Nantucket sleighride Mountain Island ILPS 9148  
National health National Health Affinity AFF 6  
Nativity Reflection Reflection RL 304  
Natural gas Natural Gas Private Stock 1C062-97 884  
Near the beginning Vanilla Fudge ATCO SD 33-278  
Neil Lkancaster Lancaster Neil Polydor 2 383 036  
Nettoyage de printemps Laffaille Gilbert Accord ACV 130001  
Neue Songs der Welt  Ofarim Esther & Abi  Ex Libris  SG 6701  
Never even thought Blunstone Colin Rocket Record 9 103 501  
Never gonna give you up Warmers Passport PJ 88003  
Never say die Petra K KMR 357  
Never told a soul Illsley John Vertigo 822 239  
Neverland revisited Circus Maximus Vanguard VSD 79274  
New england Wishbone ash MCA MCA 2238  
New night Critchinson John Coda Coda 9  
New york city r & b Taylor Cecil, Neidlinger Buell CBS S 64723  
New York tendaberry Nyro Laura CBS 63510  
Nexus Harris Gene Blue note BNLA 519-G  
Nice to be nice Nicoll Watt Transatlantic XTRA 1122  
Nicola Jansch Bert Transatlantic TRA 157  
Nigel Olsson Olsson Nigel Rocket ROLL 2  
Night life Allison Luther Gordy/Motown G6 974S1  
Nightline New York Kühn Joachim Band Sandra Music SMP 2113  
Night Out  Pasadena Roof Orchestra  CBS  83220  
Night Rains Ian Janis CBS 838023  
Nightride of a lonely saxophone player Vienna Art Orchestra Moers music 02054/5  
Nightshift Foghat Bearsville BR 6962  
Nite city Nite City 20th century 6 370 258  
No earthly connection Wakeman Rick A&M AMLK 64583  
No second chance Charlie Polydor 2 460 271  
No strings Ace Anchor XOT 28486  
no strings attached McCalmans RCA L 25086  
no strings attached McCalmans Camden INTS 1340  
No sweat Blood, sweat & tears CBS KC 32180  
No sweat Armpit Jug Band Cottage Records cot 201/R  
Nobody's perfect Deep Purple Polydor 835 897  
Nonesuch for dulcimer Nicholson Roger Trailer LER 3034  
Norwegian Wood R.A.M. Pietsch SPV sept-06  
Not a little girl anymore Lewis Linda Arista ARTY 109  
Notes de voyage Haumont Michel Carrère 66.019  
Novella Renaissance Sire SA-7526  
Now and zen Plant Robert Warner  790863  
Nuit d'amour  Lavilliers Bernard Barclay  BA611 200.255  
Nursery cryme Genesis Philips 6 369 916