpet concerto STXID 5241
Saga Mozart Concerto n° 20, fugue in C m XID 5312
Saga Mozart Piano concerto n° 26 Xid 5301
Saga Mussorgsky Boris Godunov XID 5174
Saga Price Malcolm His songs & his guitars FID 2156
Saga Sanger David The harmonious harpsichord 5384
Saga Schubert the trout XID 5123
Saga Schubert The unfinished FDY 2017
Saga Schubert The unfinished 5029
Saga Schumann Robert/Franck César Piano concerto  FDY 2044
Saga Tchaikovsky Pathétique XID 5002
Saga Tchaikovsky Rome and juliet 5077
Saga Tchaikovsky Swan lake 5004
Saga Tom & Smiley Country style FID 2164
Saga Verdi Aïda 5263
Saga Wilde David Lisztomania 5405
Sandra Toan Danny Big foot SMP 2105
Sandra Music Kühn Joachim Band Nightline New York SMP 2113
Saravah Fontaine Brigitte Brigitte Fontaine est… SH 10 001
Savoy-Musdisc Byrd Charlie Blues for night people 6030
Saydisc White on black White on black SDL 251
Seeds Records New Mayfair Blues Cats Live in Montreux 1983 SR 001
Sentinel records Taw Folk Devonshire cream & cider SENS 1030
Shanti Riley Terry Turkish Sugery dervishes 83501
Sibéria Monseigneur  Monseigneur  30-685
Sire Barclay James Harvest Once again SI  4904
Sire Climax Blues Band Tightly knit SI 5903
Sire DMZ DMZ SRK 6051
Sire Renaissance Novella SA-7526
Sire Renaissance Sheherazade and other stories SASD-7510
Sire Renaissance Turn of the cards SAS-7502
Sky Records Cluster & Eno Clester & Eno Sky 010
society Campbell Alex Way out West SOC 912
society Campbell Alex Folk Session 960
society Campbell Alex The Best Loved Songs of Bonnie Sotland SOC 936
Solid Rock Howard Tom View from the bridge SRA 2003
Sonet Thorogood George & Destroyers George Thorogood and the SNTF 760
Sonet Tolonen Jukka Tolonen SNTF 652
Soul note Drew Kenny Quartet And far away SN 1081
Sound aspects Horvitz Wayne, Morris Butch Todos santos sas019
Sovereign Renaissance Ashes are burning ST-11216
Sovereign Renaissance Prologue SNA 7253
SPV R.A.M. Pietsch Norwegian Wood sept-06
Squawk IQ Are you sitting comfortably 836 429-1
Stax Booker T & MGS Greatest hits 2325018
Stax Hayes Isaac Black Moses 2369003/4
Steeplechase Albany Joe & N-H Orsted Pedersen Two'sCompany SCS-1019
Steeple Chase Urbaniak Michal My one and only love SCS 1159
Storyville Estes Sleepy John Portaits in Blues, Vol. 10 671 172
Sunflower Greateful Dead Vintage dead SUN 5001
Sunset Davis Spencer Group Let's dance with SLS 50 141
Swan Song Detective Detective SS 59 405
Swan Song Detective It takes one to know one SS 8504
Swan song Led Zeppelin Physical graffiti SSK 89400-0
SweetFolk & Country Adams Paul & Linda far over the fell SFA 027