O lucky man! Price Alan Warner WB 46227
Oasis Rasa Lotus Eye BBT-S-16
Ocean Micus Stefan ECM 1318
Octave Moody Blues Decca TXS 129
Of queues and cures National Health Charly CRL 5010
Oh Yeah? Hammer Jan Group Nemperor W 50276
Old crest on a new wave Mason Dave CBS 83828
Old soldier never die Heads hands & feet Atlantic K 40465
Olympic rock & blues circus Olympic Rock & Blues Circus Jeton 1003321
Omega III Omega Bacillus BAC 2030
Ommadawn Oldfield Mike Virgin 89552 XOT
On duke's birthday Westbrook Mike Hat ART 2012
Once again Barclay James Harvest Sire SI 4904
Ondas Nock Mike ECM 1220
One for the road Lane Ronnie's Slim Chance Island ILPS 9366
One for the world Hardin and York Decca SLK 16722-P
One of a kind Bruford Bill Polydor POLD 5020
One world Rare Earth Rare Earth 1C 062-91 996
One year Blunstone Colin Epic 64557
Open Hillage Steve Virgin V 2135
Open road Donovan Epic BN 26278
Orange town Schlüter Wolfgang/Spendel Christoph EMI 1C066-64 599
Oregon Oregon ECM 1258
Orgue vol.2 Louiss Eddy America AM 6132
Other roads Scaggs Boz CBS 461121
Our only weapon is our music Gonzalez EMI EMC 3100
Out of the mist Illusion Island ILPS 9489
Out West Alex Campbell Society SOC 912
Outside inn Witchcraft Philips 6 305 389
Over the rainbow, the last concert Various artists Chrysalis 6 307 547
Over the top Powel Cozy Ariola ARL 5038
Owlcreek incident Prelude Dawn DNLH 3