Rak Arrows First hit SRAK 521
RAK/EMI Gurvitz Adrian Classic 1A 064-64780
Rare Earth Rare Earth One world 1C 062-91 996
Rare Earth Brass Monkey Sweet water RS 523
RCA Beaucarne Julos Julos chante pour vous 740.63
RCA Bennet Lou Quartet Amen 430.05
RCA Bensusan Pierre Solilaï PL 37642
RCA Bodacious Bodacious D.F. APL1-0206
RCA Brett Paul Eclipse PL 25219
RCA Chapman Roger Techno-prisoners PL 71516
RCA Clannad Magical Ring RCALP6072
RCA Climax Blues Band Gold plated BTM 1009
RCA Cryer & Ford Cryer & Ford APL1-1235
RCA De Albuquerque Michael We may be cattle but we've all got names SF 8383
RCA Denver John Aerie LSP 4607
RCA Fisher Matthew I'll be there APL1 0325
RCA Fisher Matthew Journey's end SF 8380
RCA Fleetwoo ;ick The visitor 32978-8
RCA Forever More Words on black plastic LSP-4425
RCA Friar Friar PL 28337
RCA Fumble Poetry in lotion SF 8403
RCA Gillespie Dana Ain't gonna play second fiddle CPL1-0682
RCA Guess Who So long, Bannatyne LPS 4574
RCA Gypsy Unlock the gates APL-1 0093
RCA Hooky Collected tales of Hooky SF 8247
RCA Laine Cleo A beautiful thing SF 8298
RCA Lighthouse Peacing it all together LPS 4325
RCA McCalmans An audience with LSA 3179
RCA McCalmans no strings attached L 25086
RCA Mc Nair Harold Flute and nut INTS 1096
RCA Nicolet Aurèle ° New Israel Quartet Beethoven:serenade in D LSB 4050
RCA Nilsson Harry Son of Schmilsson LSP 4717
RCA New London Chorale The Young Matthew Passion PL-70321
RCA Victor Original Broadway Cast Hair lso-1150
RCA Redding Noel Band Blowin' APL1-1863
RCA Redding Noel Band Clonakilty cowboys APL1-1237
RCA Ronson Mick Play don't worry APL1-0681
RCA Shortwaveband Shortwaveband SF8400
RCA Sky Sky LSP-4457
RCA Solid Gold Cadillac Solid gold cadillac SF 8311
RCA Stewart Al Time passages PL-25173
RCA Van der Linden Rick White ladies PPL 1-8125
RCA Vangelis Heaven and hell RS 1026
RCA Wayne Carl Wayne Carl SF 8239
RCA Wizard's Convention Wizard's convention PPL 1-8118
RCA Zouc R'alboum! FPL1 0188
RCA Zulema Zulema APL1-0819
RCA Zulema RSVP APL1-1152
Red Music Zentner Michael Present time MZ ONE
Rediffusion Lewis Clive Where are you Clive Lewis ZS87
Reflection Twentieth Centruy A folk passion RL 305
Reflection Reflection Reflection RL 301
Reflection Reflection Nativity RL 304
Refuge Mc Farlane Will Right From the Start R 3789
Regal Zonophone Design Day of the fox SLRZ 1037
Reprise Beach Boys Holland Rep 54008
Reprise Chapman/Whitney Streetwalkers REP 54017
Reprise Chicago Chicago / 19 925 714
Reprise Cooder Ry Ry Cooder RSLP 6402
Reprise Fame Georgie All me own work REP 44183
Reprise Family Bandstand K 54006
Reprise Fleetwood Mac Future games K 44153
Reprise Hendrix Jimi Electric Ladyland 6307
Reprise Hendrix Jimi Rainbow bridge REP 54 004
Reprise Lightfoot Gordon If you could read my mind 44091
Reprise Lightfoot Gordon Sundown REP 44258
Reprise Newman Randy 12 songs 6373
Riva Stewart Rod Foot loose & fancy free RVLP 5
Riverside Montgomery Wes Round midnight 673 009
Riviera Michel Jean-Christian Musique sacrée 521 090
Riviera Michel Jean-Christian Aranjuez 521.041
Riviera Michel Jean-Christian Requiem 521.029
Riviera Michel Jean-Christian Crucifixus 521 139
Riviera Santillan Facio Sortilège de la flûte des Andes RLP 16 017
Rocket Olsson Nigel Nigel Olsson ROLL 2
Rocket Stackridge Mr. Mick ROLL 3
Rocket Record Blue Another night time flight Roll 7
Rocket Record Blunstone Colin Never even thought 9 103 501
Rocket Record Blunstone Colin Planes C062-98755
Ron Geesin Ron As he stands 28
RSO Bee Gees Life in a tin can 2 394 102
RSO British Lions British lions RS 1-3032
RSO Bruce Jack Hows tricks 2 394 180
RSO Elliman Yvonne Yvonne Elliman 2 394 149
RSO Grech Rick The last five years 2 394 111
RSO Various artists RSO Prime ccuts 2 479 147
Rubber Hedgehog Pie Hedgehog Pie Rub 09
Rubber Taylor Allan Roll on the day Rub 040
Rubber Taylor Allan The traveller Rub 026